Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... it was a gorgeous day!  The kind of day that makes me happy that I live in Florida.  I was outside a lot today so I really got to enjoy it.

I am thinking... this wont last long so I need to enjoy it while I can.

I am thankful... for the beautiful weather.

In the kitchen... Grandma's Chicken with rice and corn.  Yes heavy in startch but OH. SO. GOOD!

I am wearing... big t-shirt and pj bottoms.  I'll be adding socks before I go to sleep.

I am creating... something new!!  The afghan is getting rather old and stitching at night is hard because my eyes are really tired so I dug around in the stash and pulled out a kit for slipper socks.  They are socks that are attached to a leather sole.  I'll take pics once I have something to show.  I cast on yesterday but I'm going to restart them in the round and switch out to flat knitting once I hit the heel.

I am going... crazy and I have a teenaged son, an insane husband and a preteen daughter to thank.

I am wondering... how high my blood pressure really is.

I am reading... I really should just remove this portion of the list.....

I am hoping... to make time to have something to actually post in the above portion of the list.

I am looking forward to... spring break.  I'm already making beach plans

I am hearing.... the hum of the bathroom fan, my son playing with a plastic ziploc baggie and Hemi grooming himself.

Around the house... my in laws are coming for a visit on Sunday and I'd like to plant some flowers in the front. 

I am pondering... the actuality of that happening.

A favorite quote for today...

LOVE Beaker!


One of my favorite things... a shaded hammock enjoying the gorgeous weather.  No I didnt get to do that today, but wouldnt it have been lovely if I did?!?!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  getting ready for said inlaw visit. 

A peek into my day...

Hemi curled up on my lap.

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Anonymous said…
Hemi is just the sweetest. Love that cat and I've never met him.
Lisa notes... said…
Ha. Love your "I am going..." line. :-) But not to worry; your sanity will return once all the kids leave the house.

Would love to have beach plans for the spring break. But will be happy just as well that my daughter is coming home for a week.

Thanks for sharing your daybook.
Linda said…
I enjoyed reading your Daybook. I sure wish I could go to the beach.
AND, nobody can love Hemi from afar as much as I do.

kathy b said…

UNder a half of a foot of snow..Im so happy YOU are planting and thinking you'll garden soon.

Hemi is so cute.

I laughed at your book portion of the too!
kathy b said…
Okay Ill play today:

Outside my window: the sunshine is melting the snowpack

I am going: out to Panera for lunch with my fitness friend HELEN

I am wondering: what will happen with my parents

I am reading: blogs blogs blogs

I am hoping: to have some energy today

I am hearing: Kelly Rippa's voice

I am pondering: my garden and the springtime

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