The Last of the Quiet

It is the last day of spring break.  Starting tomorrow there are only 9 weeks left of school.  In that short amount of time I will have field trips and concerts and school events and parties.  At the end of those 9 weeks I will no longer have an elementary school child.  But I *will* have a high schooler.  How did THAT happen?!?!?

I'm sitting here thinking this is the calm before the storm...........
(on so many different levels)

Since it was spring break and I share my computer with the locals,  I never got a chance to post my Feline Fridays or my Saturday Sky.
Hemi napping on me under my computer table

Gorgeous sky on Saturday!

I now consider myself caught up. 

Meanwhile I had something happen this wknd that was odd.....I had nothing on the needles!  I finished up  two different projects.  First one was a kitty snuggle bed (you can find the link here)

I like the way it came out,  but Lucy found it a little small.

Princess would rather fall off a dresser than sit in it. 

And Hemi was too busy playing to be bothered with it.

I've left it on the couch but nobody's really that enthralled by it so it will go into the pile for the kitty shelter.  I think it would be perfect for the kittens. 

The second project finished would be these.

The squares for my afghan are finished and all I need to do now is attach them.  All 63 of them.......  Did I mention that next week our high will be in the 80s??? 

Socks are on the needles now, some grey sportweight for a local charity.  I'm adding contrasting heels and toes but that is proving to be more difficult than it should.  Part of me wants to just get more yarn (a sacrifice I'm willing to make) but I really want to use up the odds and ends of what I already have which is where I'm leaning.  I'm abt 2" into the cuff so I have a little bit of time to decide.

Hope everybody had a safe weekend!


Anonymous said…
You will have a jr. high girl, a high school boy and I will have a 30 year old son! How did THAT happen.

As always --- Hemi is adorable.
Linda said…
Too funny about the kitty bed. Just like human kids who would rather play with a huge box than the toy that came in it. I bet the kitties would rather play with a big skein of yarn than nap in their new bed. By the way, it is very nice. How nice to donate it to the shelter.
Have a great week!
kathy b said…
Socks are perfect for the BUSY times in our lives.

Put a piece of paper in that cute cat bed
tell the cats NOT to sit there
and they will
Linda said…
Hemi looks so content sleeping on your lap. Love all the kitty pics and the kitty bed. Congrats on getting the knit squares finished. Looking forward to seeing it put together.

Give Hemi a hug for me.

stitcherw said…
Love the kitty bed, to bad none of your kitties appreciate it. However, I can just see a litter of kittens all snuggled up in it together, and with it going into kitten season I'm sure the shelter will appreciate it.

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