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Outside my window...
another gorgeous day here in Central Florida.  It got a bit warm by the afternoon (we hit 80) but I can live with it!!  Wish we had more days like today.

I am we are entering into the last 9 weeks of school.  This means the final stretch of middle school for #1 Son and the final stretch of elementary school for Baby Girl.  I'm trying NOT to think abt it, but it's hard to do when I look at my calendar and see it fill up with all the end of year activities. 

I am thankful...that my kids do well in school.

In the new recipes.  I've had no time.  It was a busy wknd filled with company, errands and a funeral.   Instead I made the pork chop recipe again (dump apple pie filling, chops and then cover with stuffing) this time following the recipe exactly.  Not as good as the first time because I didnt cook it as long.  Next time will keep it covered and add 5 min to the cooking.  Tonight's dinner was a roasted chicken, roasted potatoes (in the same pot), green beans and corn.  Its my favorite meal and Oh. So. Yummy!

I am wearing...and old t-shirt and blue shorts

I am creating...I made another camera case.
true color

in action!

It started out as a sunglass holder but the earpiece of my sunglasses kept getting caught so I ripped it out.  This project got ripped out a couple of times before I was happy with it.  I still wasnt thrilled with it, but it does the job.  And when Baby Girl saw it, she thought it was so cute!  Kid approved, cant go wrong there.

This leaves me with only the squares for my afghan to work on.  I'm still in the process of making the white squares.  I'm not loving the white color (too blah) which has slowed me down IMMENSELY!!!!!  And I really need to start a pair of socks.....

I am be volunteering at the school the next couple of days.  It's the last Field Day for both me and Baby Girl. 

I am wondering... how long it will take me to start blubbering like a baby because I'm leaving this school.

I am reading... sigh.....not much.  Some articles in the newspaper.  Recipes in magazines.  Spring break is coming up soon and it would be nice to be able to spend one of those days reading.

I am hoping...for nice weather the next couple of days.

I am looking forward to... spring break.  We all need this time off and some of us moms are trying to plan a beach day.

I am hearing..... the tv from the living room.  Something from the food channel

Around the house...since we had my inlaws visiting on Saturday, we cleaned the house.  It seems the only time I can get a clean house is when I have company!  What made this time different is I FINALLY got rid of the white craft table from the living room!!!  This is amazing since it has lived in my living room for approx 4 YEARS!   It has moved around the living room (and it's not a big room!) and has had various items/projects on top of it, but I finally moved it out on Saturday.  We got a glider and ottoman from Freecycle and I needed the space to move the chair from the middle of the room.

I am long it will take me to move this same table out of my bedroom.....

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...

Lucy legs!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

A peek into my day...
Coriander and basil doing well.  Started sunflowers and wildflowers. 

So there you have it.  Another daybook entry.  They seem to be my staple on a Tues.  If you want to play, go here.  And I just wanted to add I want to thank everybody who reads and comments to this blog.  I try to answer everybody that I can (even though some I dont have emails to respond to).  However this month has been crazy and I havent responded as much as I'd like.  Be forewarned.  You may get a response to a March comment in June!!

Nuff said.  Have a pleasant evening!


Anonymous said…
I can't believe that Bill is heading into high school next year. WOW!

Love those Lucy legs too.
Linda said…
Love the Lucy legs Lynn. But, where is my Hemi.

kathy b said…
Awwww, It sounds so nice and warm there!!! we are in the TEENS today in Chicago with a wind chill...

SPring Break...ahhhh This is our last year of complying with a student in our family!! We can break whenever we wish from here on out!!

I love your case. I made a camera case this week too.

Miss Bee said…
LOVE your pondering ~ good luck with that, btw! ;-) and your quote. Both made me laugh (been there!), which is always a good thing. Enjoy your break and hope you get a chance to read something wonderful!

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