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Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
  what started out as a sunny day ended up with major thunder storms, a very close lightning strike at the high school and a tornado warning.  Who knew??

I am thinking... how different I am from my son.  This is the second time we had an event at the high school to discuss AP courses, clubs and sports.  My husband was excited abt their soccer team, I was excited abt yearbook.  I was REALLY getting into the AP courses, would LOVE to take them again.  My son?  To him it's just more school.   He loves music and art, but your typical social studies and math he doesnt get excited abt.  He's really good at them, too.  The only thing that sort of got him excited was marching band.  At least there's that.......

I am thankful...that music makes him happy. 

In the kitchen...not a whole lot.  I really need to go grocery shopping.  I bought the newest Rachel Ray magazine because the tacos on the cover looked REALLY yummy and there is a recipe for homemade m…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my is GORGEOUS outside!!!  We;ve had some cooler and cloudy days this past weekend, and while the sun is out in all its glory today, there is also a cool breeze which means the shade is comfortable.  The humidity must be low because while the thermometer is registering 80, I have my windows open with the breeze blowing thru.  I wish it was like this all summer. 

I am thinking... the IO's sister and family are out visiting Mickey this week and I'm thinking how it is the PERFECT week for them to be here. 

I am thankful... for the beautiful breeze while it's here because it wont last long.....

In the kitchen...not alot.  I finished up the frozen peanut butter cookies I bought from #1 Son's band fundraiser and let me tell you I will NEVER buy them again.  I've never had a greasy peanut butter cookie before.  Buttery, yes.  Fatty, yes.  Greasy, no.  Until these guys.  They literally sit in a puddle of grease when they come out of the oven.  …

Saturday in the Garden

Today was one of those rare days we occasionally get in April,  cloudy and cold.  We never got out of the 60s. 

Days like this get me in the mood to garden, and while I never made it to Lowe's for plants, I did walk around to look at what was still alive.  One of the plants that just makes me happy is this one.
My bougainvillea.  I have always loved this plant and it makes me smile to see it doing so well.

As I was going around and pulling out the big weeds (I've learned that no matter what you do, weeds some back so I only pull the big ones out.  I'm lazy like that) I noticed I had company
Princess really is my garden kitty.  She is ALWAYS outside with me when I work in the front yard.

I dont remember the name of this one but apparently it's still alive.

I bought two of them last year and they both ended up dying. The IO said he pulled them out, but apparently enough of one stayed behind. Which means it must be a weed. It's pretty so it can stay.

As I worked m…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...we hit 89 today for our high.  Considering our average is 81, I'm not liking that number.  

I am thinking...I'm going to gross you all out with my heavily laden septic post

I am thankful...that we were able to get our septic tank pumped today.  We've been having major issues with it and there comes a point where you just cant tolerate it anymore!

In the kitchen...not much.  I've been putting off doing dishes.  Extra water just added to our septic issues.

I am wearing... a purple tee and brown shorts

I am creating... working on sock #2.  Almost to the toe decreases.

I am going... to be doing laundry very soon.  Cuz I can!!

I am wondering... how many people are still reading this post......

I am reading... Castle and The Mentalist fanfiction.  The short stories really are the perfect thing for me to read at night.

I am hoping...that my drain field will last longer than 6 months.   This is the main issue and will cost around 3 grand to fix.

I am loo…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
it's 85 outside right now, but since it's only 48% humidity it's actually nice outside! 

I am thinking...the afghan will be finished next winter

I am thankful...for knitting.  It really does keep me sane.

In the kitchen...tonight for dinner is Grandma's Chicken, Wed is a roaster and Thursday will be spaghetti.  I still have those bananas and cream cheese waiting......

I am wearing...t-shirt and shorts.

I am creating...socks and my afghan.  I'll post pics of the sock when I finish the first one which will be soon since I'm abt to start the toe.   As far as my afghan, here is where we stand.

Squares done and put in order.  Now I'm seaming them together.  Wow.  LOTS worse than I was expecting.  I was trying to seam a row a day, but that was way too high on my expectation list so now the goal is to get it done by Oct.  THAT is doable.

I am finish that sock today!

I am wondering...if I will ever conquer Mt Washmore

I am readi…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my's hot!  we hit 86 today which meant the a/c was turned on.  Not the first time this year (remember we had 80s in Jan) but I have a feeling it's going to be on a more consistent basis.  It's April, which means its cool in the AM and hot by noon.

I am thinking...I've missed my opportunity to plant my tomatoes.  I usually do my planting in March, but I never got to it this year.  And my volunteering duties are starting to ramp up.

I am thankful...for the grocery store where I can buy my tomatoes. 

In the kitchen...yesterday's dinner was cheeseburgers.  Today's dinner is Beef Stew with rice and peas.  I still have bananas ripening on the counter for banana muffins and cream cheese sitting in the fridge for cheesecake.  I'm hoping to make them tomorrow.

I am wearing...baggy t-shirt and some old pregnancy shorts I've held on to.  (no I'm not pregnant)

I am creating...socks

I am start dinner sooner than planned.  I h…