Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
  what started out as a sunny day ended up with major thunder storms, a very close lightning strike at the high school and a tornado warning.  Who knew??

I am thinking... how different I am from my son.  This is the second time we had an event at the high school to discuss AP courses, clubs and sports.  My husband was excited abt their soccer team, I was excited abt yearbook.  I was REALLY getting into the AP courses, would LOVE to take them again.  My son?  To him it's just more school.   He loves music and art, but your typical social studies and math he doesnt get excited abt.  He's really good at them, too.  The only thing that sort of got him excited was marching band.  At least there's that.......

I am thankful...that music makes him happy. 

In the kitchen...not a whole lot.  I really need to go grocery shopping.  I bought the newest Rachel Ray magazine because the tacos on the cover looked REALLY yummy and there is a recipe for homemade mac & cheese I want to try.    Meanwhile we drove thru McDonald's for McWraps for dinner.  (which btw are really yummy!)

I am wearing...a big baggy t-shirt that I'll sleep in.

I am creating...again, not a whole lot.  I did finish one sock

but I have yet to cast on for its mate.  I've brought it with me everywhere I go in hopes to do it, but it never seems to happen.  Not sure it's gonna happen at all this week.

I am going... on an overnight field trip with Baby Girl this weekend at Sea World.  She is packed and ready to go.  I still need to check the air mattress for any leaks and decide which suitcase to bring.

I am wondering...how long I will be able to keep up this pace with the kids.  With #1 Son starting high school and all the activities that come with it, I'm not sure how I'll fare.   This is the downside of having kids in your mid thirties.  My siblings (who are much older than me) think I'm nuts to do as much as I do, but I enjoy it and the kids dont mind me being there.   As long as those two things exist, I will keep it up.

I am reading....  Rachel Ray magazines, last Sunday's newspaper, fan fiction.

I am hoping... we have good weather this wknd.  Right now it's supposed to be a high of 79 (woohoo!) but a 50% chance of rain (yuck).  I'm hoping for cloudy weather w/o the rain.

I am looking forward to...Sea World.   It's a special overnight trip where we get to see the park at night after the crowds have gone.   There are no shows or rides, but they have activities for the kids.  Plus you get to sleep with the animals.  Last year we slept with a polar bear and (mating) beluga whales.  This year we sleep with the sharks.

I am hearing.... the hum of the a/c in the living room.  And me typing on my keyboard.  It's late and the house is very quiet.

Around the house...  We had a tree on our property get trimmed by our neighbors.  It's a 20 y/o oak that was causing too much shade on their side of the fence.  We can't afford to have it trimmed right now so they ended up having the parts of the tree on their property cut back.  The tree ppl did a good job so it's not a complete hack job, but now it's a bit weird looking.  We will eventually get our side done this summer, meanwhile it's a bit off balance.  Oh and the IO asked for all the wood.  We can use it for our fireplace this winter, but my backyard is FULL of tree branches!!

I am pondering...how long those branches will stay there....

A favorite quote for today...
Something I truly want to give to my kids.

One of my favorite things...Starbucks Coffee Icecream.  I love mixing it with BlueBell vanilla icecream and adding dark chocolate M&Ms.  yum........

A few plans for the rest of the week:  we visited the high school today, the wknd is SeaWorld for us, Universal and University of Florida for #1 Son.  The IO gets to shuttle everybody back and forth from place to place. 

A peek into my day...
We met up with some family visiting from out of town and went to Splitsville in Downtown Disney.  Fun place, but we won't be going back.  VERY expensive for a family of four to bowl.  $20 per person for 1.5 hours of bowling.  We had 8 ppl on one lane.  We played one game.  Plus lanes were VERY close together and not the same length as a regular bowling alley.  We did SO bad!  ~BUT~ we had a great time and I can now say I've been there. 
wish they lived closer

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...it is GORGEOUS outside!!!  We;ve had some cooler and cloudy days this past weekend, and while the sun is out in all its glory today, there is also a cool breeze which means the shade is comfortable.  The humidity must be low because while the thermometer is registering 80, I have my windows open with the breeze blowing thru.  I wish it was like this all summer. 

I am thinking... the IO's sister and family are out visiting Mickey this week and I'm thinking how it is the PERFECT week for them to be here. 

I am thankful... for the beautiful breeze while it's here because it wont last long.....

In the kitchen...not alot.  I finished up the frozen peanut butter cookies I bought from #1 Son's band fundraiser and let me tell you I will NEVER buy them again.  I've never had a greasy peanut butter cookie before.  Buttery, yes.  Fatty, yes.  Greasy, no.  Until these guys.  They literally sit in a puddle of grease when they come out of the oven.   Yuck.  I need to find a good peanut butter cookie recipe.  Anybody got ones to share?

I am wearing... blue t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating...socks.

I'm just finishing the gusset on sock #1.  More on them later

I am going...slightly crazy with all going on.  Lots of stuff with kids, school, the IO (this could fill a book in itself!), the house, etc.  I'm trying to keep it all going at one time.  Not sure how well I'm doing, but nobody's dead or in jail so for that I'm thankful!

I am wondering...if I will survive the last few weeks of school.......ok I'll survive it, but how WELL will I survive it is the question.

I am reading...a cookbook by Debbie Macomber called Cedar Cove Cookbook.  I'm mostly flipping thru the pages to see what recipes beg to be made, but the stories before the recipes are interesting.  I know they'd make more sense if I'd read the books in the series, but for now, the blurbs will have to do.  Anybody make anything from the book? 

I am hoping... for similar weather in a week and a half.  We have field trips scheduled for SeaWorld and Universal and I'm hoping it WONT be hotter than the sun. 

I am looking forward to...the next month.  While the prep work for the upcoming events of field trips and concerts and promotion events tend to stress me out a bit, I really do love it!  If I didnt I wouldnt do it.  My kids wont be this age for very long so I want to enjoy what I can while I can do it.  I may not have much financially but I can make a memory for my family.

I am hearing......birds tweeting (and I dont mean with their twitter accounts!), Lucy bathing herself, and my phone occasionally buzzing.  Also the IO is messing around with the printer.  A neighbor is going nuts with a hammer.

Around the house...I've been going thru the photos of this past school year to pass on to Baby Girl's teacher.  She takes all the pics parents and aids have taken over the year and then has the kids put together a scrap book of sorts.  She then lamenates the entire thing so they have a memory of their last year in elementary school.  It's very sweet and a great keepsake.

I am pondering...the dangers of the IO with a chain saw......trust me, you don't want to know.  *I* don't want to know.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things.....
no matter HOW much they make me nuts!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Breakfast for the volunteers at school, meeting up with my sister in law for dinner and bowling, and I think there is something on Saturday, just cant remember what.....

A peek into my day...
paperwork and adding projects to Ravelry while I continue with normal stuff like laundry, dishes, dinner.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday in the Garden

Today was one of those rare days we occasionally get in April,  cloudy and cold.  We never got out of the 60s. 

Days like this get me in the mood to garden, and while I never made it to Lowe's for plants, I did walk around to look at what was still alive.  One of the plants that just makes me happy is this one.
My bougainvillea.  I have always loved this plant and it makes me smile to see it doing so well.
so pretty!

As I was going around and pulling out the big weeds (I've learned that no matter what you do, weeds some back so I only pull the big ones out.  I'm lazy like that) I noticed I had company
Princess really is my garden kitty.  She is ALWAYS outside with me when I work in the front yard.

I dont remember the name of this one but apparently it's still alive.

I bought two of them last year and they both ended up dying. The IO said he pulled them out, but apparently enough of one stayed behind. Which means it must be a weed. It's pretty so it can stay.

As I worked my way to the side, I just stood in amazement at my night blooming jasmine.
This usually gets cut back every winter due to the cold weather, but we had a mild winter this year which means it never got cut back.  Right now it's as high as our roof line.  If I ever want a living privacy fence, this is the one plant I'd choose. 

Once I got past the two night blooming jasmine bushes I come to the side of the house that has this.
The IO built this back in 2000
we were both SO young!

and while we've made a few changes to it, it's lasted this whole time.  Including the bleeding heart in front of it.  Here's a better pic
We planted this soon after the IO built the arbor, and while it never seems to make it up to the top, it always seems to come back every spring.  This amazes me since it has died back MANY times.  We've got weird soil here, and it's not just in one spot or all over, it's in rows.  We live on what used to be orange groves back in the day and you could literally see a line go thru our backyard lawn where the grass would thrive on one side and struggle on the other.  It makes gardening and yard work that much more challenging to say the least.

The local forcast shows that at the end of next week we'll be expecting highs in the 90s.  Ick.

One more Happy Acres update, it seems we finally have the septic issues under control.  After the tank was pumped we were still having issues of backed up showers and gurgling toilets.  It was determined that while there werent any major clogs in the pipes, there was a partial one just outside my bathroom window.  The IO ended up renting an industrial snake (we have the snake for the typical homeowner but it wasnt strong enough) and after getting some industrial strength draino, everything seems to be flowing right along.  I still hold my breath when I flush and I have yet to take a shower (hey, it was JUST fixed today!), but we should be good to *go*.  (hopefully my last potty humor for awhile).

Last but not least, I finished up a pair of socks.
These took abt 3 weeks to finish.  I pulled out some Regia 6 ply that I got a long ago and I'm using up the small bits of Lorna's Laces sport that I have left over from other socks.  This time the heels and toes are in the Motherlode colorway.  I have alot of the Regia 6 ply so you'll be seeing more socks made with this yarn.

I have another sock on the needles, but I'll save that post for tomorrow.  Hope everybody is having a lovely Saturday!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...we hit 89 today for our high.  Considering our average is 81, I'm not liking that number.  

I am thinking...I'm going to gross you all out with my heavily laden septic post

I am thankful...that we were able to get our septic tank pumped today.  We've been having major issues with it and there comes a point where you just cant tolerate it anymore!

In the kitchen...not much.  I've been putting off doing dishes.  Extra water just added to our septic issues.

I am wearing... a purple tee and brown shorts

I am creating... working on sock #2.  Almost to the toe decreases.

I am going... to be doing laundry very soon.  Cuz I can!!

I am wondering... how many people are still reading this post......

I am reading... Castle and The Mentalist fanfiction.  The short stories really are the perfect thing for me to read at night.

I am hoping...that my drain field will last longer than 6 months.   This is the main issue and will cost around 3 grand to fix.

I am looking forward to... taking a shower while somebody else does some dishes!!  You dont realize the importance of flushing a toilet when you no longer can.

I am hearing....  The movie Groundhog Day.  The IO loves this movie and he's at the point where Bill Murray is playing the piano at the reception. 

Around the house... I can tell you what's NOT around my house anymore!!!!

I am pondering...how many poop references are no longer considered funny......

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... a working toilet.  I know, enough abt the plumbing issues!!!  However you REALLY dont appreciate indoor plumbing until you no longer have it. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... the kids are dealing with FCAT this week and next (the state run test that determines how smart your child is and how much to pay their teacher next year.)  I'll be glad when it's done because that means we only have a few weeks of school left and they are mostly filled with parties and field trips!

A peek into my day...if you've lasted this long,  here's a bit of a reward

this post was mostly abt what?!?!
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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
it's 85 outside right now, but since it's only 48% humidity it's actually nice outside! 

I am thinking...the afghan will be finished next winter

I am thankful...for knitting.  It really does keep me sane.

In the kitchen...tonight for dinner is Grandma's Chicken, Wed is a roaster and Thursday will be spaghetti.  I still have those bananas and cream cheese waiting......

I am wearing...t-shirt and shorts.

I am creating...socks and my afghan.  I'll post pics of the sock when I finish the first one which will be soon since I'm abt to start the toe.   As far as my afghan, here is where we stand.

Squares done and put in order.  Now I'm seaming them together.  Wow.  LOTS worse than I was expecting.  I was trying to seam a row a day, but that was way too high on my expectation list so now the goal is to get it done by Oct.  THAT is doable.

I am going...to finish that sock today!

I am wondering...if I will ever conquer Mt Washmore

I am reading...well I finished Smokin' Seventeen.  True to the series genre.  Was going to start the next one (#18) but I've been too tired to read.

I am hoping...that my IO will be employed soon.  We've got FOUR jobs pending, but they are really taking a LONG time to decide.

I am looking forward to...the IO's gainful employment for so MANY different reasons.

I am hearing...the Chew on my TV and country music from the living room.

Around the house...the IO mowed for the first time this season.  Makes the weeds and grass all the same height and the overall lawn greener!!

I am pondering...how much I love the daybook post.  It gives me something to focus on and incentive to post on Tues.

A favorite quote for today...I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but it makes me smile so here you go.

One of my favorite things...

Lucy enjoying the kitty bed

Princess enjoying the kitty bed

I LOVE the fact that this is a big hit!  Hemi is the only one who doesnt mess with it.  These two seem to take turns.  Neither seem to mind that they don't fit!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  tomorrow will be meeting a mom at Starbucks to set up for a field trip on Friday.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...it's hot!  we hit 86 today which meant the a/c was turned on.  Not the first time this year (remember we had 80s in Jan) but I have a feeling it's going to be on a more consistent basis.  It's April, which means its cool in the AM and hot by noon.

I am thinking...I've missed my opportunity to plant my tomatoes.  I usually do my planting in March, but I never got to it this year.  And my volunteering duties are starting to ramp up.

I am thankful...for the grocery store where I can buy my tomatoes. 

In the kitchen...yesterday's dinner was cheeseburgers.  Today's dinner is Beef Stew with rice and peas.  I still have bananas ripening on the counter for banana muffins and cream cheese sitting in the fridge for cheesecake.  I'm hoping to make them tomorrow.

I am wearing...baggy t-shirt and some old pregnancy shorts I've held on to.  (no I'm not pregnant)

I am creating...socks

I am going...to start dinner sooner than planned.  I have a hovering teenager begging for food. 

I am wondering...how ppl afford to feed teenagers.  When their friends come over it's like locusts hit the pantry!

I am reading...well I downloaded Smokin' Seventeen again, now to find the time to finish it.  I've read most of it, I only have 20% left to read (according to my kindle)

I am hoping...that we have some cooler days before it stays hot.  I'd like them to be scheduled during the upcoming field trips of SeaWorld and Epcot.  (since these take place in May, I dont see it happening, but I can still hope!)

I am looking forward to...these next couple of months. 

I am hearing..... the hum of the a/c;  popcorn in the microwave;  the IO making some kind of unusual noise.......

Around the house...today has been laundry and cleaning my bathroom.  They both had to be done....

I am pondering...how financially creative I will need to be during these next  couple of months.

A favorite quote for today...

In honor of Baby Girl. She is very much into the mustache craze.

One of my favorite things...Eucerin Skin Calming Creme.  My skin has been so dry this winter and this stuff really helps.

A few plans for the rest of the week: more cleaning.  I want to get a jump start (or at least get caught up!) before I get too far into April. 

A peek into my day...
clickety for biggety
As I was reaching for my drink, I noticed this little guy helping himself.  His little tongue was drinking the condensation off the outside of the glass.  Now he's somewhere on my nightstand.  I want to find him before Hemi turns him into a chew toy......

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