Saturday in the Garden

Today was one of those rare days we occasionally get in April,  cloudy and cold.  We never got out of the 60s. 

Days like this get me in the mood to garden, and while I never made it to Lowe's for plants, I did walk around to look at what was still alive.  One of the plants that just makes me happy is this one.
My bougainvillea.  I have always loved this plant and it makes me smile to see it doing so well.
so pretty!

As I was going around and pulling out the big weeds (I've learned that no matter what you do, weeds some back so I only pull the big ones out.  I'm lazy like that) I noticed I had company
Princess really is my garden kitty.  She is ALWAYS outside with me when I work in the front yard.

I dont remember the name of this one but apparently it's still alive.

I bought two of them last year and they both ended up dying. The IO said he pulled them out, but apparently enough of one stayed behind. Which means it must be a weed. It's pretty so it can stay.

As I worked my way to the side, I just stood in amazement at my night blooming jasmine.
This usually gets cut back every winter due to the cold weather, but we had a mild winter this year which means it never got cut back.  Right now it's as high as our roof line.  If I ever want a living privacy fence, this is the one plant I'd choose. 

Once I got past the two night blooming jasmine bushes I come to the side of the house that has this.
The IO built this back in 2000
we were both SO young!

and while we've made a few changes to it, it's lasted this whole time.  Including the bleeding heart in front of it.  Here's a better pic
We planted this soon after the IO built the arbor, and while it never seems to make it up to the top, it always seems to come back every spring.  This amazes me since it has died back MANY times.  We've got weird soil here, and it's not just in one spot or all over, it's in rows.  We live on what used to be orange groves back in the day and you could literally see a line go thru our backyard lawn where the grass would thrive on one side and struggle on the other.  It makes gardening and yard work that much more challenging to say the least.

The local forcast shows that at the end of next week we'll be expecting highs in the 90s.  Ick.

One more Happy Acres update, it seems we finally have the septic issues under control.  After the tank was pumped we were still having issues of backed up showers and gurgling toilets.  It was determined that while there werent any major clogs in the pipes, there was a partial one just outside my bathroom window.  The IO ended up renting an industrial snake (we have the snake for the typical homeowner but it wasnt strong enough) and after getting some industrial strength draino, everything seems to be flowing right along.  I still hold my breath when I flush and I have yet to take a shower (hey, it was JUST fixed today!), but we should be good to *go*.  (hopefully my last potty humor for awhile).

Last but not least, I finished up a pair of socks.
These took abt 3 weeks to finish.  I pulled out some Regia 6 ply that I got a long ago and I'm using up the small bits of Lorna's Laces sport that I have left over from other socks.  This time the heels and toes are in the Motherlode colorway.  I have alot of the Regia 6 ply so you'll be seeing more socks made with this yarn.

I have another sock on the needles, but I'll save that post for tomorrow.  Hope everybody is having a lovely Saturday!!


Anonymous said…
Your bougainvillea is beautiful!
Susan said…
Seeing all of the beautiful plants is good for my soul at this point when all I see is snow. Yay for happy septic systems! We sure do take water, sewage, and electrical systems for granted until there's a problem.
Lifesastitch said…
Beautiful bougainvillea. For some reason this year the dandelions are abundant. I picked 48 blooms off of two clustered together!
kathy b said…

YOur flowers are so lovely!!!!

I LOVE how you knit those socks and IM going to copy you....
Most times I see the cuff, heel and toe in the same color. I LOVE how you only did heel and toes. Thanks for a great idea

Id love some 90 degrees here in Chicago..looks like we may all dance about a 60 degree day today if the winds stay away from the lake.
kathy b said…
Sorry Lynn what does IO stand for??
Lynn said…
Kathy, go for it!!! I've never really like the stripe thru teh cuff so I just leave it out. And teh IO stands for the Insane One, aka my husband!

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