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Outside my's hot!  we hit 86 today which meant the a/c was turned on.  Not the first time this year (remember we had 80s in Jan) but I have a feeling it's going to be on a more consistent basis.  It's April, which means its cool in the AM and hot by noon.

I am thinking...I've missed my opportunity to plant my tomatoes.  I usually do my planting in March, but I never got to it this year.  And my volunteering duties are starting to ramp up.

I am thankful...for the grocery store where I can buy my tomatoes. 

In the kitchen...yesterday's dinner was cheeseburgers.  Today's dinner is Beef Stew with rice and peas.  I still have bananas ripening on the counter for banana muffins and cream cheese sitting in the fridge for cheesecake.  I'm hoping to make them tomorrow.

I am wearing...baggy t-shirt and some old pregnancy shorts I've held on to.  (no I'm not pregnant)

I am creating...socks

I am start dinner sooner than planned.  I have a hovering teenager begging for food. 

I am ppl afford to feed teenagers.  When their friends come over it's like locusts hit the pantry!

I am reading...well I downloaded Smokin' Seventeen again, now to find the time to finish it.  I've read most of it, I only have 20% left to read (according to my kindle)

I am hoping...that we have some cooler days before it stays hot.  I'd like them to be scheduled during the upcoming field trips of SeaWorld and Epcot.  (since these take place in May, I dont see it happening, but I can still hope!)

I am looking forward to...these next couple of months. 

I am hearing..... the hum of the a/c;  popcorn in the microwave;  the IO making some kind of unusual noise.......

Around the has been laundry and cleaning my bathroom.  They both had to be done....

I am financially creative I will need to be during these next  couple of months.

A favorite quote for today...

In honor of Baby Girl. She is very much into the mustache craze.

One of my favorite things...Eucerin Skin Calming Creme.  My skin has been so dry this winter and this stuff really helps.

A few plans for the rest of the week: more cleaning.  I want to get a jump start (or at least get caught up!) before I get too far into April. 

A peek into my day...
clickety for biggety
As I was reaching for my drink, I noticed this little guy helping himself.  His little tongue was drinking the condensation off the outside of the glass.  Now he's somewhere on my nightstand.  I want to find him before Hemi turns him into a chew toy......

So there you go.  If you want to play, go here.


Anonymous said…
Linda said…
I love reading these posts Lynn. Can't say I'd be as calm as you are with that lizard. Your sock is looking good.

Anonymous said…
OMG! You have adorable little lizards just wandering into the house and going wherever? That's amazing. How sweet is that? I love it!!!! I do hope you were able to rescue him before Hemi made a chew toy of him though. THAT would not be very nice at all. :)

Good work on the sock. At least the needles are clicking again. :)
Anonymous said…
Back again! Forgot to mention the weather.

You are complaining it's so hot, and here, we are counting the days, waiting for some heat to arrive. I mean it was below freezing yet again this morning. If we are lucky, we might see 50º over the next couple days. I agree, 80º is a bit too much, but right now, I wouldn't mind just a wee bit of that. :)
kathy b said…
OMG lizard picture hysterical!!!!!!!!

I recall those days when my kids friends would stop in and eat almost everything that didnt move....
ALways after I had just gone to the grocery store and stocked up.....

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