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Outside my window...we hit 89 today for our high.  Considering our average is 81, I'm not liking that number.  

I am thinking...I'm going to gross you all out with my heavily laden septic post

I am thankful...that we were able to get our septic tank pumped today.  We've been having major issues with it and there comes a point where you just cant tolerate it anymore!

In the kitchen...not much.  I've been putting off doing dishes.  Extra water just added to our septic issues.

I am wearing... a purple tee and brown shorts

I am creating... working on sock #2.  Almost to the toe decreases.

I am going... to be doing laundry very soon.  Cuz I can!!

I am wondering... how many people are still reading this post......

I am reading... Castle and The Mentalist fanfiction.  The short stories really are the perfect thing for me to read at night.

I am hoping...that my drain field will last longer than 6 months.   This is the main issue and will cost around 3 grand to fix.

I am looking forward to... taking a shower while somebody else does some dishes!!  You dont realize the importance of flushing a toilet when you no longer can.

I am hearing....  The movie Groundhog Day.  The IO loves this movie and he's at the point where Bill Murray is playing the piano at the reception. 

Around the house... I can tell you what's NOT around my house anymore!!!!

I am many poop references are no longer considered funny......

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things... a working toilet.  I know, enough abt the plumbing issues!!!  However you REALLY dont appreciate indoor plumbing until you no longer have it. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... the kids are dealing with FCAT this week and next (the state run test that determines how smart your child is and how much to pay their teacher next year.)  I'll be glad when it's done because that means we only have a few weeks of school left and they are mostly filled with parties and field trips!

A peek into my day...if you've lasted this long,  here's a bit of a reward

this post was mostly abt what?!?!
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kathy b said…
That kitty's coloring is AMAZING. so cute.

Hope the poop problem is past ......Hee he
Anonymous said…
I'm really very sorry you are dealing with septic issues. Been there, done that myself about 3 years back, and it was WINTER!! Got it fixed though, and all's well now. Soon that will be the case for you too. These things happen. You'll manage somehow. :) Go hug that cat!
Linda said…
Sorry about the septic problem Lynn.
What a great pic of Hemi. Give him hugs and kisses for me.

Vonna said…
I feel your pain sista. We too have a septic system. Clothes pins...just a suggestion.

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