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Outside my is GORGEOUS outside!!!  We;ve had some cooler and cloudy days this past weekend, and while the sun is out in all its glory today, there is also a cool breeze which means the shade is comfortable.  The humidity must be low because while the thermometer is registering 80, I have my windows open with the breeze blowing thru.  I wish it was like this all summer. 

I am thinking... the IO's sister and family are out visiting Mickey this week and I'm thinking how it is the PERFECT week for them to be here. 

I am thankful... for the beautiful breeze while it's here because it wont last long.....

In the kitchen...not alot.  I finished up the frozen peanut butter cookies I bought from #1 Son's band fundraiser and let me tell you I will NEVER buy them again.  I've never had a greasy peanut butter cookie before.  Buttery, yes.  Fatty, yes.  Greasy, no.  Until these guys.  They literally sit in a puddle of grease when they come out of the oven.   Yuck.  I need to find a good peanut butter cookie recipe.  Anybody got ones to share?

I am wearing... blue t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating...socks.

I'm just finishing the gusset on sock #1.  More on them later

I am going...slightly crazy with all going on.  Lots of stuff with kids, school, the IO (this could fill a book in itself!), the house, etc.  I'm trying to keep it all going at one time.  Not sure how well I'm doing, but nobody's dead or in jail so for that I'm thankful!

I am wondering...if I will survive the last few weeks of school.......ok I'll survive it, but how WELL will I survive it is the question.

I am reading...a cookbook by Debbie Macomber called Cedar Cove Cookbook.  I'm mostly flipping thru the pages to see what recipes beg to be made, but the stories before the recipes are interesting.  I know they'd make more sense if I'd read the books in the series, but for now, the blurbs will have to do.  Anybody make anything from the book? 

I am hoping... for similar weather in a week and a half.  We have field trips scheduled for SeaWorld and Universal and I'm hoping it WONT be hotter than the sun. 

I am looking forward to...the next month.  While the prep work for the upcoming events of field trips and concerts and promotion events tend to stress me out a bit, I really do love it!  If I didnt I wouldnt do it.  My kids wont be this age for very long so I want to enjoy what I can while I can do it.  I may not have much financially but I can make a memory for my family.

I am hearing......birds tweeting (and I dont mean with their twitter accounts!), Lucy bathing herself, and my phone occasionally buzzing.  Also the IO is messing around with the printer.  A neighbor is going nuts with a hammer.

Around the house...I've been going thru the photos of this past school year to pass on to Baby Girl's teacher.  She takes all the pics parents and aids have taken over the year and then has the kids put together a scrap book of sorts.  She then lamenates the entire thing so they have a memory of their last year in elementary school.  It's very sweet and a great keepsake.

I am pondering...the dangers of the IO with a chain me, you don't want to know.  *I* don't want to know.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things.....
no matter HOW much they make me nuts!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Breakfast for the volunteers at school, meeting up with my sister in law for dinner and bowling, and I think there is something on Saturday, just cant remember what.....

A peek into my day...
paperwork and adding projects to Ravelry while I continue with normal stuff like laundry, dishes, dinner.

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Linda said…
Another great daybook post Lynn. Love the pic of the kids.

kathy b said…
I loe the Day book posts of yours so very much. YOU are honest and you are authentic. Maybe I'll do another day book post soon.....


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