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Outside my window...
  what started out as a sunny day ended up with major thunder storms, a very close lightning strike at the high school and a tornado warning.  Who knew??

I am thinking... how different I am from my son.  This is the second time we had an event at the high school to discuss AP courses, clubs and sports.  My husband was excited abt their soccer team, I was excited abt yearbook.  I was REALLY getting into the AP courses, would LOVE to take them again.  My son?  To him it's just more school.   He loves music and art, but your typical social studies and math he doesnt get excited abt.  He's really good at them, too.  The only thing that sort of got him excited was marching band.  At least there's that.......

I am thankful...that music makes him happy. 

In the kitchen...not a whole lot.  I really need to go grocery shopping.  I bought the newest Rachel Ray magazine because the tacos on the cover looked REALLY yummy and there is a recipe for homemade mac & cheese I want to try.    Meanwhile we drove thru McDonald's for McWraps for dinner.  (which btw are really yummy!)

I am wearing...a big baggy t-shirt that I'll sleep in.

I am creating...again, not a whole lot.  I did finish one sock

but I have yet to cast on for its mate.  I've brought it with me everywhere I go in hopes to do it, but it never seems to happen.  Not sure it's gonna happen at all this week.

I am going... on an overnight field trip with Baby Girl this weekend at Sea World.  She is packed and ready to go.  I still need to check the air mattress for any leaks and decide which suitcase to bring.

I am long I will be able to keep up this pace with the kids.  With #1 Son starting high school and all the activities that come with it, I'm not sure how I'll fare.   This is the downside of having kids in your mid thirties.  My siblings (who are much older than me) think I'm nuts to do as much as I do, but I enjoy it and the kids dont mind me being there.   As long as those two things exist, I will keep it up.

I am reading....  Rachel Ray magazines, last Sunday's newspaper, fan fiction.

I am hoping... we have good weather this wknd.  Right now it's supposed to be a high of 79 (woohoo!) but a 50% chance of rain (yuck).  I'm hoping for cloudy weather w/o the rain.

I am looking forward to...Sea World.   It's a special overnight trip where we get to see the park at night after the crowds have gone.   There are no shows or rides, but they have activities for the kids.  Plus you get to sleep with the animals.  Last year we slept with a polar bear and (mating) beluga whales.  This year we sleep with the sharks.

I am hearing.... the hum of the a/c in the living room.  And me typing on my keyboard.  It's late and the house is very quiet.

Around the house...  We had a tree on our property get trimmed by our neighbors.  It's a 20 y/o oak that was causing too much shade on their side of the fence.  We can't afford to have it trimmed right now so they ended up having the parts of the tree on their property cut back.  The tree ppl did a good job so it's not a complete hack job, but now it's a bit weird looking.  We will eventually get our side done this summer, meanwhile it's a bit off balance.  Oh and the IO asked for all the wood.  We can use it for our fireplace this winter, but my backyard is FULL of tree branches!!

I am long those branches will stay there....

A favorite quote for today...
Something I truly want to give to my kids.

One of my favorite things...Starbucks Coffee Icecream.  I love mixing it with BlueBell vanilla icecream and adding dark chocolate M&Ms.  yum........

A few plans for the rest of the week:  we visited the high school today, the wknd is SeaWorld for us, Universal and University of Florida for #1 Son.  The IO gets to shuttle everybody back and forth from place to place. 

A peek into my day...
We met up with some family visiting from out of town and went to Splitsville in Downtown Disney.  Fun place, but we won't be going back.  VERY expensive for a family of four to bowl.  $20 per person for 1.5 hours of bowling.  We had 8 ppl on one lane.  We played one game.  Plus lanes were VERY close together and not the same length as a regular bowling alley.  We did SO bad!  ~BUT~ we had a great time and I can now say I've been there. 
wish they lived closer

Another SWDB for the books.  Wanna play?  Go here


Linda said…
Another gread Daybook report Lynn. I really enjoy reading them. Have fun this weekend. Wish I was going with you.

Susan said…
Okay, you will have to clue me in as to how you sleep with the animals. Not having been there, I'm imagining some pretty weird scenarios.

We had another snow storm yesterday. Your weather beats ours hands down although the forecast here is for lots of warmth in the next week. I'll believe it when I see it.
Anonymous said…
The sock looks great. So, time to start the next one, before you lose interest. LOL

Love the family photo. Everyone is looking good and having fun. Can't ask for more. :)
kathy b said…
I love SWD days!!!!

I saw that Rachel Ray mag at the store today> it was a fabulous cover. !!!

You are at such a busy time in family life, I called it the meat and potatoes of family time. Sea World sounds amazing...I LOVE dolphins
Lifesastitch said…
My son went from honour roll to a 52 average in high school in 18 months - a horrible time. Once he started at the university it was smooth sailing. High school just wasn't his thing.

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