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Outside my window...
it's 85 outside right now, but since it's only 48% humidity it's actually nice outside! 

I am thinking...the afghan will be finished next winter

I am thankful...for knitting.  It really does keep me sane.

In the kitchen...tonight for dinner is Grandma's Chicken, Wed is a roaster and Thursday will be spaghetti.  I still have those bananas and cream cheese waiting......

I am wearing...t-shirt and shorts.

I am creating...socks and my afghan.  I'll post pics of the sock when I finish the first one which will be soon since I'm abt to start the toe.   As far as my afghan, here is where we stand.

Squares done and put in order.  Now I'm seaming them together.  Wow.  LOTS worse than I was expecting.  I was trying to seam a row a day, but that was way too high on my expectation list so now the goal is to get it done by Oct.  THAT is doable.

I am finish that sock today!

I am wondering...if I will ever conquer Mt Washmore

I am reading...well I finished Smokin' Seventeen.  True to the series genre.  Was going to start the next one (#18) but I've been too tired to read.

I am hoping...that my IO will be employed soon.  We've got FOUR jobs pending, but they are really taking a LONG time to decide.

I am looking forward to...the IO's gainful employment for so MANY different reasons.

I am hearing...the Chew on my TV and country music from the living room.

Around the house...the IO mowed for the first time this season.  Makes the weeds and grass all the same height and the overall lawn greener!!

I am much I love the daybook post.  It gives me something to focus on and incentive to post on Tues.

A favorite quote for today...I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but it makes me smile so here you go.

One of my favorite things...

Lucy enjoying the kitty bed

Princess enjoying the kitty bed

I LOVE the fact that this is a big hit!  Hemi is the only one who doesnt mess with it.  These two seem to take turns.  Neither seem to mind that they don't fit!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  tomorrow will be meeting a mom at Starbucks to set up for a field trip on Friday.

Go here so you can play too!


Anonymous said…
I'm working on Mt. Washmore today. It is truly never-ending!

Stephen lost his job on Friday. They laid off 125 people. :-( Good thing is he doesn't seem bothered by it and he has a good amount of savings to live off. He already had a telephone interview with another company.

He's coming tomorrow so I can help him with "interview" suit shopping.
kathy b said…
I love your SIMPLE woman's entries.

I wish we had your feels like a chilly 43 today here
and i laughed at the last cartoon
Linda said…
Sounds like a great week Lynn. Love the kitty pics.

Anonymous said…
My problem with afghan squares - I can't stand stitching all of them together. Which is why I usually make an afghan pattern that is all in one huge piece. Just can't manage anything else. LOL

I think it's great you even got all those squares knitted up to begin with.

I have to admit, as much as I am enjoying our Spring weather right now, I'm absolutely thrilled it's not up to 85º this early in the game. At temperatures that high, I cook! LOL

Lifesastitch said…
Yarrgh, the last thing I seamed together took 8 hours and there's one more nearing completion.
stitcherw said…
Your afghan will be wonderful, but I don't envy you the stitching of it together. Finishing is not something I'm fond of, with me it would probably languish forever as squares. Loved the pictures of Lucy and Princess, they do look like they quite enjoy the bed, even thought they don't seem to quite fit, LOL.

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