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Friday Felines

Everybody gets along when they're tired.........

Counting Down

We have a white board near the garage door and the kitchen that has turned into a countdown machine.  Right now it says there is one day left of school.  While that may be true for school work, technically there are still FOUR days left of school.  Next week is just promotion practices and movies. 

Meanwhile PTO is imploding as I type.  There has been an ongoing fight between the president and the treasurer and somehow I've got caught in the middle.  NEVER a good place to be.  I missed blowup #1 yesterday, but I was present for blowup #2 today.  And it got loud.  Since this was all apres coffee, I grabbed my purse, told them that there was only 4 days left of school and why cant they just get along??  They've been fighting for a year and I am SO over it! 


I really need to keep my mouth shut.   However both coaches and the ppl in the front office could still see them going at it after I walked away.

They are making it very easy for me to be happy that the year is endin…

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today:

Outside my window:  Ok apparently the weather gods dont want to hear me complain because we've had such nice weather!!  It was actually comfortable enough to open my windows at night.  For the end of May this is unbelieveable!  I am enjoying every minute.  I figure it's a consolation prize for the forecast of a heavy hurricane season which starts on Saturday. 

I am thinking:  I'm gonna have to hit a party store for the party supplies that I want for the kids.  Baby Girl is into mustaches and #1 Son has become obsessed with Dr Who.  I can't find either at Target or Walmart. 

I am thankful: that there are only 6.5 school days left.  I was SO happy to have Monday off, but boy did I pay for it this morning!!  Getting up was hard for all of us.  #1 Son has a couple of things to finish up and then finals.  Baby Girl has one more test and then they sign yearbooks and watch movies and party!

In the kitchen: I've tried a couple of recipes that have been floating ar…

Saturday Sleep

We had another busy week here at Happy Acres.  How do I know this?  Because I had to wake up two kids at noon to get them to start the day!  And I had to rewake a teenaged boy at 1pm to at least get him to move from his bed to the couch.  There are technically 7 school days left, but in reality it's more like four.  Next week (four days) is all abt finals.  The week after that is all abt graduations and moving on.  I'm holding it together pretty well, but then there will be a comment made and I can feel the waterworks wanting to start.  So far I've kept them at bay, but I'm not making any promises for those last few days. 

If I feel this way now, I have no idea what high school graduation or weddings or babies will do to me. 

Last week I sold tickets for a mother/son bowling event coming up next week, taste tested lasagna for said event, took Baby Girl to the dr on Tues(needed to renew her meds and check out her ankle.  She's still needing to wear the boot to sch…

What Makes Me Happy

About a year ago I made a cute little sweater
for a teeny tiny new nephew.  

It was a size 6-9 month sweater, but unlike my children, he's actually a little peanut.  However since it's been a cool spring and my nephew is almost a year old, I got to see this.
He's cute coming and going!!!

I am SO happy that he got to wear it.  His mom said he got to wear it a few times before it got too warm.  A benefit to a long and cold spring!!  It had a matching hat which will probably fit him in December.  Unlike my children, he has a small head.

Saturday Sky

It's official.  The last of the field trips are over!   And so are the concerts!!  #1 Son's Spring Concert was last Tues and they did fantastic!  It explains all the superiors and grand champion trophies they won.  While Baby Girl likes to pose for the camera, #1 Son is a bit harder to pin down.  This is the only still I got of him all night!
I was hoping to get a family shot, but after the concert they had to start packing up the bigger musical instruments.  He did stop by to say hi but just as quickly he was gone.  I'm attaching a video of him playing a song on steel drums, it's not my favorite of all the ones he played but its the one where I got the best video of him.  Feel free to watch a min or so of the kid in action.

The field trip on Friday to Epcot was also lots of fun.

Why yes that IS a wheelchair that Baby Girl is sitting in!  She twisted her ankle pretty badly on Wednesday and there was NO way she'd be able to walk the entire…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window:
  I had to wear a jacket to school today.  I am COMPLETELY blown away by our weather.  Ocala was in the 40s this am.  I woke up to 56 degrees.  However the forecast is showing a high of 90 for Friday.  Just in time for Epcot.

I am thinking: how weird our weather has been.  It's practically the middle of May and we are still getting cool mornings.

I am thankful: for my dayplanner.  It keeps me on track (for the most part).  It's a little bigger than a paperback book and it fits in my purse.  I used to use a Jan-Dec planner but switched over to a July-June one.  Works better for me since my plans usually follow the school calendar.

In the kitchen:  it's going to be basics this week.  I'm roasting a chicken for tonight (I'm making it early in the day so we can throw it on plates for the 45 min we will have for dinner) and I want to make those chicken tacos that I saw on Rachel Ray's magazine cover.  I've got one more day to plan and…

Regia Recycled

When I first started knitting socks, I had a few issues to overcome.  Like the thinness of the yarn.  Or the tiny, toothpick-like needles.  My first pair of socks were made using a size 3 needle and dk weight yarn for a baby.  Manageable yarn in a sock size that wasnt overwhelming.   I was hooked!!!  However I needed to figure out what size needle went with what weight yarn.  It was a hit or miss for the first couple of pairs, but I did eventually figure it out.

One of those experimental socks were these.

They were made with a sport weight Regia wool on size 3 needles.   They were warm and fit really well on my feet.  At least at first.  And then they would grow.   And grow some more!!!  They got floppy.  Socks should never be floppy.  Floppy socks are NOT fun to wear so they hardly ever got worn.

Tiime went by, my skills got better and I realized that with the sport weight yarn I should have used size 2 needles instead.  After awhile they started to bug me.  I knit them wrong.  I cou…

The Postponed Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window:  another gorgeous day!  We've had some unseasonably cooler weather where I havent' had to use the a/c so much.  In fact it's inspired me to plant a few things!  Baby Girl wanted to get her teachers a cactus for flower day (this is Teacher Appreciation Week and the PTO has a list of suggestions for each day.   Baby Girl likes to do them all) and they had a few plants on clearance so I bought some.

I didnt go crazy, but it was nice to plant a few flowers in containers in the front yard. 

I was actually chilly while doing it too!  Granted it was 9pm and I was only wearing a light t-shirt and shorts but for this time of year I should be sweating buckets!  We are forecasted to have a high of 90 on Friday so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.....

I just realized that the weather is our version of an indian summer,  gorgeous weather before it all goes horribly bad. 

I am thinking:  that quite a few 4th and 5th graders got an education during our t…