Counting Down

We have a white board near the garage door and the kitchen that has turned into a countdown machine.  Right now it says there is one day left of school.  While that may be true for school work, technically there are still FOUR days left of school.  Next week is just promotion practices and movies. 

Meanwhile PTO is imploding as I type.  There has been an ongoing fight between the president and the treasurer and somehow I've got caught in the middle.  NEVER a good place to be.  I missed blowup #1 yesterday, but I was present for blowup #2 today.  And it got loud.  Since this was all apres coffee, I grabbed my purse, told them that there was only 4 days left of school and why cant they just get along??  They've been fighting for a year and I am SO over it! 


I really need to keep my mouth shut.   However both coaches and the ppl in the front office could still see them going at it after I walked away.

They are making it very easy for me to be happy that the year is ending.  I've already had several teachers ask me if I'd be willing to volunteer again next year (which I plan on) so that will ease any separation anxiety I'm dealing with.  Pleasing the teachers is easy.  Pleasing the parents is impossible.  Especially when you have ones that just LOVE to stir the pot.

What do I do to keep sane and/or avoid killing people?  I knit of course!  Which brings me to my latest finish. 

It's just your basic hat recipe with a 3x1 rib.  I was planning on adding it to the charity bin, but Baby Girl has claimed it for her own (with #1 Son sneaking it away from her).  Charity begins at home, right??  I still need to weave in a few more ends and then it will be complete.  I'll add it to my winter bag instead. 

I did finish one more thing but I need to wait before I post abt it.   I'm also looking at some bulky acrylic that would make a nice blanket for the kitty shelter.  Yes the socks and scarf are still in progress but I'm not liking either one right now. 


Anonymous said…
What a shame, when the grown-ups can't get along, but expect the kids to do so. Oh well, you are smart by walking out. No reason for your blood pressure going up needlessly.

The hat looks good! :)
Linda said…
What a great hat Lynn. And they wonder why the kids fight.

Anonymous said…
I would say from the "sneaking" that maybe you'll be needing to knit another.

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