Regia Recycled

When I first started knitting socks, I had a few issues to overcome.  Like the thinness of the yarn.  Or the tiny, toothpick-like needles.  My first pair of socks were made using a size 3 needle and dk weight yarn for a baby.  Manageable yarn in a sock size that wasnt overwhelming.   I was hooked!!!  However I needed to figure out what size needle went with what weight yarn.  It was a hit or miss for the first couple of pairs, but I did eventually figure it out.

One of those experimental socks were these.

They were made with a sport weight Regia wool on size 3 needles.   They were warm and fit really well on my feet.  At least at first.  And then they would grow.   And grow some more!!!  They got floppy.  Socks should never be floppy.  Floppy socks are NOT fun to wear so they hardly ever got worn.

Tiime went by, my skills got better and I realized that with the sport weight yarn I should have used size 2 needles instead.  After awhile they started to bug me.  I knit them wrong.  I could hear them mocking me everytime I opened my sock drawer. I tried thinking of who might be able to wear them, but I wasnt happy enough with them to gift them out.  I had two choices, rip them out or throw them out.

I went to the frog pond.

Do you know how hard it is to unravel something that's been washed a few times, each time blooming a bit more?!?!  It was a challenge to say the least, but I was stubborn determined to get it right.  Since they were knit with a shorter cuff and bigger needles, I had to suppliment them  with additional yarn, making them look a bit like a patchwork quilt, but I think they came out pretty good!
I call them my Regia Recycled socks.  I tried them on again and they fit well.  Even after a few minutes!!  They have gone back into the sock drawer waiting for it to get cool enough to wear them.

Which was NOT today.  It was 92 earlier today.  Tuesday it was in the 70s and today we were in the 90s!  Whatever happened to the 80s?  Oh wait, we had that back in January! 

Such strange weather.  We had cloudy skies
which produced abt 10 min of rain.  Thankfully it was followed by a *cool front* that dropped the temp down to 78 (see, still no 80s).  Usually when it's that hot and we get rain, it just makes it steamy and still hot.  What a difference a cool front makes huh?  Actually if you think abt it, the temp dropped 14 degrees which means if it was originally 70, it would have been 56 after the rain.  Cool fronts are relative when you begin with really hot temps.  I have a feeling those socks won't be leaving the drawer anytime soon, but at least they wont be mocking me.

They'll be saying thank you.


Linda said…
I love your recycled socks Lynn. What a great idea. I'm lazy, I probably would have thrown them away.
Hugs to Hemi.

Anonymous said…
I have started a pair of socks, and then didn't like how they were knitting up, so I frogged, and started over. But I have never yet frogged a pair that were finished, worn and washed several times. That must have been a real nightmare. But since you are so much happier with the new pair that came of that frogging, I congratulate you. That took determination, but now you will have a wonderful pair of socks, that fit you better, and because of it, will no doubt wear longer. Enjoy them! :)
kathy b said…
I applaud you for frogging and reuniting them!!!! i dont think I have that patience. YOU are amazing.
I LOVE the look of the socks. THey are so cute.
I make short cuff socks too
Anonymous said…
They are adorable in their patchiness! Yep ... into the drawer. But, at least you know that next winter you'll have a nice new pair of socks.

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