Saturday Sky

It's official.  The last of the field trips are over!   And so are the concerts!!  #1 Son's Spring Concert was last Tues and they did fantastic!  It explains all the superiors and grand champion trophies they won.  While Baby Girl likes to pose for the camera, #1 Son is a bit harder to pin down.  This is the only still I got of him all night!
I was hoping to get a family shot, but after the concert they had to start packing up the bigger musical instruments.  He did stop by to say hi but just as quickly he was gone.  I'm attaching a video of him playing a song on steel drums, it's not my favorite of all the ones he played but its the one where I got the best video of him.  Feel free to watch a min or so of the kid in action.

The field trip on Friday to Epcot was also lots of fun.

Why yes that IS a wheelchair that Baby Girl is sitting in!  She twisted her ankle pretty badly on Wednesday and there was NO way she'd be able to walk the entire day.  I felt so bad for her, but we still had a good time.  She could still pop up and down for rides, even climbing into a boat, but there were times I could tell she was in pain. 

The girls in our group all played drums in music so they had a blast here.

Baby Girl decided that her souvenier would be from Japan in the form of a pearl. 

It was a decent sized pearl and she'll eventually have it set in a ring or necklace.
The girl is all abt the bling!

AND of course they had to ride the newly renovated Test Track.  Not once,

but twice!!

The weather was ok until abt 2pm and then it got HOT!  There's not a lot of shade when you are in certain parts of the park (like when you're walking the countries for those of you who are familiar with Epcot) and that's where we were during the hottest part of the day.  But we made it thru and stayed long enough to watch the fireworks. 

So there you have it.  All that's left are the promotion ceremonies for both kids and a band banquet.  And a PTO sponsored Mother/Son bowling event.  And a DARE graduation event.  And a tour of the middle school.  All in the 12 school days that are left.

This is why I'm taking it easy today at Happy Acres.  Very little has been done.  The only reason I left the house was because we had no food.  I did remember to take my sky.

while I was outside burning my feet on the sidewalk I heard a noisy plane and saw this.

I thought it was a really pretty plane.  Don't see many like that! 

Hope you all had a pleasant Saturday!  Next time I post I hope to have a sock to share......


Linda said…
Looks like everybody had a great time Lynn. Wish I was there with you.

Anonymous said…
Loved the video, and sorry about Baby Girls bruised ankle, but I'm glad it didn't spoil the day for all of you. And my, my, but isn't Baby Girl growing up? :)

Thanks for sharing.
kathy b said…
WOw. That Epcot trip looks amazing Hope the little hobbler is feeling better!!

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