Saturday Sleep

We had another busy week here at Happy Acres.  How do I know this?  Because I had to wake up two kids at noon to get them to start the day!  And I had to rewake a teenaged boy at 1pm to at least get him to move from his bed to the couch.  There are technically 7 school days left, but in reality it's more like four.  Next week (four days) is all abt finals.  The week after that is all abt graduations and moving on.  I'm holding it together pretty well, but then there will be a comment made and I can feel the waterworks wanting to start.  So far I've kept them at bay, but I'm not making any promises for those last few days. 

If I feel this way now, I have no idea what high school graduation or weddings or babies will do to me. 

Last week I sold tickets for a mother/son bowling event coming up next week, taste tested lasagna for said event, took Baby Girl to the dr on Tues(needed to renew her meds and check out her ankle.  She's still needing to wear the boot to school, but she's been on it more often than she should), went to a music party in the afternoon and a band banquet that same night on Wed.,
he cleaned up with the awards!

spent Thursday at the middle school with Baby Girl for two different tours, plus a D.A.R.E graduation (a program put on by the Sheriff's dept to warn kids abt the dangers of alcohol and drugs)in between.
her essay won for her class!

Friday was the school talent show.  Baby Girl wasnt in it but a lot of her friends were. 

So there you have it, my week in a single paragragh.  I'm very happy to have Monday off!

In between all of this, I've been missing my knitting!  I need to start sock #2 but I just havent done it.  Instead I have a yarn kit I was gifted that's been staring at me for awhile so I decided to use it.  I cast on for a scarf using all the different colors.  This is what I have so far.

Hmmmm, I liked the colors better in the bag.  Not sure how this is gonna turn out, but I'm going to keep going.  It will probably end up in the charity bin.

Hope everybody has a great and SAFE weekend.  Any fun things planned or will it be like ours and rather low key?

Take some time to enjoy your day!


Linda said…
Congrats to both kids for doing such a great job. Well done. Love the scarf your knitting.

Anonymous said…
A busy week, but all good too. Can't complain too much when it's all good. LOL

The scarf might not appeal to you that much, but what about hubby or your son? The colors would work well for a man, I think. :) It's looking good anyway.

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