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Outside my window:
  I had to wear a jacket to school today.  I am COMPLETELY blown away by our weather.  Ocala was in the 40s this am.  I woke up to 56 degrees.  However the forecast is showing a high of 90 for Friday.  Just in time for Epcot.

I am thinking: how weird our weather has been.  It's practically the middle of May and we are still getting cool mornings.

I am thankful: for my dayplanner.  It keeps me on track (for the most part).  It's a little bigger than a paperback book and it fits in my purse.  I used to use a Jan-Dec planner but switched over to a July-June one.  Works better for me since my plans usually follow the school calendar.

In the kitchen:  it's going to be basics this week.  I'm roasting a chicken for tonight (I'm making it early in the day so we can throw it on plates for the 45 min we will have for dinner) and I want to make those chicken tacos that I saw on Rachel Ray's magazine cover.  I've got one more day to plan and the boys will be on their own for Friday.  I'll probably get some frozen pizzas for them to pop in the oven.  When I'm not home, not a whole lot gets made.

I am wearing: Purple t-shirt and shorts.  I no longer am wearing the jacket.

I am creating:  I cast on for another pair of socks.  These are a worsted weight blue and will go in the charity bin when I'm done.  Since it only took me a couple of hours to do a 6 inch cuff, I'm making them to fit a man's foot.  I was originally going to start a tank top for Baby Girl, but I can't find my size 5 attachments from my Denise needles.  I'll do a more thorough search this wknd.

I am going:  to have a hard time when Baby Girl gets promoted to middle school.  I know, I know I keep saying this but it's something that keeps weighing on my mind.  While I'm THRILLED the school year is almost over (something like 3 weeks left, #1 Son has it by days left!), I'm sad to leave the school.  Yesterday was our last PTO meeting and we elected new officers.  As the new officers were starting to make plans for next year it made me sad to think I wont be a part of it.  Later my voice cracked when I was talking to the administration abt end of year promotion.  It's pathetic.  The crazy thing is this has little to do with my youngest moving on as it has to do with ME not wanting to leave. 

I am wondering: how much xanax will be needed that last day of school......

I am reading:   I actually read a book a couple of days ago and I was so excited to be able to post abt it here!!! 

The book is called Extra Yarn and it's a very sweet book abt a little girl who finds a box filled with yarn.  She starts out by knitting herself a sweater and one for her dog, but she has extra yarn.  She keeps knitting for her school mates, her neighbors and all the woodland animals, but she still has extra yarn.  There is a bit of drama at the end, but it ends up happy.  Yes it's a kid's picture book, but I'm going to look for this at the bookstore.  It's a great story abt community, a never ending stash and the occasional yarn bombing! 

Since we are also having the book fair at school this week, I've been able to see a lot of new children's books come out.  Another book that I read was Unspoken: A Story of the Underground Railroad.  It's another picture storybook abt a little girl whose family is a stop along the underground railroad.   She finds a runaway slave and brings him some food.  At one point the authorities come to her family's farm looking for any runaway slaves and she's very scared.  It's all from her point of view.  What I loved abt this book?  There were no words used in the making of this book (hence the title Unspoken).  The emotional story was depicted thru illustrations.  Amazing.  The author said he specifically made it that way to emote conversational thoughts.  It's another book I would love to have.

I am hoping: the weather forecast for Friday is wrong.  I dont want to walk thru Epcot when it's 90 degrees outside.

I am hearing:  birds tweeting outside my window.  I have them open and they are very loud!  My bathroom fan.  The IO shuffling his feet while he sits at the computer.

I am looking forward to:  Epcot.  Yes, I'm a mixed bag of emotions.  I complain abt the heat, I'm a mess abt leaving, and yet I look forward to the trip. 

Around the house:  It's a mess.  I need to clean.  I have no baseboards.

A favorite quote for today:

I got this from Facebook and I truly believe this.  The same goes for learning.  It may be a lot harder to do as we age, but it's not impossible. 

One of my favorite things:  my double pointed needles.  Mine are nothing fancy, just metal ones from either JoAnn's or KnitPicks.  They allow me to make socks which makes me happy.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Music concert for #1 Son tonight,  book fair tomorrow and Thursday (we break everything down then), Epcot on Friday. 

A peek into my day:  as I sit on my bed writing this post, I see unopened mail (they are bills so why bother?  I'll pay them eventually),  two Sunday's worth of newspaper, and clothes that need to be folded and put away or hung up.  Oh and a sleeping orange kitty.

Here's to a safe and interesting week!  Here's your link if you want to play.


kathy b said…
I love your Daybook Entires so much. Such an intimate peek into your life.

WHich day planner do you use?? I May switch over to one.
Linda said…
Sounds like another busy week Lynn. Give that sleeping orange kitty a big hug for me.

Anonymous said…
I remember when that little girl was just a youngun' playing with her mama's makeup.

On the other hand .... Stephen just turned 30! Yes, 3-0! How did THAT happen.

Hope you have a good time with the end of the year activities and don't shed too many tears.
Anonymous said…

Enjoy your girl going into "middle school." My eldest will be 50 this year, and my baby is 45 now. And yes, time really does fly, and we don't see it happening until we're old and grey and a year is done in a month's time, or so it seems. :)

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