Simple Woman's Daybook

For today:

Outside my window:  Ok apparently the weather gods dont want to hear me complain because we've had such nice weather!!  It was actually comfortable enough to open my windows at night.  For the end of May this is unbelieveable!  I am enjoying every minute.  I figure it's a consolation prize for the forecast of a heavy hurricane season which starts on Saturday. 

I am thinking:  I'm gonna have to hit a party store for the party supplies that I want for the kids.  Baby Girl is into mustaches and #1 Son has become obsessed with Dr Who.  I can't find either at Target or Walmart. 

I am thankful: that there are only 6.5 school days left.  I was SO happy to have Monday off, but boy did I pay for it this morning!!  Getting up was hard for all of us.  #1 Son has a couple of things to finish up and then finals.  Baby Girl has one more test and then they sign yearbooks and watch movies and party!

In the kitchen: I've tried a couple of recipes that have been floating around Facebook lately and so far nothing is good enough to save.  The apple bread was a bit too apple-y (I think it would be better with applesauce) and the lemon chicken was too lemon-y.  So last night I made cheesecake brownies. 

The timing on the box was way off, but once they were done, they were yummy!

I am wearing: purple tee and beige shorts.

I am creating:  I realized that I didnt have alot going on so I started the scarf I mentioned in my last post.  Still not fond of it and I didnt want to start sock #2 (I'm not loving the worsted weight sock) so I cast on for a hat instead.  Its finished but I need to weave in ends and get Baby Girl to model it.  It was meant for the charity box, but she wants to keep it so for now it's hers.  It's grey w/a red stripe which means #1 Son may want it as well.  It may have to become a family hat.

I am going: to be getting free baked goods for the Safety Patrol party tomorrow.  Our local grocery store donates their expired baked goods to the local shelters, but I was able to get some for our party.  We did this at the beginning of the year and boy the food we got for free!!!  It's a great treat for the kids and a way of sugaring them up for the rest of the day.  The teachers hate it!!  LOL

I am wondering: how it's already 1:30pm.  I am SO tired, but there is no time for a nap.  I went to bed late last night, but what made it worse was I was dreaming of all the things I had to get done today.  And it's not like it's a busy day!  My brain would not shut down and I was up for almost an hour going over what I needed to do today.  I HATE when I do that!

I am reading: fan fiction.  I'm hoping to resolve that this summer.

I am hoping: for a nice summer.  And as usual I'm making my organizational plans.  Every year at this time I get a bug to reorganize everything!  And it never happens.  However we have no summer plans so I'm hoping I'll at least get one room done. 

I am looking forward to:  going to sleep tonight.  How sad is that?!?

I am hearing:  it's quiet so all I hear is the hum of the a/c and Hemi grooming himself. 

Around the house:  the flowers I planted outside are almost dead.  The house is trashed.  I'm having a party for both kids in a week.  All I want to do is knit. 

I am pondering: the logistics of getting my room/pictures/life organized.  I seem to be a work in progress.  Then again, aren't we all?

A favorite quote for the day:

One of my favorite things: this fuzzy belly.

Lucy is a VERY full figured gal and some days it's just easier to lay back and enjoy the softness of the flannel sheet and matress.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Safety Patrol party tomorrow.  Preparing for and going to the Mother/Son event on Friday.

A peek into my day:

No matter where I am, he is ALWAYS a part of my day!

Come play along here.


Linda said…
Thanks for my Hemi fix Lynn. Also love the pic of Lucy. Most of my kitty belly's look like that, as does mine. lol

Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness. I love brownies as it is, but cheesecake brownies would trump them all, I'm sure. So glad they came out well for you.

Love the photos of the cats. Always nice to see sweet furry friends.

Enjoy the weather, while you can. :)
kathy b said…
YOu are one busy mother right now! Love the look of those brownies.

I love your SIMPLE day entries. THey are so real.
kathy b said…
and your blog TITLE is really right on today

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