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Outside my window:  another gorgeous day!  We've had some unseasonably cooler weather where I havent' had to use the a/c so much.  In fact it's inspired me to plant a few things!  Baby Girl wanted to get her teachers a cactus for flower day (this is Teacher Appreciation Week and the PTO has a list of suggestions for each day.   Baby Girl likes to do them all) and they had a few plants on clearance so I bought some.

I didnt go crazy, but it was nice to plant a few flowers in containers in the front yard. 

I was actually chilly while doing it too!  Granted it was 9pm and I was only wearing a light t-shirt and shorts but for this time of year I should be sweating buckets!  We are forecasted to have a high of 90 on Friday so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.....

I just realized that the weather is our version of an indian summer,  gorgeous weather before it all goes horribly bad. 

I am thinking:  that quite a few 4th and 5th graders got an education during our trip to Sea World this wknd!   A lot of the dolphins and beluga whales were in heat and did what comes naturally.  In fact one of the beluga whales would swim past the observation glass and show us all what he had!  Gotta love mating season!

I am thankful:  that I survived this past weekend!  It was causing me the most stress of all the events in May.  Three field trips in two days is a lot!  Everybody had fun
my girls!

and there are no injuries to report so it was a win/win!

In the kitchen:  I have a recipe for the crock pot that I've been trying to make for the past couple of days.  It's chicken breasts, pineapple juice, soy sauce and brown sugar.  That's it!  It sounds so yummy and I've got everything all set to go.  I'm hoping to make it for tonight. 

I am wearing:  t-shirt and shorts but I'm gonna have to change soon.  Today the PTO is sponsoring a lunch for the teachers and I'll be scooping out lasagna from Olive Garden.  While I dont plan on wearing anything *good*,   I'd like it to be stain and hole free.

I am creating:  amazingly enough I am working on my second sock!  I started it over the wknd (because the only part of my body that wasnt sore were my hands) and I just finished the gusset.  I have abt 5" of foot to knit now.  And I know I'm gonna run out of yarn before I hit that 5" mark. 

I am going: to be at the school a LOT this week!  We had another field trip to the middle school yesterday,  there are two PTO sponsored food events, a music concert and Book Fair. 

I am wondering:  when I will learn to say no.

I am reading:  does Facebook count?  I brought a magazine with me to read once the kids settled in for the night, but that never happened.  Ever hopeful that I am, I did just check out some library books.  We'll see how many fines I can incur with this group of books.  I swear sometimes it would just be cheaper to buy them....

I am hoping:  that I keep it together during the last couple of days of school.  You will hear me speak more of this as we go along.  Between the 8th grade promotion and the 5th grade promotion (THIS is the one I expect to kill me), I'm going to be a mess.

I am looking forward to:  Saturday.  Nothing is planned and I'm keeping it that way!  Hmmmmm, guess I can say no!

I am hearing:  Hemi purring (he's sleeping in a pile of clean laundry, who wouldnt purr?),

the tv in the living room.

Around the house: it's been a cleanup job since Monday.  Laundry and dishes have been the main focus.  Who cares if there is a layer of dust when you have no clean underwear??

I am pondering: the idea of disposable cookwear. 

A favorite quote for today:
uh oh, the Twinkies didn't make it!

One of my favorite things:  eSembler.  It's a website that keeps me up to date with what work the kids have coming up, what work is due and what's missing.  In some ways it keeps #1 Son passing.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  reread the post for I am going.

A peek into my day:    yep I'm all abt school events here at Happy Acres so that will be the majority of posts.  Hopefully I wont bore you too much.  Maybe I'll have some sock progress reports to share soon.  If you want to play or read other daybooks, go here.


kathy b said…
Im happy you are sock knitting ME TOO!

SUch a busy time for families this time of year. My son is student teaching now and will graduate in JUNE!!
I am so thrilled for him.

I Love your Simple posts so very much. THe picture that gets painted is wonderful
Linda said…
Another great Daybook post. I love reading them. Sure wish I lived back there so I could go on the field trips with you.
Thanks for Hemi fix.

Anonymous said…
The flowers are lovely. My Mother loved Portulaca's. They were favorites of hers, because they came in so many colors.

I love your coffee mug!

We have yet to see the 80's here too. But not because it's gone from the upper 70's right into the 90's. LOL

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