What Makes Me Happy

About a year ago I made a cute little sweater
for a teeny tiny new nephew.  

It was a size 6-9 month sweater, but unlike my children, he's actually a little peanut.  However since it's been a cool spring and my nephew is almost a year old, I got to see this.
He's cute coming and going!!!

I am SO happy that he got to wear it.  His mom said he got to wear it a few times before it got too warm.  A benefit to a long and cold spring!!  It had a matching hat which will probably fit him in December.  Unlike my children, he has a small head.


Susan said…
He's adorable as is that little sweater!
Anonymous said…
Awww, what a cutie pie. Made even cuter by an adorable sweater.
Anonymous said…
Doesn't that feel good, when you actually get to see something you made with love, being used and appreciated. And baby nephew is adorable too, especially in his lovely sweater. :)
Linda said…
That sweater is adorable Lynn and fits him perfectly. What a cutie.


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