Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Sky

Today was one of those sleepy Saturday mornings, it was cloudy and rainy until 2pm.  I had Baby Girl take my sky for me.

It did eventually clear up and amazingly enough it brought with it a nice breeze.  What do the kitties do on days like this?

Hemi takes advantage of the quiet so he can stalk at 4am and bring in lizards to play with on the bed. 
but those lizards are presents for you!
The girls like to "hide" behind the ladder and look out over the back yard.

where are all the birds??

What do *I* like to do on days like this??  I like to knit.  Days like this give me incentive to finish up some socks.

These were knit up with some worsted weight yarn #1 Son picked out many moons ago at a now defunct yarn shop.  They will go into my charity bag.

Days like this also get me to cast on for another pair of socks.

After I finished the blue socks I was itching to cast on another pair.  This is when it really hit me that I enjoy knitting socks.  There is no need for a break when you enjoy the process and final outcome!

Since I finished off the socks, I decided to finish off the hat. 

This has gone into the wait for winter hand knits bag.  Both Baby Girl and #1 Son want this hat so it has become the family hat.  Since Baby Girl already has so many hats, #1 Son will have first dibs on it.

Days like this do NOT give me incentive to fix afghan squares or pick up ugly scarves.  That will be worked on at a later date.

Did you get to work on some knits today??

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
Another hot day here at Happy Acres.  We hit over 100 with the  heat index again today.  I have to keep reminding myself why I live here...

I am thinking...that I need to plan something fun with the kids on Friday. 

I am thankful...for modern medicine.  Again.  It still involves an eye, but this time it's Baby Girl's turn.  She has a sty in her eye and it was getting worse.  I pick up her eye drops tomorrow. 

I am thankful part 2... that the IO starts a job on Monday!!!  We need this on so many different levels.  He NEEDS to work.  I NEED him to go to work.  Financially he needs to work, but him working and making money is a need on so many different levels........

 In the kitchen...tonight's dinner was Grandma's Chicken, rice, corn and cornbread.  Nothing green, but there wasn't anything green in the house unless you count the green Flintstone gummies!

 I am wearing...t-shirt and grey shorts.

I am creating...I finally pulled out my blue worsted weight sock.  I'm just abt to turn the heel.

I am see Much Ado About Nothing with some girlfriends on Thursday.  SO looking forward to a girl's night out!

I am wondering...what vehicle we will end up with.  Did I mention the IO got a job????  This requires us to have more than one vehicle.  He goes back and forth from brand new car to disposable POS that will last a year.  I'm trying to show there is a balance between the two. 

I am reading...part 3 of said trashy novels.  I'll give you a hint. It has a color in it's title.  While the books are titillating, I find the psychological aspects of the characters fascinating.

I am many things right now.  Did I mention I'm thrilled the IO got a job???

I am looking forward to...Thursday night's movie with the girls.

I am hearing:  the hum of the a/c, the kids (I'm including the IO in that statement as well) starting a game of Trivial Pursuit.  Hemi grooming himself.

Around the house...ugh.  another hard question.  I DID go thru the piles of bills and clothes that were collecting at the foot of the bed.  I'm slowly seeing progress, it's the slow part that I'm having issue with.  Plus the heat is energy zapping and all I want to do is laze around.  AND my coffee maker is dying in me, I'm missing various items in the kitchen (this is why I am always resistant when I am offered "help") and the a/c units needed a good cleaning.  Did I mention Hemi has decided to use my tub and the pile of dirty clothes as a kitty box??  Since we are keeping the cats inside now they are using the cat box more.  Expect, apparently, Hemi.  I need to get a second box for my bathroom.....

I am pondering...the logistics of a family vacation this year.  I'm going to be keeping an eye out for some good deals locally.  We've been away two years in a row and I've gotten a bit spoiled by it.  I just need to keep it cheap.

A favorite quote for today...
Yeah, it's been that kind of week......I'm out of alcohol so I'll be relying on my trusty dark chocolate M&Ms.  I will never be skinny.

One of my favorite things...My day planner.  I have one that goes from July to June (to follow the school year calendar) and I'm fast approaching the end of this book.  I keep thinking I have July in it, but when I go to add something, I cant.  So I've been attaching sticky notes to the last page to add to the new planner once I get it. 

Another favorite thing?  Sticky notes!!  I've tried to go the cheap route but I always go back to the original Post-It.  The others just don't have the stickiness I like..

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Well it's not a wedding shower I can tell you that!  That was last Saturday!  I'd share pictures IF I WENT!  My mind completely flaked out and I totally forgot abt it until my friend posted pictures of it on Facebook on Sunday.  We had a lot of stuff going on that was unplanned but I didn't even tell her I couldn't go.  I NEVER do this.  BTW have I mentioned how happy I am that the IO will be leaving me for hours on end  is finally employed?!?!  I love the man but he's making me nuts!  Meanwhile I'm also trying to plan a wknd away just the two of us. 

Apparently I'm nuts as well.

A peek into my day...earlier today, chaos.  Right now, quiet.  I'm relishing it!

Wow, I just reread this post and have decided that I am making others feel better abt their nice quiet lives!  Go here if you want to play!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movie Watching under a Saturday Sky

It was another hot one here today,
but in true Florida fashion, it clouded over, stormed nearby and cooled down a bit (and by cooled down I mean heat index was only in the 90s)

I'm still in my movie mode.  Last night I watched For Pete's Sake, another movie with Barbara Streisand from 1974.  My favorite parts of movies from this time period??  The fashion and the technology!  Phone booths!  Cash registers where you key in the price!!  HUGE computers with punch cards!!!  Too funny.  This movie had its moments, but it wasnt as funny as I was expecting.  I think if I saw it during the time period I would have liked it better.

Later that night I watched The Double, a spy thriller with Richard Gere (yum!) and Topher Grace (he's actually aging quite well but I still think of him as Eric Forman from That 70's Show).  THIS was REALLY good!  You found out one twist early on, but there was another twist toward the end that I didnt see coming.   If you like spy thrillers, give this one a try.

This morning I watched an old favorite, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Mother?  Not Mother???

As you can tell, I love my movies!!  I've gotten out of them for awhile, waiting for movies to come to Netflix to watch at home, but there is one out now that I want to see in the theatre.  Much Ado About Nothing.  This will have to be a girl's night movie since there is no way the IO would sit thru this.  If we were just married or dating, absolutely, but after 27 years, it's a girl's night movie, NOT a date night movie.  It's only playing in one theatre locally, an old fashioned theatre that holds 250 ppl (remember those?!?!) and only plays indie films.  I've never been before and am looking forward to going for the experience.

While watching all of these movies, I've been trying to knit on some of my projects.  I've made some progress on my kitty blanket.
I just finished the second skein, LionBrand's Hometown USA in brown.  While I like the LionBrand Thick N Quick (the orange yarn), I'm not a big fan of the Hometown.  They are both bulky yarns, but the Hometown is lacking in quality.  It will serve it's purpose for this kitty blanket, but I probably wont buy it again unless it's an amazing clearance.

And one last pic of Hemi.
He's doing better and better each day.  I find it interesting how that sore by his eye didnt look that bad until the swelling in his face went down.  It's as if the swelling was keeping it closed.   His eye isnt completely the same as the other, but unless you knew there was a problem, you'd never notice it.

So what have you been up to this fine Saturday?  Seen any good movies lately?  Feel free to add any to my list. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Feline Fridays

Hemi, stand still!

No I need to see the other side!


Too far

Perfect!  This seems to be the worst of it.  Funny, this is smaller but ickier than when this all started....

"Are you still here???"

He's doing better.......:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The meds are kicking in!!!!

I knew he was feeling better when he woke me up at 7AM for some lovin!    That's the time I usually wake up for school and he'll come in and snuggle before I have to get everybody up. 

Here he is yesterday

You can just tell he's not feeling great.

Now today!

Not 100% but SOOO much better!!

Now a story that is just too weird.  Ten years ago I lost a set of keys in the grass. I just got the mail and was sitting in the grass with Meghan who was less than 2 years old at the time playing. When we stood up, the keys were gone.   The IO searched the entire front yard looking for these keys (since they were his set) but we never found them. Fast forward to a week ago. Guess what  #1 Son found by the tree in the front yard??

The only thing we can think of is that the keys somehow fell into a mole hole and s-l-o-w-l-y worked their way down the front yard (we do have a bit of a slope) over the years to the tree. 

TOO weird!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today:

Outside my window:  It's been another hot one!  It's almost 8pm and it still feels like 97 outside!! 

I am thinking: that I really dislike the heat and wonder what it would be like living in another state.  I know I'd never do it since my family and friends are here.  The only way I see me moving is if my kids moved when they got older, settled down and had kids of their own.  I've got a long time before that happens!

I am thankful: that the IO had a second interview today with a local company and they are moving him along in the hiring process.  They havent said anything to him yet but they've sent him HR paperwork to fill out.  That is a GOOD sign!

In the kitchen:  for dinner I made grilled chicken with broccoli and homemade mac and cheese.  It's a recipe by the Pioneer Woman.  It's good but VERY rich.  Don't think I'd make it again.  We prefer a more mellow mac & cheese, this one had a lot of different cheeses in it.

I am wearing:  blue t-shirt and an old pair of blue shorts

I am creating:  I did put in a few rows in my kitty blanket, but not enough to share.

I am going: slightly crazy with worry abt Hemi.  He's not perking up as much as I'd like.  He's been sleeping most of the day and hasnt come by me.  Lucy has been sleeping most of the day as well and Princess is also ignoring me, but at least they've walked the perimeter of the house.  He's been sleeping since he ate around 11am.  He's had two doses of meds and 3 different drops.  I figured he'd be showing some improvement by now.  I'll see how he is tomorrow.  I may not wait until Thursday to take him back.....

I am wondering: at the effects of a small 10lb animal can have on me.

I am reading:  I actually have read a book!!!  However it was a trashy novel that will not be posted abt here!  Next will be a knitting mystery of sorts.  Not sure which one yet....

I am hoping:  that Hemi starts feeling better by tomorrow.  I REALLY dont like him being sick....

I am looking forward to:  Hemi feeling better.

I am hearing: old episodes of Melissa and Joey on the tv in the family room, and #1 Son's high pitched laugh at something Baby Girl did.  However Baby Girl is NOT amused.  

Around the house:   not a whole lot today.  I cooked and did a load of laundry but that's abt it.  I'm just not in the mood to do much. 

I am pondering: how much like family members I'm becoming.  I see alot of personality traits of my grandmother's aunt (her mom's sister) and also my grandmother.  Now THAT is scary!! I have a lot of my mom's traits as well, but she died in her 30s and I have no frame of reference for my 40s other than the next generation up.

A favorite quote for today:

One of my favorite things:  modern medicine

A few plans for the rest of the week:  the wedding shower I mentioned last week is actually THIS weekend.   Other than that I have nothing else planned. 

A peek into my day:  as I sit here I see Lucy sleeping on her back next to the pile of sheets that need to be folded.  Sounds mundane but I've got Hemi in the back of my mind and my *perhaps* employed husband looking into motorcycles as a means of transportation.  This isnt the fast lane I wanted when I was a teenager!!

Linky to play......

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ordering up some boredom please!!!

It was hard to post on Saturday w/o mentioning how stressed I was.  I was so stressed that #1 Son kept checking on me.  What was the source of this stress??  Hemi.

Hemi is an indoor/outdoor cat.  He comes and goes as he pleases thru the cat door (the same cat door that other neighborhood cats will use to sneak a midnight snack).  Friday afternoon he comes in with a scratch next to his eye and a scab on the top of his head, just above the same eye.  It looked like he had been in a fight.  His eye wasnt drippy or oozy.  Just not open all the way.  I figured the scratch next to his eye was bothering him so I just watched him. He seemed normal otherwise so I left him alone.

Saturday morning brought me a cat that looked bad.  His eye was more closed than open and he wasnt himself.  Of course this is a Saturday when there are no vets open except for the emergency room where you have to plop down $100+ just to be seen.  Have I mentioned that the IO has been out of work since Dec and the money tree I planted isnt working out so much??    Plus I've been to this emergency room before and I do NOT like the staff.  So now I'm torn.  Do I take him to the emergency vet and figure out a way to get gas and food for the next couple of weeks (doable since I have family close by) PLUS deal with the incompetent staff, OR do I try to find a homeopathic way to help him out and buy me some time until Monday?  (I'm mentally returning the yarn I just bought from JoAnn's, but the $8 isnt going to make that big a difference when I'm talking abt hundreds of dollars)  After sorting thru tons of sites that tell me eye infections can lead to blindness, loss of eye or even death!, I found one that said when you clean the eye with warm water,  mix in some honey.  The antibacterial properties will help with any infection.  I tried it.  Half a teaspoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon of warm water.  Put on cotton ball and swipe across eye.  I have no idea if it helped or not.  Saturday night his eye seemed stuck together (from the honey??) but Sunday he was grooming himself, eating and drinking so I knew his demeanor was better.  However his eye was still mostly shut.  Still not oozy or drippy, just not open very much.

First thing this morning I take him to the vet.   The vet I LOVE works at a clinic that does not accept appointments so you need to wait your turn.  It is 7:57am and there are already 15 ppl ahead of me.  Hemi is NOT happy.   He is VERY affectionate with me and the others in this house, but anybody else?  You wouldnt know he existed.  He is having a tough time with all the ppl and all the DOGS!  Today was the day of the dog and it was LOUD!  Did you know that cathedral ceilings make excellent echo chambers?? 

Finally at 10:30am we are taken to the back.  I actually end up getting another vet (there are abt 4 there) but she is SUPER nice and so gentle with Hemi.  THANKFULLY he does not have a scratch in his eye.  However he does have a low grade fever and half his face is puffy.  Turns out the scab on his head is a puncture wound which has caused most of his problems.  They gave him an anti inflammatory shot, some drops for his eyes and some amoxicillin.  If he's not better by Wed I'm to take him back. 

Add  in grocery shopping, a load of laundry and making dinner and you have my Monday.  Needless to say I am exhausted!  I was REALLY stressed abt him over the wknd.  Granted money is an issue, but if I felt he was in dire need of a vet, we would have gone.  No question abt it.  It's the what-do-I-do-is-he-really-that-bad question that was making me so nuts.  So now he is in his normal spot between my knees asleep while I type this.  His eye doesnt seem any better to me, but he's only just started his meds.  Let's hope they kick in soon.

What he looked like on Saturday.  Not exactly the poster cat of what an emergency looks like.  Hence my dilemma...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Sky

I've hit the library the past couple of days and while I havent started reading any of the books I've checked out, I have been rewatching some old movies.  So far I've watched Sliding Doors, While You Were Sleeping, The Lady Eve, Foul Play, and What's Up Doc twice!  No matter how many times I watch that movie, I laugh every time.

I also watched Season One of Person of Interest.  This is one of my favorite shows to watch. 

Today was a day of running errands with one of the stops being JoAnn's.  I needed another container to hold my thread (the last one cracked into pieces), and of course I had to look at the yarn.  I had some 50% off coupons burning a hole in my purse!   I ended up with the thread holder (50% off to boot!) and some yarn.

It's super bulky yarn that will be added to the kitty blanket I've already started.

It was rather late in the day when I took my sky, but it's been SO hot here I wanted to wait until it cooled down a bit.  I took this around 7pm while I went to get my mail and amazingly enough there was a cool breeze!  Not sure if it felt cool because it's been so hot and it felt cool or if it actually was!  Either way, I'll take it!

What did you do today?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Simple Woma's Daybook

For Today

Outside my window:  it is 10am and its already 85 degrees outside.  To add insult to injury it *feels* like 96.  ~sigh~  Yep, it's summer.

I am thinking: of the things that need to be done this week; what bills to pay, what I have scheduled for the week, etc.

I am thankful: that life has slowed down a bit.  While I am still setting my alarm to wake up, its set for 8am instead of 6:50 and it's just Baby Girl that I need to wake up.  She's got band camp for a couple of hours in the morning, but it's so much easier than having to wake up everybody and then drive said sleepyheads to where they gotta go!

In the kitchen:  I made a turkey dinner on Saturday for #1 Son's party.  It was very yummy, but there is a reason why I dont make turkey dinners in June.  The house was unbelieveably hot!!!  It wasnt until around 9pm when we were sitting around playing cards (SPIT! for those curious minded souls) when the house was comfortable again.  However the next day's leftovers were just as good AND the house was no where near as hot!

I am wearing: blue t-shirt and grey shorts.   Oh and an orange cat draped across my lap.

I am creating: I've got a few things going.  I started a kitty blanket out of some super bulky yarn but I ran out rather quickly which means I will need to make a JoAnn run to buy more yarn.  The hat I posted a week or so ago still needs it's ends woven in.  I havent touched my scarf (I just dont like it, but it will be finished).  I started another kitty blanket because nothing else was moving me.  I started sock #2 with the worsted weight wool (not loving this sock either).   The afghan squares still need to be attached and I'm realizing that the ones I have put together need to be ripped apart (if I can, the yarn is a bit fuzzy).  I made the mistake of attaching the squares sort of folded together instead of laying flat.  Now when I open them up they are VERY bumpy and wont lay flat. 

As you can see I have a lot of things to fix.  I need to just take a day and fix it all so I can move forward.

I am going: to be meeting up with another mom later this afternoon to take our kids bowling.  We signed up with where kids can bowl two games for free every day during the summer.  It's a great way to give the kids something to do while not worrying abt heat stroke.  Did I mention it already feels like it's 95 outside????

I am wondering: how much clothing this family actually owns!  I've been getting caught up on laundry and it amazes me how much they actually have! 

I am reading: phffftttt!  next question.

I am hoping: to have an answer for that question by next week.

I am looking forward to: cooler weather

I am hearing: the hum of the a/c.  The rest of the house is quiet since the male species in the household are still asleep.  This includes the orange cat still draped across my lap!

Around the house: the IO scrubbed down the second bathroom on Saturday because it was a science experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong!  I dont use that bathroom (Baby Girl and I refer to it as the boy's bathroom) so when I went into it last Friday I nearly had a heart attack!  It gets *cleaned* but apparently not CLEANED!  I bought a new shower curtain since the old one was ripped and discolored, and boy what a difference a new shower curtain can make!  The bathroom still needs help (recaulking, painting, new floor, etc) but it looks MUCH better.

I am planning: a yard sale in Oct. I figure that gives me enough time to go thru every room in this house and get rid of stuff I dont need/use anymore.  I've even told the kids whatever they dont want they can sell and keep the money!  WOW talk abt incentive to get rid of stuff!!!  I've gone thru a closet and I've discovered one flaw in my plan;  where to store everything until Oct...... 

A favorite quote for today:

One of my favorite thingsPilot Precise pens.  Specifically the V5.  I LOVE the way they write, very smooth and flow-y.  Not jerky or scratchy.  The only downside to this pen is the capped version tends to explode if you are in an airplane.  The kind that clicks doesnt seem to have this issue.  Either one works for me (since I dont fly) but I do tend toward the clicky kind since it means not having to worry abt losing the cap.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Band Camp for Baby Girl.  We have bowling today, going to a friend's house on Friday and a wedding shower on Saturday. 

A peek into my day:  I swear Hemi's got special radar for when I'm on the bed!!  I just took this to show you what I deal with while I'm on the computer......
apparently my foot makes a comfy pillow

Stop by the main site if you want to play......

Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturday Sky or A Day Late and a Dollar Short (plus shameless bragging rights!)

Edit to add:  I actually started writing this post on Friday so I could finish it on Saturday to post.  Here we are on Monday.  I could either start over and *hope* I post something today, OR just go with what I've got, including my Saturday sky.  After all this, my first sentence of this post is even funnier!!!!  Enjoy!

If I had it all together and posted on the 5th of June not only would it have been my 7th year blogiversary, but it would have been my 1000th post!!  How cool would that have been?!? 

Oh well, such is life.  I was busy on the 7th.  It was the day my Baby Girl was promoted to Middle School.
She not only got her certificate of promotion but she also got the President's Award for outstanding academics

and she also got the Principal's Medal of Honor for outstanding academics (straight As for 3 years straight plus highest ratings for both Reading and Math in FCAT (state test))

Needless to say we are proud of the girl!  Here she is with #1 Son and their 5th grade teachers (they both had the same ones)

Did you notice how nicely she poses?  Unlike her brother.  *HE* got promoted to high school on Tuesday.  Here is the only picture I have of him in his robe.
what do you mean you want a picture???
I made him take a picture with me outside.  Proud of this boy as well.

Now that the year is over we all need to let off some steam.  Time to party!!!  Baby Girl's party included pink zebra print and mustaches

and #1 Son's party included the time traveling Dr Who.

Needless to say I am tired and I am poor! 


Ok back to Monday. For all of you who were hit by Andrea, I hope you're drying out now.  She blew thru fast but left behind a LOT of water! North Miami Beach had almost 14 inches of water dumped by Andrea!!!  While the center may have gone thru the big bend of florida, the back end of us got a LOT of rain!  Personally I enjoyed the good soaking we got.  I live on high ground (not my first time living in florida!) and I brought in all my outside stuff (not my first tropical storm!) so I didnt have to go chase it down the street.

TS Andrea
 Hope everybody stayed dry!!!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Feline Fridays

uh, please?!?

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday Starting Skies

June has always felt like the beginning of summer to me.  School is practically over.  Desks are being cleaned out;  papers are being sent home, finals are over.  Even before I had kids June always felt like a new start. 

a beautiful sky to start off the new month!

June is also the first day of hurricane season.  *They* say we should expect something like 14 hurricanes, 11 of them powerful.  Only time will tell.  It does remind me that I need to update and complete my supply bag. 

June is the month when I started my blog.  June 5th to be exact.  When I double checked on the year I did a double take.  I started this blog in 2006!!  Unbelieveable!!!  I've been blogging for 7 years!  No itch here.  I still plan on continuing my blogging process if for nothing else it's a great place to look back on the past 7 years.  I've got vacations, school pics, children, cats all in one place.  The rest of my life may be a mess, but my blog shows off a pretty decent life.

One of the first pictures posted of these guys on the blog.  Now THIS is a long time ago!!

Here's to a relaxing June.  I definitely can use it!