Feline Fridays

Hemi, stand still!

No I need to see the other side!


Too far

Perfect!  This seems to be the worst of it.  Funny, this is smaller but ickier than when this all started....

"Are you still here???"

He's doing better.......:)


Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh! Poor guy! That's a NASTY puncture. Does the vet think another CAT did that???? YIKES!

Glad to read that he is feeling better.
Anonymous said…
I see he had too much of you and that camera, he had to go and hide. LOL Too funny!
kathy b said…
oh hooray and I LOVE the sequence of the images and the ENDING
Linda said…
Oh I love the pics Lynn. I'm so happy to see and hear that he is doing better. Do you know what might have got him. I hope he learned his lesson and stays in.


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