Movie Watching under a Saturday Sky

It was another hot one here today,
but in true Florida fashion, it clouded over, stormed nearby and cooled down a bit (and by cooled down I mean heat index was only in the 90s)

I'm still in my movie mode.  Last night I watched For Pete's Sake, another movie with Barbara Streisand from 1974.  My favorite parts of movies from this time period??  The fashion and the technology!  Phone booths!  Cash registers where you key in the price!!  HUGE computers with punch cards!!!  Too funny.  This movie had its moments, but it wasnt as funny as I was expecting.  I think if I saw it during the time period I would have liked it better.

Later that night I watched The Double, a spy thriller with Richard Gere (yum!) and Topher Grace (he's actually aging quite well but I still think of him as Eric Forman from That 70's Show).  THIS was REALLY good!  You found out one twist early on, but there was another twist toward the end that I didnt see coming.   If you like spy thrillers, give this one a try.

This morning I watched an old favorite, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Mother?  Not Mother???

As you can tell, I love my movies!!  I've gotten out of them for awhile, waiting for movies to come to Netflix to watch at home, but there is one out now that I want to see in the theatre.  Much Ado About Nothing.  This will have to be a girl's night movie since there is no way the IO would sit thru this.  If we were just married or dating, absolutely, but after 27 years, it's a girl's night movie, NOT a date night movie.  It's only playing in one theatre locally, an old fashioned theatre that holds 250 ppl (remember those?!?!) and only plays indie films.  I've never been before and am looking forward to going for the experience.

While watching all of these movies, I've been trying to knit on some of my projects.  I've made some progress on my kitty blanket.
I just finished the second skein, LionBrand's Hometown USA in brown.  While I like the LionBrand Thick N Quick (the orange yarn), I'm not a big fan of the Hometown.  They are both bulky yarns, but the Hometown is lacking in quality.  It will serve it's purpose for this kitty blanket, but I probably wont buy it again unless it's an amazing clearance.

And one last pic of Hemi.
He's doing better and better each day.  I find it interesting how that sore by his eye didnt look that bad until the swelling in his face went down.  It's as if the swelling was keeping it closed.   His eye isnt completely the same as the other, but unless you knew there was a problem, you'd never notice it.

So what have you been up to this fine Saturday?  Seen any good movies lately?  Feel free to add any to my list. 


Anonymous said…
It's been a busy weekend so far ---- went to Daytona for a baseball game last night and then down to Celebration for a good long walk today.

Maybe beach tomorrow. Maybe not. Depends on the weather.

No movies for me. Just can't sit still that long. LOL
Linda said…
So glad to see that Hemi is on the mend. Great progress on the kitty blanket. I want to see The Lone Ranger. I love Johnny Depp.

Anonymous said…
I am a movie buff too, but I like the weird stuff. Vampires, thrillers, serial killers, that kind of stuff. It's great that we can enjoy them though, anywhere, with all the new gadgets out today. We are not stuck in a theater any more, or even in the house!!

I've been busy in the garden, and loving every minute of it. I am not able to garden as I once did, but I still have fun with what I can still do. And of course, the rewards for even a little gardening, are so great, it's always worth whatever effort you can put into it.

I'm so glad Hemi is coming along so well. :) Have a great day!
kathy b said…
Yeah for Hemi doing better. Your stitches look so even . . You may not like the yarn, but it is looking awesome.

MOvies: Bull Durham, have to rewatch that this summer.
BUCK, please rent Buck,. You'll love it.

Until the Stanley cup finals are over I think Im out of movie mode.. Go Hawks
Lifesastitch said…
I'm a quirky movie fan. Seven Psychopaths was a recent quirky one. But my favourite movie this year was Beasts of the Southern Wild.
kathy b said…
YOu and HEMI won the gorgeous sock yarn in my contest...Send my your address again!!! WAHOOOOOO

SOOOO happy you won

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