Ordering up some boredom please!!!

It was hard to post on Saturday w/o mentioning how stressed I was.  I was so stressed that #1 Son kept checking on me.  What was the source of this stress??  Hemi.

Hemi is an indoor/outdoor cat.  He comes and goes as he pleases thru the cat door (the same cat door that other neighborhood cats will use to sneak a midnight snack).  Friday afternoon he comes in with a scratch next to his eye and a scab on the top of his head, just above the same eye.  It looked like he had been in a fight.  His eye wasnt drippy or oozy.  Just not open all the way.  I figured the scratch next to his eye was bothering him so I just watched him. He seemed normal otherwise so I left him alone.

Saturday morning brought me a cat that looked bad.  His eye was more closed than open and he wasnt himself.  Of course this is a Saturday when there are no vets open except for the emergency room where you have to plop down $100+ just to be seen.  Have I mentioned that the IO has been out of work since Dec and the money tree I planted isnt working out so much??    Plus I've been to this emergency room before and I do NOT like the staff.  So now I'm torn.  Do I take him to the emergency vet and figure out a way to get gas and food for the next couple of weeks (doable since I have family close by) PLUS deal with the incompetent staff, OR do I try to find a homeopathic way to help him out and buy me some time until Monday?  (I'm mentally returning the yarn I just bought from JoAnn's, but the $8 isnt going to make that big a difference when I'm talking abt hundreds of dollars)  After sorting thru tons of sites that tell me eye infections can lead to blindness, loss of eye or even death!, I found one that said when you clean the eye with warm water,  mix in some honey.  The antibacterial properties will help with any infection.  I tried it.  Half a teaspoon of honey mixed with a tablespoon of warm water.  Put on cotton ball and swipe across eye.  I have no idea if it helped or not.  Saturday night his eye seemed stuck together (from the honey??) but Sunday he was grooming himself, eating and drinking so I knew his demeanor was better.  However his eye was still mostly shut.  Still not oozy or drippy, just not open very much.

First thing this morning I take him to the vet.   The vet I LOVE works at a clinic that does not accept appointments so you need to wait your turn.  It is 7:57am and there are already 15 ppl ahead of me.  Hemi is NOT happy.   He is VERY affectionate with me and the others in this house, but anybody else?  You wouldnt know he existed.  He is having a tough time with all the ppl and all the DOGS!  Today was the day of the dog and it was LOUD!  Did you know that cathedral ceilings make excellent echo chambers?? 

Finally at 10:30am we are taken to the back.  I actually end up getting another vet (there are abt 4 there) but she is SUPER nice and so gentle with Hemi.  THANKFULLY he does not have a scratch in his eye.  However he does have a low grade fever and half his face is puffy.  Turns out the scab on his head is a puncture wound which has caused most of his problems.  They gave him an anti inflammatory shot, some drops for his eyes and some amoxicillin.  If he's not better by Wed I'm to take him back. 

Add  in grocery shopping, a load of laundry and making dinner and you have my Monday.  Needless to say I am exhausted!  I was REALLY stressed abt him over the wknd.  Granted money is an issue, but if I felt he was in dire need of a vet, we would have gone.  No question abt it.  It's the what-do-I-do-is-he-really-that-bad question that was making me so nuts.  So now he is in his normal spot between my knees asleep while I type this.  His eye doesnt seem any better to me, but he's only just started his meds.  Let's hope they kick in soon.

What he looked like on Saturday.  Not exactly the poster cat of what an emergency looks like.  Hence my dilemma...


Bridget said…
Poor kitty and poor you! I hope things improve for both of you soon.
Anonymous said…
I can well understand your stress, concern and anxiety over this matter, and I would have been a complete mess too, under such circumstances. Thank goodness Hemi managed to hang on till you could see the Vet. I do hope he recovers quickly. And with the meds, not doubt he will. Maybe it would be better if he just stayed indoors at night, for a while anyway? That's what I would do, so just a suggestion. :)

Hope the rest of your week goes much easier on you.
kathy b said…
Oh THank Goodness he's a bit better. I will pray to St. Francis for him. I have St. Francis of Assisi out my kitchnen window.

I completely understand how stressful this is. Money is hard for all of us to come by and yet, we want great
care for our beloved when they are sick.
Does your vet offer a payment plan?? ?
Linda said…
Oh Lynn I am so sorry. He should be fine now with the medicine and I bet your doing better now too. Please give him a hug for me and sending you a hug also.

Karen said…
Awww, poor little kitten!! I hope he's doing much better now.

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