Saturday Sky or A Day Late and a Dollar Short (plus shameless bragging rights!)

Edit to add:  I actually started writing this post on Friday so I could finish it on Saturday to post.  Here we are on Monday.  I could either start over and *hope* I post something today, OR just go with what I've got, including my Saturday sky.  After all this, my first sentence of this post is even funnier!!!!  Enjoy!

If I had it all together and posted on the 5th of June not only would it have been my 7th year blogiversary, but it would have been my 1000th post!!  How cool would that have been?!? 

Oh well, such is life.  I was busy on the 7th.  It was the day my Baby Girl was promoted to Middle School.
She not only got her certificate of promotion but she also got the President's Award for outstanding academics

and she also got the Principal's Medal of Honor for outstanding academics (straight As for 3 years straight plus highest ratings for both Reading and Math in FCAT (state test))

Needless to say we are proud of the girl!  Here she is with #1 Son and their 5th grade teachers (they both had the same ones)

Did you notice how nicely she poses?  Unlike her brother.  *HE* got promoted to high school on Tuesday.  Here is the only picture I have of him in his robe.
what do you mean you want a picture???
I made him take a picture with me outside.  Proud of this boy as well.

Now that the year is over we all need to let off some steam.  Time to party!!!  Baby Girl's party included pink zebra print and mustaches

and #1 Son's party included the time traveling Dr Who.

Needless to say I am tired and I am poor! 


Ok back to Monday. For all of you who were hit by Andrea, I hope you're drying out now.  She blew thru fast but left behind a LOT of water! North Miami Beach had almost 14 inches of water dumped by Andrea!!!  While the center may have gone thru the big bend of florida, the back end of us got a LOT of rain!  Personally I enjoyed the good soaking we got.  I live on high ground (not my first time living in florida!) and I brought in all my outside stuff (not my first tropical storm!) so I didnt have to go chase it down the street.

TS Andrea
 Hope everybody stayed dry!!!


Anonymous said…
Absolutely LOVE the photos. The "kids" are getting so grown up!!! And way too fast, I'm sure. Baby girl looks really pretty in her blue dress too. Congratulations to both of them!

Anonymous said…
Congrats to the kiddos. Hope y'all have a wonderful summer.
kathy b said…
BIg congratulations to the entire family YOU are in the MEAT and POtatoes of family time. ENjoy it.

Love your first and second attempts at this post. Any post is a good post!
Linda said…
Congratulations to both kids. You must be so proud.

Susan said…
Wow, congrats! Glad to hear that the storm didn't cause you much grief.

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