Saturday Sky

I've hit the library the past couple of days and while I havent started reading any of the books I've checked out, I have been rewatching some old movies.  So far I've watched Sliding Doors, While You Were Sleeping, The Lady Eve, Foul Play, and What's Up Doc twice!  No matter how many times I watch that movie, I laugh every time.

I also watched Season One of Person of Interest.  This is one of my favorite shows to watch. 

Today was a day of running errands with one of the stops being JoAnn's.  I needed another container to hold my thread (the last one cracked into pieces), and of course I had to look at the yarn.  I had some 50% off coupons burning a hole in my purse!   I ended up with the thread holder (50% off to boot!) and some yarn.

It's super bulky yarn that will be added to the kitty blanket I've already started.

It was rather late in the day when I took my sky, but it's been SO hot here I wanted to wait until it cooled down a bit.  I took this around 7pm while I went to get my mail and amazingly enough there was a cool breeze!  Not sure if it felt cool because it's been so hot and it felt cool or if it actually was!  Either way, I'll take it!

What did you do today?


Anonymous said…
We went down to Melbourne to see Stephen --- celebrated Father's Day and Stephen's new job (he starts on Monday).

Then we took a leisurely ride home via Tropical Trail and saw the peacock and some alpacas.

It was a good day, but you are right ...HOT!
Linda said…
Love the color of the kitty blanket.

kathy b said…
Well we did the Graduate from College thing!!!

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