Saturday Sky

Today was one of those sleepy Saturday mornings, it was cloudy and rainy until 2pm.  I had Baby Girl take my sky for me.

It did eventually clear up and amazingly enough it brought with it a nice breeze.  What do the kitties do on days like this?

Hemi takes advantage of the quiet so he can stalk at 4am and bring in lizards to play with on the bed. 
but those lizards are presents for you!
The girls like to "hide" behind the ladder and look out over the back yard.

where are all the birds??

What do *I* like to do on days like this??  I like to knit.  Days like this give me incentive to finish up some socks.

These were knit up with some worsted weight yarn #1 Son picked out many moons ago at a now defunct yarn shop.  They will go into my charity bag.

Days like this also get me to cast on for another pair of socks.

After I finished the blue socks I was itching to cast on another pair.  This is when it really hit me that I enjoy knitting socks.  There is no need for a break when you enjoy the process and final outcome!

Since I finished off the socks, I decided to finish off the hat. 

This has gone into the wait for winter hand knits bag.  Both Baby Girl and #1 Son want this hat so it has become the family hat.  Since Baby Girl already has so many hats, #1 Son will have first dibs on it.

Days like this do NOT give me incentive to fix afghan squares or pick up ugly scarves.  That will be worked on at a later date.

Did you get to work on some knits today??


Sandie Lynne said…
Seems to me it was a very productive day, to say the least. The blue socks look great. The hat looks great, and the new socks look very interesting. A lace pattern eh? Should be fun.

I remember the little lizards everywhere when I visited my daughter once, when she was living in Maitland. I can understand Hemi's attraction. Surprised actually, that the "girls" don't join him in the game. :)
Jane said…
Nice projects. It's always good to have a productive day, even if not everything gets done.
Anonymous said…
I went backwards today! :-/ The sock that was going so well, hit a bump in the gusset. So frog it is.
Linda said…
Congrats on the great finishes Lynn. Glad to see Hemi is all better. Love the pics of all the kitties. I had a cat years ago that use to bring me life presents until he brought a garden snake in. Than I looked before I let him in.

kathy b said…
I;ve got sock knitting at my side. You are so right, knitting socks can be so calming and so productive at the same time. I plan to keep knitting socks during July. A july sock only month...

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