Saturday Starting Skies

June has always felt like the beginning of summer to me.  School is practically over.  Desks are being cleaned out;  papers are being sent home, finals are over.  Even before I had kids June always felt like a new start. 

a beautiful sky to start off the new month!

June is also the first day of hurricane season.  *They* say we should expect something like 14 hurricanes, 11 of them powerful.  Only time will tell.  It does remind me that I need to update and complete my supply bag. 

June is the month when I started my blog.  June 5th to be exact.  When I double checked on the year I did a double take.  I started this blog in 2006!!  Unbelieveable!!!  I've been blogging for 7 years!  No itch here.  I still plan on continuing my blogging process if for nothing else it's a great place to look back on the past 7 years.  I've got vacations, school pics, children, cats all in one place.  The rest of my life may be a mess, but my blog shows off a pretty decent life.

One of the first pictures posted of these guys on the blog.  Now THIS is a long time ago!!

Here's to a relaxing June.  I definitely can use it!


Linda said…
What a great pic of the kids Lynn.

Anonymous said…
Happy 7th blogging birthday Lynn! And I agree with you. No matter what our life looks like in reality, in our blogs everything is contained and neatly wrapped up.

I LOVE the picture of the two kids, as toddlers. I'm sure the memories it recalls, for you, are wonderful in many ways.

Enjoy your Summer, and I will be crossing fingers and toes, that the hurricanes that do come, will not come near you or yours. :)

kathy b said…
Happy blogaversary

Time flies. I love your posts

I love your faithful comments to my blog
Lifesastitch said…
Happy Bolgiversary! IS that how you spell that?
Anonymous said…
Happy blogoversary! Your kids may have grown taller, but it is amazing how they still look like their kiddy pictures.

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