Simple Woman's Daybook

For today:

Outside my window:  It's been another hot one!  It's almost 8pm and it still feels like 97 outside!! 

I am thinking: that I really dislike the heat and wonder what it would be like living in another state.  I know I'd never do it since my family and friends are here.  The only way I see me moving is if my kids moved when they got older, settled down and had kids of their own.  I've got a long time before that happens!

I am thankful: that the IO had a second interview today with a local company and they are moving him along in the hiring process.  They havent said anything to him yet but they've sent him HR paperwork to fill out.  That is a GOOD sign!

In the kitchen:  for dinner I made grilled chicken with broccoli and homemade mac and cheese.  It's a recipe by the Pioneer Woman.  It's good but VERY rich.  Don't think I'd make it again.  We prefer a more mellow mac & cheese, this one had a lot of different cheeses in it.

I am wearing:  blue t-shirt and an old pair of blue shorts

I am creating:  I did put in a few rows in my kitty blanket, but not enough to share.

I am going: slightly crazy with worry abt Hemi.  He's not perking up as much as I'd like.  He's been sleeping most of the day and hasnt come by me.  Lucy has been sleeping most of the day as well and Princess is also ignoring me, but at least they've walked the perimeter of the house.  He's been sleeping since he ate around 11am.  He's had two doses of meds and 3 different drops.  I figured he'd be showing some improvement by now.  I'll see how he is tomorrow.  I may not wait until Thursday to take him back.....

I am wondering: at the effects of a small 10lb animal can have on me.

I am reading:  I actually have read a book!!!  However it was a trashy novel that will not be posted abt here!  Next will be a knitting mystery of sorts.  Not sure which one yet....

I am hoping:  that Hemi starts feeling better by tomorrow.  I REALLY dont like him being sick....

I am looking forward to:  Hemi feeling better.

I am hearing: old episodes of Melissa and Joey on the tv in the family room, and #1 Son's high pitched laugh at something Baby Girl did.  However Baby Girl is NOT amused.  

Around the house:   not a whole lot today.  I cooked and did a load of laundry but that's abt it.  I'm just not in the mood to do much. 

I am pondering: how much like family members I'm becoming.  I see alot of personality traits of my grandmother's aunt (her mom's sister) and also my grandmother.  Now THAT is scary!! I have a lot of my mom's traits as well, but she died in her 30s and I have no frame of reference for my 40s other than the next generation up.

A favorite quote for today:

One of my favorite things:  modern medicine

A few plans for the rest of the week:  the wedding shower I mentioned last week is actually THIS weekend.   Other than that I have nothing else planned. 

A peek into my day:  as I sit here I see Lucy sleeping on her back next to the pile of sheets that need to be folded.  Sounds mundane but I've got Hemi in the back of my mind and my *perhaps* employed husband looking into motorcycles as a means of transportation.  This isnt the fast lane I wanted when I was a teenager!!

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kathy b said…
Must here that Hemi is on the mend!!!! Any better?? The antibiotics could give his tummy trouble. BUt they are for the best in the long run...
we are trying my dear old Rozzy on a Nuerotinin. We think a big part of her problem is arthritis in her 16year old back and cat knees....:(
Anonymous said…
Do you think maybe the heat is keeping him *down* a little longer. I sure hope he is feeling better soon.

As for that E-Card? EVERY DAY!
I've often wondered why some of my family moved here from a much cooler state!

And I have looked in the mirror before dressing and thought, "Oh that can't be me!"

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