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Outside my window...
Another hot day here at Happy Acres.  We hit over 100 with the  heat index again today.  I have to keep reminding myself why I live here...

I am thinking...that I need to plan something fun with the kids on Friday. 

I am thankful...for modern medicine.  Again.  It still involves an eye, but this time it's Baby Girl's turn.  She has a sty in her eye and it was getting worse.  I pick up her eye drops tomorrow. 

I am thankful part 2... that the IO starts a job on Monday!!!  We need this on so many different levels.  He NEEDS to work.  I NEED him to go to work.  Financially he needs to work, but him working and making money is a need on so many different levels........

 In the kitchen...tonight's dinner was Grandma's Chicken, rice, corn and cornbread.  Nothing green, but there wasn't anything green in the house unless you count the green Flintstone gummies!

 I am wearing...t-shirt and grey shorts.

I am creating...I finally pulled out my blue worsted weight sock.  I'm just abt to turn the heel.

I am see Much Ado About Nothing with some girlfriends on Thursday.  SO looking forward to a girl's night out!

I am wondering...what vehicle we will end up with.  Did I mention the IO got a job????  This requires us to have more than one vehicle.  He goes back and forth from brand new car to disposable POS that will last a year.  I'm trying to show there is a balance between the two. 

I am reading...part 3 of said trashy novels.  I'll give you a hint. It has a color in it's title.  While the books are titillating, I find the psychological aspects of the characters fascinating.

I am many things right now.  Did I mention I'm thrilled the IO got a job???

I am looking forward to...Thursday night's movie with the girls.

I am hearing:  the hum of the a/c, the kids (I'm including the IO in that statement as well) starting a game of Trivial Pursuit.  Hemi grooming himself.

Around the house...ugh.  another hard question.  I DID go thru the piles of bills and clothes that were collecting at the foot of the bed.  I'm slowly seeing progress, it's the slow part that I'm having issue with.  Plus the heat is energy zapping and all I want to do is laze around.  AND my coffee maker is dying in me, I'm missing various items in the kitchen (this is why I am always resistant when I am offered "help") and the a/c units needed a good cleaning.  Did I mention Hemi has decided to use my tub and the pile of dirty clothes as a kitty box??  Since we are keeping the cats inside now they are using the cat box more.  Expect, apparently, Hemi.  I need to get a second box for my bathroom.....

I am pondering...the logistics of a family vacation this year.  I'm going to be keeping an eye out for some good deals locally.  We've been away two years in a row and I've gotten a bit spoiled by it.  I just need to keep it cheap.

A favorite quote for today...
Yeah, it's been that kind of week......I'm out of alcohol so I'll be relying on my trusty dark chocolate M&Ms.  I will never be skinny.

One of my favorite things...My day planner.  I have one that goes from July to June (to follow the school year calendar) and I'm fast approaching the end of this book.  I keep thinking I have July in it, but when I go to add something, I cant.  So I've been attaching sticky notes to the last page to add to the new planner once I get it. 

Another favorite thing?  Sticky notes!!  I've tried to go the cheap route but I always go back to the original Post-It.  The others just don't have the stickiness I like..

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Well it's not a wedding shower I can tell you that!  That was last Saturday!  I'd share pictures IF I WENT!  My mind completely flaked out and I totally forgot abt it until my friend posted pictures of it on Facebook on Sunday.  We had a lot of stuff going on that was unplanned but I didn't even tell her I couldn't go.  I NEVER do this.  BTW have I mentioned how happy I am that the IO will be leaving me for hours on end  is finally employed?!?!  I love the man but he's making me nuts!  Meanwhile I'm also trying to plan a wknd away just the two of us. 

Apparently I'm nuts as well.

A peek into my day...earlier today, chaos.  Right now, quiet.  I'm relishing it!

Wow, I just reread this post and have decided that I am making others feel better abt their nice quiet lives!  Go here if you want to play!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on IO getting a new job. I'm sure he is just as delighted, if not more, than yourself. LOL

Forgetfulness is most common when you have too much to remember. You will have to get a reminder program, to keep you on your toes.

Glad you are finding some fun in trashy novels, girls night at the movies, and other things.

Take care. :)
Linda said…
Super congrats on the IO getting a job. That's great. Hemi might be using the bathtub and dirty clothes as a litter box because of the medication. Give him a hug for me.

hmmm....a weekend away AND a book that has the name of a color in it!
kathy b said…
I think that Supermoon made us all kind of goofy> Seems everyone is a bit off!!

Hemi better get appreciative and use that box!
Aren't cats silly some times??? The littlest thing and the get boxed out so to say!

LEt me know when your yarn prize arrives okay?

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