The meds are kicking in!!!!

I knew he was feeling better when he woke me up at 7AM for some lovin!    That's the time I usually wake up for school and he'll come in and snuggle before I have to get everybody up. 

Here he is yesterday

You can just tell he's not feeling great.

Now today!

Not 100% but SOOO much better!!

Now a story that is just too weird.  Ten years ago I lost a set of keys in the grass. I just got the mail and was sitting in the grass with Meghan who was less than 2 years old at the time playing. When we stood up, the keys were gone.   The IO searched the entire front yard looking for these keys (since they were his set) but we never found them. Fast forward to a week ago. Guess what  #1 Son found by the tree in the front yard??

The only thing we can think of is that the keys somehow fell into a mole hole and s-l-o-w-l-y worked their way down the front yard (we do have a bit of a slope) over the years to the tree. 

TOO weird!! 


Anonymous said…
Glad Hemi is feeling better.
Anonymous said…
How good to see how nicely Hemi is healing. He looks much better now.

Too funny about the keys. Oh well, you did get them back, but I doubt they are any good now. Doubtless the IO has replaced that vehicle since then. LOL
Linda said…
Oh Lynn. I have watery eyes. I'm so happy to see that my Hemi is doing so much better.
That key story is weird. Strange how things will show up years later.

kathy b said…
Hooray for Hemi. have i told you how i LOVE his name. .
Is he named for the car engine???

HE looks beautiful and so much better. I ve been talking to St Francis I will continue to ask his protection over hemi!

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