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Outside my window:  it is 10am and its already 85 degrees outside.  To add insult to injury it *feels* like 96.  ~sigh~  Yep, it's summer.

I am thinking: of the things that need to be done this week; what bills to pay, what I have scheduled for the week, etc.

I am thankful: that life has slowed down a bit.  While I am still setting my alarm to wake up, its set for 8am instead of 6:50 and it's just Baby Girl that I need to wake up.  She's got band camp for a couple of hours in the morning, but it's so much easier than having to wake up everybody and then drive said sleepyheads to where they gotta go!

In the kitchen:  I made a turkey dinner on Saturday for #1 Son's party.  It was very yummy, but there is a reason why I dont make turkey dinners in June.  The house was unbelieveably hot!!!  It wasnt until around 9pm when we were sitting around playing cards (SPIT! for those curious minded souls) when the house was comfortable again.  However the next day's leftovers were just as good AND the house was no where near as hot!

I am wearing: blue t-shirt and grey shorts.   Oh and an orange cat draped across my lap.

I am creating: I've got a few things going.  I started a kitty blanket out of some super bulky yarn but I ran out rather quickly which means I will need to make a JoAnn run to buy more yarn.  The hat I posted a week or so ago still needs it's ends woven in.  I havent touched my scarf (I just dont like it, but it will be finished).  I started another kitty blanket because nothing else was moving me.  I started sock #2 with the worsted weight wool (not loving this sock either).   The afghan squares still need to be attached and I'm realizing that the ones I have put together need to be ripped apart (if I can, the yarn is a bit fuzzy).  I made the mistake of attaching the squares sort of folded together instead of laying flat.  Now when I open them up they are VERY bumpy and wont lay flat. 

As you can see I have a lot of things to fix.  I need to just take a day and fix it all so I can move forward.

I am going: to be meeting up with another mom later this afternoon to take our kids bowling.  We signed up with where kids can bowl two games for free every day during the summer.  It's a great way to give the kids something to do while not worrying abt heat stroke.  Did I mention it already feels like it's 95 outside????

I am wondering: how much clothing this family actually owns!  I've been getting caught up on laundry and it amazes me how much they actually have! 

I am reading: phffftttt!  next question.

I am hoping: to have an answer for that question by next week.

I am looking forward to: cooler weather

I am hearing: the hum of the a/c.  The rest of the house is quiet since the male species in the household are still asleep.  This includes the orange cat still draped across my lap!

Around the house: the IO scrubbed down the second bathroom on Saturday because it was a science experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong!  I dont use that bathroom (Baby Girl and I refer to it as the boy's bathroom) so when I went into it last Friday I nearly had a heart attack!  It gets *cleaned* but apparently not CLEANED!  I bought a new shower curtain since the old one was ripped and discolored, and boy what a difference a new shower curtain can make!  The bathroom still needs help (recaulking, painting, new floor, etc) but it looks MUCH better.

I am planning: a yard sale in Oct. I figure that gives me enough time to go thru every room in this house and get rid of stuff I dont need/use anymore.  I've even told the kids whatever they dont want they can sell and keep the money!  WOW talk abt incentive to get rid of stuff!!!  I've gone thru a closet and I've discovered one flaw in my plan;  where to store everything until Oct...... 

A favorite quote for today:

One of my favorite thingsPilot Precise pens.  Specifically the V5.  I LOVE the way they write, very smooth and flow-y.  Not jerky or scratchy.  The only downside to this pen is the capped version tends to explode if you are in an airplane.  The kind that clicks doesnt seem to have this issue.  Either one works for me (since I dont fly) but I do tend toward the clicky kind since it means not having to worry abt losing the cap.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Band Camp for Baby Girl.  We have bowling today, going to a friend's house on Friday and a wedding shower on Saturday. 

A peek into my day:  I swear Hemi's got special radar for when I'm on the bed!!  I just took this to show you what I deal with while I'm on the computer......
apparently my foot makes a comfy pillow

Stop by the main site if you want to play......


kathy b said…
I Love your entries!!!!! I love the quiet peek into your life. Glad its slowed a bit. Love the pavlovian cat~!

October sale is do able!!!

Love me that kitty
Anonymous said…
Hemi is STILL my favorite. I love "people-person" kitties.

Linda said…
Another great Daybook post Lynn. Sounds like things have slowed down a little for you.
Thanks for the adorable Hemi pic.

Anonymous said…
Sorry for all the heat, but it is Florida, after all.

I do NOT know how you survived cooking a turkey dinner in that heat either. OMG! Just thinking about it has me all hot and sweaty, and not in a good way at all. :)

Hemi is is nothing, if not a Luv Kitten!! How could you not adore that face? LOL
exactly, where do you put everything?

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