Contest Winnings!

Kathy from Kathy b's Yarn Garden had a contest a couple weeks back and I won!!!  I was expecting some REALLY nice Malabrigo, but she threw in some extra goodies for the fun of it.  This is what I got in the mail last week.

Isn't that a great package??  I got the yarn and some Godiva chocolate (that didn't melt in its journey!!  WOOHOO!) and these really cool coasters. 

Here's a closer look at that lovely yarn.....
Thanks so much for having a fun contest, Kathy!!! 

Another contest win from a long time ago was finally used, the Keychain Sock Blocker Sock.

Why is it that things are SO much cuter in miniature?!?  I pulled out some Cherry Tree Hill left over from another sock and made this tiny guy.  I will be making more, but I'll probably go up to a size 1 needle.  The zeros were a bit hard on my hands.  The only thing difficult abt this sock was using LONG needles for such LITTLE amounts of stitches.  I tend to drop stitches when I use the short needles, but I bet those 4 or 5" needles out there would be perfect for this project. 

To keep the sock theme going I worked a bit on my shorty cuffs after my dilemma with the charity sock.

They are a good mindless sock to work on, no thought required! Both the cream and print yarns are by Kroy.

What did you work on this wknd??


Anonymous said…
Not a whole lot of stitching going on this weekend, but I did manage to get the corn done on the cross stitch. I also pulled out Steve's big blankee and put in a few rows.

The last sock is SUCH a pretty color combo.
Linda said…
Congrats on the great win Lynn. I love that little key chain sock. I want one. lol Great progress on the other one.

Anonymous said…
You seem to be on a roll. Good for you!!! :)

That yarn is gorgeous! Congratulations.
kathy b said…
SO happy you like the Sock yarn , coasters and chocolate. I bought some of the chocolate for myself and love it too! Happy win, happy knitting

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