Poor Planning = A Dilemma

I was on Ravelry the other day reading thru my forum groups when I came across a pattern that was for a charity sock drive.  Since I'm all abt the socks I figured I'd try it out.  I pulled out some brown wool that I bought at a GOOB sale plus some Regia bamboo yarn for the sock yarn held thru.  This is what I ended up with.

It's HUGE!!  I made the biggest size because those are always the ones that get ignored.  Since this looks like something you'd hang by the chimney with care, I had #1 Son try it on.  He wears a size 10.5 men's shoe so I figure it would give me some idea what I was dealing with.  The sock may *look* big, but its really thick and bulky too, which adds to the appearance.  The sock was less than an inch too big for him.  Ok that's a good thing. 

I'm not thrilled with the bulkiness of the sock or the fact that it was a bit of a job getting it over #1 Son's wide foot, but one is made so I go to get more yarn to start the second one.

This is what I have left of the brown yarn.

I knew I had more yarn but I thought it was more than a walnut sized ball.  So this is my dilemma;  do I look for another brown yarn to try and get a close match to the brown I've already used?  (the brown I used is long discontinued by a company no longer around AND there is no matching yarn on Ravelry)   Do I use another color while keeping the same sock yarn and heel color and have fraternal socks?  (I don't have enough of the blue to make that the main color with brown as the heel)   Ripping it out is NOT an option.  I've ripped out a project with two strands held together and I'll never do that again!  Or do I just keep the sock and hang it in my craft room as decoration??

On top of it all, I made the sock for a large man's foot.  The bamboo sock yarn adds a bit of sparkle that I'm not sure will be a big hit.  Yes warmth is more important than style, but I want whoever that gets them to enjoy looking at them as well. 

Feel free to weigh in.  I'm finding out that when I do socks for charity I'm better off doing a full ribbing all the way down the cuff and thru the top of the foot.  Seems more accommodating to various feet that way. 

Slowly working my way down the foot of the other sock I'm working on.  Will post that one when I finish the foot.


Does anybody else think Lucy looks like Jabba the Hutt???

Bring me that camera or you will suffer from this outrage!


Linda said…
Great looking sock Lynn. I would just hang it by the chimney at christmas for Hemi.
LOL I think Lucy looks quite content.

Anonymous said…
Not sure if Lucy resembles Jaba the Hut, but she sure looks well coddled.

As for the socks, I haven't a clue what to tell you. Although I doubt very much if a homeless man is going to be all that picky over free wool socks. :)

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