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Outside my window...
sunny and hot! I checked the local weather station (abt a mile away) and it said it was 86.  Not horrible.  More info revealed the heat index was 96.  Ugh.  I'll be staying in my cave of a bedroom.  Baby Girl is with me, #1 Son is still in his room. 

I am thinking...we have become slugs.  Or sloths.  Between the heat and the lack of transportation there isn't a desire to do much.

I am thankful...for this daybook.  It forces me to find something to be thankful for.  Too many first world problems can cloud what's really important.

In the kitchen...Grandma's Chicken was yesterday, today I have no idea.  I do have some ripe bananas that could be put into some banana muffins.  The downside to that is using the oven.  Maybe I'll slink out, make the muffins and slink back into the cold tomb my bedroom has become.

I am wearing...pajamas.  Wow, the more I'm reading this the more I'm realizing how lazy I'm becoming! 

I am creating...the last post showed my progress on Too Pooped.  I've put in 2 more strands of floss since then, not enough to show a pic.  I also pulled out my ugly scarf and put in 8 more rows in that.  Again, not enough progress to warrant a picture.  Hopefully as the week progresses I'll get more done to post abt it.

I am going...nowhere.  I really don't know how families with just the one vehicle do it.  Not being able to run to the store is maddening!  I'm hoping to go car shopping this wknd.  The trick is to get the IO to find a middle ground somewhere between brand new with all the bells and whistles vehicle and one that I consider disposable (lasting for abt a year).  The word balance is NOT in his vocabulary!

I am wondering...when the world will stop being such an angry place.  I've had to stop watching the news again.  Too much hatred.

I am reading...blogs for the most part but I did download a book from Amazon called California Schemin'.  I'm only on chapter 2 but so far so good.  It's a nice easy read.

I am finish the laundry.  I figure if I focus on one thing, I'll get something accomplished today.

I am looking forward shopping this wknd.  I almost said school, but the more I thought abt it, the more I realized I'm not quite there yet.  I miss the schedule that school brings, but I'm not looking forward to the hectic schedule yet.  I blame the heat for my lack of good judgement.
I am hearing......the hum of the a/c.  I had to mute Ina Garten because I couldn't listen to her make chicken while I was trying to post this.  It's very quiet.  It may be early afternoon, but we are all still trying to ease into the day.  It's loud at midnight so I'm enjoying the peace while I can.

Around the house...ugh. Moving on.......

I am pondering...the benefits of a schedule. 

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite new hair clip.

I bought it this past wknd and I love it!  I used to have a similar one a long time ago but it broke.  I've used cheaper ones since or my reliable black scrunchies.  I love the scroll-y look to it and finally decided to treat myself and drop the $5 to get it. 

I just have one question......why is it that I hem and haw abt spending $4.99 on a hair clip that I really like when I don't have a second thought when dropping $20 for sock yarn???  Hmmm, maybe THIS belongs in the pondering section of this post....

A few plans for the rest of the week......... until I get that second vehicle, not much!   I've got one friend who is cleaning her house for company that's coming in THREE weeks so she's not available for play dates and the other two local moms I do things with are both on vacation this week.  More first world problems.....

A peek into my day...thankfully the coffee is kicking in which means I need to use the energy to accomplish something today!  Laundry and maybe unloading the dishwasher......I'm such a dynamo!

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Linda said…
Oh Lynn, I love that quote, can I steal it?

Sandie Lynne said…
You are not alone in the "sloth" department. This heat just sucks the life and breath right out of you. And it looks like it's might be hotter right now, up here, than what you are having. Oh boy, lucky me, right? GAH!

I stay locked up in my living room, where I can shut out the sun and heat. But the minute I leave the living room, I'm covered in sweat. The rest of the house is an oven! I don't have A/C. Here in the mountains, these heat waves don't generally last all that long, so I've never felt the need for it. But I swear, the older I get, the more I think I would enjoy it, even if it were just for a week or two every Summer. :)
Eileen Miller said…
It's very hot and lazy here in Maryland too.
kathy b said…
I THINK WE all have days/ weeks like yours ! you are just honest enough to admit it!!

I love the Daybook prompts..sometimes after I pray at night, I do the prompts in my head before I sleep
stitcherw said…
Totally agree with the cat quote, it's been so hot and humid lately it makes your brain not want to work. Beautiful hair clip, I can see why you wanted it, it looks elegant :)

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