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Outside my window...Rain, rain and more rain!  It started early today, around 10:30am, stopped, then started again.  It's 6:30 and I finally see the sun.  While I normally like rainy days, it's taking twice as long to run my errands.

I am thinking.. that I really am NOT mechanically inclined.  Number One Son was sick yesterday.  REALLY sick.  He sleeps in a loft bed and couldn't get down in time.  Needless to say his floor was a mess (not to mention the wall, but that might be too graphic to mention).  Since it was five in the morning and I had just gone to bed three hours before, I decided to douse the floor with Lysol, cover it with a towel and clean it up later on.  Later on turned into 24 hours later.  I cleaned up the clothes and the electronic cords and the other odds and ends on the floor before I lifted the towel.  Hey it dried up!!!!  Ok so I'll vacuum it up and just clean the bin.

It wasn't dry.

The wheels and belts are disgusting.  The hose is gross.  The tank has barely anything in it.


I am thankful...for a mechanically inclined husband who will enjoy the project.  Did I mention that I also burned out the electric pencil sharpener???  Personally the sharpener can be salvaged.  Not so much the vacuum cleaner.....

In the kitchen...Today is the first day he can keep anything down so I made some rice and roasted chicken.  Plain and simple.  He's STARVING, but once he starts to eat, he doesn't want it.  Poor kid.  He just had a growth spurt which made him lose weight, now this. 

I am cotton pants, blue shirt. 

I am creating...honestly, not a whole lot.  I haven't picked up a needle of any kind since my last post.  My quiet time has been spent on Facebook games.  It's the only thing my mind can handle.

I am try and relax while driving our new (to us) van.  We bought a 2011 Odyssey over the wknd and it's the first time we've had a car payment in a LONG time.  Makes me nervous.  Plus it's a bit bigger than my old van AND things are located in different places (my old van is a 2002 Odyssey that the IO is driving) It's taking some getting used to.

I am wondering...what I was thinking when I went to vacuum his floor.  While I could clean out the bin, I didn't think abt the hose.

I am posts.  However I'm still on the movie train.  Watched a marathon of Anne of Green Gables over the wknd.  I'd forgotten how much I love those movies!!  They cut out a lot of the scenery for time purposes (which I did notice and miss) but I still enjoyed what they left in. 

I am finish cleaning Number One Son's room later tonight.  I may need to make a trip to Wal-Mart to rent a rug cleaner...

I am looking forward to...planning a fun bowling day with the kids and their friends before school starts.

I am hearing.....the broken fan in the bathroom, the hum of my a/c, somebody in the shower, somebody else watching TV.

Around the I really need to continue.  Do you really WANT me to continue???

I am pondering...the ethical reasonings of sneaking anti depressants in somebody's food.  Just kidding.  Sort of....

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...
He hasn't made an appearance in awhile so here he is.

He's been a pain in the early hours of the day wanting tons of love (which I'm not too fond of when I've only had a few hours sleep) but he's a keeper!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  dr's appt tomorrow and seeing an old friend on Friday.

A peek into my day...picking up medical records for my dr's appt tomorrow.  Grocery shopping at Publix.  Paying water and electric.  All in the rain.  While my new car makes me nervous, I am VERY happy to be mobile again!

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Linda said…
Oh yeah yippee!!!!!!!!!! A picture of my Hemi. Hope your son gets well soon.

Anonymous said…
Hope Billy feels better soon. YUCKY! I remember once when Stephen puked on the back of the toilet. I never knew how hard a toilet was to put back together correctly.

As for the vacuum should disconnect from both ends. Then just run the faucet through it with some bleach. Good as new.

Congrats on the new van. Steve is currently on the computer researching cars. He wants to replace his Toyota.
stitcherw said…
Oh no, I hope he's feeling better soon. It is so hard when they are ill, you feel so helpless. What a pain with the vacuum too, glad you've got someone around who is mechanically minded to be able to sort it out.
kathy b said…
Sounds like my nightmare vomiting a month ago....It was like an exorcism.....I was so sick. Still not sure why....I spent 2 days with Pinesol and bleach cleaning the WALLS, the floors everything in the path from my room to the hall to the bathroom.
Then I did sheets. and towels and pjs for 2 days..

im so sorry for you!

I want to see your new RIDE

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