Switching Things Up

I had another finish this week, a kitty blanket for the shelter.

I LOVE the way the bulky yarns feel so squishy when knit up.  I cast on 54 sts on size 13 needles for this guy, used up 2.5 skeins of super bulky which resulted in a finished size of 23 x 18. 

Once I finished this off, none of my other knitted projects were calling my name.  I needed to switch it up.  So I pulled out some cross stitch.  First was the sheep I've been working on, but that one has too much white.  I then pulled out Too Pooped, but that one has a LOT of brown in it.  I started to look for Kitty Cat Row, but decided that Too Pooped needed a few stitches in it.  I've been obsessed with it ever since!!! 

Here is my before picture

I actually had a little bit more brown done before I started, but not much.  Here is where I am now.

And I still want to work on it!!!!  There is a LOT of brown left to do, but I'm still motivated and I'm moving along quickly so I hope to get more done before it goes back into hibernation for another year of two........


Anonymous said…
That is a HUGE project! I imagine you switch threads A LOT!
Linda said…
Oh year Lynn. You got so much done on Too Pooped. You should not give up your stitching for so long. (By the way, I have that kit - gee surprise) lol
Love the kitty blanket.

Anonymous said…
Until you started making "kitty blankets" I had never made one for my own cat. But she has one now, and she uses it everyday. So I guess Rosie thanks you for being my inspiration. :)

Love the x-stitch picture. You made a lot of progress in a short time. :)
kathy b said…
Aww a Hemi stitchwork! Love the illustration of the kitty. I have never seen one actually sleep on a limb, but the red panda at VIrginia's zoo was doing just that on Saturday
stitcherw said…
Too Pooped is looking great, you got a lot of progress done. I love this design, have it in my stash someplace :)

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