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Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my's another hot one,  88 degrees with a heat index of 95.  It's been really really rainy this past week, but today seems to be a sunny one.  I've been catching up on blogs the past couple of days and I'm seeing ppl start talking abt that *feeling* of fall in the air.  Hmmm.  Not getting ANY of that here!!

I am thinking... I want to schedule in some stitching/knitting time when I'm not completely tired.

I am thankful...that paperwork I've been working on is done!  SLOWLY getting organized.  The house may not look like it, but my bills and budget are in place!!

In the kitchen...I've been trying new recipes!  I FINALLY made those broccoli cheese patties last night.  Well lets just say they are NOT a keeper!  They wouldn't stay in patty form so I put the entire mixture into a pie pan and baked it.  It was ok, but not worth making again, YMMV. 

Second one up is the Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir fry.  This one was interesting. …

Monday Morning Smile


Weekend Update - bullet point style!!!

School is in session!

First day of high school:

First day of middle school:

First football game of the season:
Actually it was preseason.  Varsity played first half, JV played second half.  We tanked the first half and came alive the second half.  The score was tied at the end of the game but since varsity only played the first half, it counts as a loss.  Not sure I like these rules.....AND I never knew how passionate high school football was around here!  The ABC affiliate has a Friday night special news segment of all the high school games played in Central Florida!  Who knew???

I joined an Odd Ball Charity Blanket group on Ravelry and I'm working on my first blanket.
It's called Cutie Patootie and I'm adding in some pink left over from a sweater I made Baby Girl.  I got it last Saturday, put in 8 rows immediately and it sat all week long until today.  I really thought I'd be having more downtime but I've spent more time on the phone with household business than I th…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...  It. IS. HOT!  My car said it was 99 degrees around 4pm.  My computer told me it was 93 with a heat index of 108.  Thankfully the rains came and it is now a cool 81 degrees.   

I am thinking... how I envy snow birds.

I am thankful... that most of the school shopping is over.  I still have to go to the mall on Saturday, but it's for only one store and I plan to be in and out.  School starts Monday and the mall is going to be a zoo!

In the kitchen...  I know I tried a new recipe since my last daybook entry, but I cant remember what it was.  I haven't tried the broccoli patties yet so nothing to report there....

I am wearing... a pink Mickey t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating... still on sock #2, but I am on the main part of the foot.  I did go into my craft room to go thru a couple of the plastic bins and I'm happy to say that I did get rid of abt an inch of books/pamphlets/patterns.  I have SO much more to get rid of but I am happy I did that …

I've come a long way baby!

I hate to frog.  I really do.  In fact I hardly ever do it.  Wait, hardly isn't the right word.  I NEVER rip back my knitting.  Unless it's really REALLY noticeable, I leave it be.  Just ask Dee.  Once when we were all together for a stitching day, her sock wasn't going according to plan.  So she stopped, pulled out all the needles and started to rip back.  I think I literally gasped!!  Our friends were more amazed by my facial expression than her ripping out the sock!  I told her I needed a heads up the next time she did that. 

So the fact that I ripped this sock back not once but TWICE is quite amazing for me.  However I am VERY glad I did.

I like it SO much better!!! 

The cuff and toe yarn is Kroy Muslin and the heel and foot yarn are some miscellaneous wool from the stash.  In fact I'm pretty sure I got them from Dee! 

Unfortunately I don't have enough yarn for both socks so the other sock will be VERY similar in color and striping, but not quite the same.  …

Bullet Point Sunday

Busy wknd so thought bullet points would be good.Or annoying. Let's see how this no particular order......
Saturday Sky.  Cuz I took the picture.  I take one every Saturday (for the most part) but I never seem to get it here in time to post it. 
The IO took #1 Son driving Saturday.  Yes, DRIVING!  He turns 15 in a couple of months (don't ask me how or when THAT happened) and the IO decided to take him to an abandoned development (unfortunately we have more than a couple locally) and let him try it out, from starting the van to driving around the empty streets.  He loved it and was amazed at how fast 25mph feels when YOU are the one behind the wheel.
While they are off on a driving lesson, my sister calls up with abdominal pain.  I came over to stay with her until my nephew could arrive and they went to the ER.  She ended up being admitted with diverticulitis.When I went to visit her today I found out that two other ppl we know were in the same hospital on different…

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It's 12:30pm, 90 degrees with a heat index of 106.  #1 Son has started band camp for marching band and I think of them all out in the heat.  They practice in shorts and tees, but I worry about when they actually have to wear their uniforms.....

I am thinking... this is going to be a busy year.  I've already added all the football games to my calendar.  I'll be chaperoning the away games so I'll be at every game this year.  This sounds like a lot of fun, but I can't help thinking       what just happened to my Friday nights????

I am thankful...for healthy children

In the kitchen... I plan on trying a new recipe today.  Cheesy Broccoli Patties.  I've been wanting to make them for awhile and I think today will be it.  They look really good and I'm hoping they taste as good as they look.  I'll sub out the onions for onion powder, but that looks like the only switch I'll make.

I am wearing...OLD clothes!  The kind that should b…