Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...it's another hot one,  88 degrees with a heat index of 95.  It's been really really rainy this past week, but today seems to be a sunny one.  I've been catching up on blogs the past couple of days and I'm seeing ppl start talking abt that *feeling* of fall in the air.  Hmmm.  Not getting ANY of that here!!

I am thinking... I want to schedule in some stitching/knitting time when I'm not completely tired.

I am thankful...that paperwork I've been working on is done!  SLOWLY getting organized.  The house may not look like it, but my bills and budget are in place!!

In the kitchen...I've been trying new recipes!  I FINALLY made those broccoli cheese patties last night.  Well lets just say they are NOT a keeper!  They wouldn't stay in patty form so I put the entire mixture into a pie pan and baked it.  It was ok, but not worth making again, YMMV. 

Second one up is the Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir fry.  This one was interesting.  It called for ground turkey and honestly that was the part nobody liked!  I made some modifications, subbed peas for green beans, white rice instead of basmati rice, didn't do the chile paste or sour pickle, and used olive oil instead of vegetable oil.  Would I make this one again?  Yes, but maybe with chicken instead of ground turkey.  They didn't care for the texture.  However the entire pan was finished!

Last new recipe is Beef & Cheddar Casserole.  Again I made my modifications, used only a 1/2 cup sour cream instead of 1.5 cups, didn't add the peppers or the scallions and used spaghetti sauce instead of the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste.  Again it was eaten but the fam wasn't sure abt it.  Would I make it again?  Yes, but instead of sour cream I'd use ricotta and instead of cheddar cheese I'd add mozzarella.  It was very similar to a lasagna, esp since it calls for egg noodles. 

Tonight's dinner will be simple, I'm making homemade tomato sauce and will boil up some mini raviolis and will probably throw in some meatballs.

 I am wearing...black capris and an underwater themed t-shirt.  I'll add the black flip flops when I go drop off one kid and pick up the other.

I am creating...I've added a bit more to the Oddball Charity blanket.  I've got abt 2.5" done.  Once I hit that 5" mark it will go on to the last person.  Crazy thing is it only requires another 16 rows, but when a row has almost 200 stitches, it seems to really move slowly.....

I am going...to continue working on my pile of papers.  I want to revamp the filing cabinets, shred stuff I no longer need, etc.  In order to do this I need to make a pathway to my filing cabinets!.  They are in the office/craft room and have stuff piled on top of and in front of them.  You will be hearing abt this project for awhile;  I need to do this in small doses since it feels quite overwhelming.  PLUS I can really only do it while the kids are in school so I can avoid those interruptions of "he's in my room" or "she yelled at me for no reason" conversations.....

I am wondering...how long this project will really take me.

I am reading....catching up on blogs, school stuff that I need to fill out and sign.  I did request some books from the library (I want to revisit Judy Blume) and will be setting aside some time to read a bit each day.

I am hoping...to start walking a mile in the morning again.  That has been a goal of mine for quite some time.  When we had a gym membership at the beginning of the year I did more movement, but now I sit too much and feel stiffer than I should.  Walking a mile is DOABLE!  And the mornings aren't so hot that I'll pass out. 

I am looking forward to...Monday.  It is Labor Day and we are going to celebrate it by doing NOTHING!

I am hearing......the hum of a/c.  #1 Son did have Lost on, but now he's hustling to get ready for band practice.

Around the house...it's a work in progress.....

I am pondering...what my October will be like.  I have a few deadlines in September that could affect what October brings.  

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...I want to say my van, but I'm going to post about one of YOUR favorite things!
When did the new neighbors move in?!?!
Hemi's getting quite the following!! 

 A few plans for the rest of the week:  meeting up with a friend of mine who is cancer free!!  She got a clean bill of health last month and she was able to get her port out last week.  We've been wanting to celebrate for some time, but if I wait to take her to dinner, it will never happen.  Instead we will hit either Dunkin Donuts or the newly opened Starbucks.  Her choice.  Add in high school football on Friday night.  Its local so I'll get to sit and enjoy it.  I signed up to help with the away games and I have NO idea what I'm in for. 

A peek into my day...finishing up paperwork, running to bank, driving thru Taco Bell then running thru grocery store before I pick up #1 Son.  Made him a grilled ham and cheese and started this post before we run back out for band practice and picking up Baby Girl.  Whoever said my life would be boring as a stay at home mom was SO totally wrong!!  Still wouldn't trade it for a full time PAID job, I'm having too much fun! (for the most part anyway....)

Here you go, if you want to play!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning Smile

Put the blanket back and bring back the wknd!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Update - bullet point style!!!

School is in session!

  • First day of high school:

  • First day of middle school:

  • First football game of the season:

Actually it was preseason.  Varsity played first half, JV played second half.  We tanked the first half and came alive the second half.  The score was tied at the end of the game but since varsity only played the first half, it counts as a loss.  Not sure I like these rules.....AND I never knew how passionate high school football was around here!  The ABC affiliate has a Friday night special news segment of all the high school games played in Central Florida!  Who knew???

It's called Cutie Patootie and I'm adding in some pink left over from a sweater I made Baby Girl.  I got it last Saturday, put in 8 rows immediately and it sat all week long until today.  I really thought I'd be having more downtime but I've spent more time on the phone with household business than I thought!  Now that the kids are back in school I'm realizing how disorganized I've become so I've been making phone calls, doing paperwork, etc.   Also they've changed bus routes locally which means there are a LOT more kids walking/car riding to school.  It has been a zoo @ the middle school!  We do not have safe walking streets for these kids, we have major roads w/o crosswalks or guards/police to help them across.  There has been a LOT of outcry from a lot of parents, including an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss this issue.  Havent heard a thing since.  We'll see what happens.  I'm all for saving a buck where we can, but when it starts to impact the safety of the kids' travel to and from school, we need to rethink where we've made those budget cuts.

  • Friday Felines:  Tiger stopped by for a quick visit on Friday.  She still lives with our neighbor, but I'm happy that she still comes around to say hello.  She not only let me scratch the top of her head but also under her neck!!!  Progress!!

  • Saturday Sky:

This is my scary afternoon sky over a local lake

and the same lake a couple of hours later.

Gotta love Florida weather!!!

Hmmmm,  I like the numbered bullet points better, but apparently you cant add them after you've started a series.....Oh well, you get the point.  Hope you're all having a fantastic wknd!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...  It. IS. HOT!  My car said it was 99 degrees around 4pm.  My computer told me it was 93 with a heat index of 108.  Thankfully the rains came and it is now a cool 81 degrees.   

I am thinking... how I envy snow birds.

I am thankful... that most of the school shopping is over.  I still have to go to the mall on Saturday, but it's for only one store and I plan to be in and out.  School starts Monday and the mall is going to be a zoo!

In the kitchen...  I know I tried a new recipe since my last daybook entry, but I cant remember what it was.  I haven't tried the broccoli patties yet so nothing to report there....

I am wearing... a pink Mickey t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating... still on sock #2, but I am on the main part of the foot.  I did go into my craft room to go thru a couple of the plastic bins and I'm happy to say that I did get rid of abt an inch of books/pamphlets/patterns.  I have SO much more to get rid of but I am happy I did that much.  The problem is that the stuff I'm running into I still want to do ~or~ I want to keep.  For example, those familiar with Lavender and Lace (they are HUGE intricate cross stitch patterns) know how big and involved they are.  I have abt 5 of them that I will NOT get rid of.  I will never do them, but just looking at them still makes me smile.  That lets them stay. 

I still have my fabric to go thru.  The scary thing is Baby Girl has said that I have more fabric than yarn "and that's saying something!". 


I am going...to slowly chip away at that room.  Not only is there too much stuff in that room, but it is so disorganized that I cant really find what I need. 

I am wondering...how much stuff I will get rid off......I have a quilting hoop that I have never opened.  I haven't made a quilt in 5 years.  When I did, I machine quilted it.  I don't even like hand quilting. It will go.  Along with a lot of fabric that I just don't like anymore.  THIS is the part I'm having  a hard time with;  it's not necessarily getting rid of stuff, but the money I've spent on stuff I no longer like.  Such is the life of a crafter/stasher.  The lesson from it all is being a bit more choosy with my impulse shopping. 

I am reading...I bought a new All You magazine from Publix a couple of days ago.  It's still in the bag in the car.

I am hoping...for a quiet Monday.

I am looking forward to...school starting.  Did I mention it starts on Monday??

I am hearing....Baby Girl going on abt how excited she is for school to start.  Her purse is all set to go!  She's trying to decide what to wear her first day, and planning time to practice her clarinet before Monday.  "There's so much to do, Mom!"

Around the house...I cannot even begin to tell you how loaded a question this is......Right now, THIS is my biggest stress.

I am pondering...leaving everything behind and starting fresh (I am referring to my house, NOT my family.  They come with me.)

A favorite quote for today...
saw this on Facebook today and realized how much this is starting to pertain to me

One of my favorite things...
it's more of an addiction really.......

A few plans for the rest of the week: tomorrow will be orientation for both kids.  Friday will be at the high school listening and watching the band's half time show.  Saturday is the mall and Sunday will be a movie with some friends.  A great way to end the summer.

A peek into my day... #1 Son didn't have to be at Band Camp until 5pm so we all went out to Five Guys for lunch (again trying to end the summer on a good note).  Hmmm, their fries are fried in peanut oil.  NOT a good thing for Baby Girl.  She is allergic to peanuts.  And sesame seeds.  Guess what was on the bun?!?!  She ate her burger with just the bottom bun.  Even though she avoided most of the sesame seeds and anything fried, there must have been some cross contamination with the peanut oil (how can they avoid it really) and she started feeling bad before we left.  I gave her Benadryl when we got home and abt a half an hour later she felt fine (see the I Am Hearing post)

Right now I have Hemi on my lap as I type and tonight will be grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  Simple, easy and non reactive!

Anybody else wanna play?

Monday, August 12, 2013

I've come a long way baby!

I hate to frog.  I really do.  In fact I hardly ever do it.  Wait, hardly isn't the right word.  I NEVER rip back my knitting.  Unless it's really REALLY noticeable, I leave it be.  Just ask Dee.  Once when we were all together for a stitching day, her sock wasn't going according to plan.  So she stopped, pulled out all the needles and started to rip back.  I think I literally gasped!!  Our friends were more amazed by my facial expression than her ripping out the sock!  I told her I needed a heads up the next time she did that. 

So the fact that I ripped this sock back not once but TWICE is quite amazing for me.  However I am VERY glad I did.

I like it SO much better!!! 

The cuff and toe yarn is Kroy Muslin and the heel and foot yarn are some miscellaneous wool from the stash.  In fact I'm pretty sure I got them from Dee! 

Unfortunately I don't have enough yarn for both socks so the other sock will be VERY similar in color and striping, but not quite the same.  They will be twins, but fraternal ones.  I'm on the gusset of sock #2.  Hopefully I'll get more done when I go visit my sister.

What abt you?  When your knitting doesn't go according to plan, do you visit the frog pond or do you chalk it up as a design feature??

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bullet Point Sunday

  • Busy wknd so thought bullet points would be good.
  • Or annoying. 
  • Let's see how this goes.......in no particular order......

  • Saturday Sky.  Cuz I took the picture.  I take one every Saturday (for the most part) but I never seem to get it here in time to post it. 

  • The IO took #1 Son driving Saturday.  Yes, DRIVING!  He turns 15 in a couple of months (don't ask me how or when THAT happened) and the IO decided to take him to an abandoned development (unfortunately we have more than a couple locally) and let him try it out, from starting the van to driving around the empty streets.  He loved it and was amazed at how fast 25mph feels when YOU are the one behind the wheel.

  • While they are off on a driving lesson, my sister calls up with abdominal pain.  I came over to stay with her until my nephew could arrive and they went to the ER.  She ended up being admitted with diverticulitis.
  • When I went to visit her today I found out that two other ppl we know were in the same hospital on different floors. 
  • I ended up seeing more ppl than planned.

  • We've got most of our school shopping complete.  We need to hit the mall one more time next week to fill in what we are missing, but for the most part we are done.
  • School shopping for a teenaged girl (ok not quite a teenager, but close enough) is DIFFICULT!    Everything is either see-thru or really short.  We finally found some appropriate clothing at Kohl's and even that was a challenge that required sorting thru many racks.
  • Meanwhile #1 Son was done in an hour.
  • I have taught them well.  The first place they look?  Clearance!  Then the stuff on sale.  They don't even bother with the regular priced stuff.  AND they could care less about name brands.  They are more likely to look for what they like and what will last rather than who made it.  #1 Son especially does NOT understand how a plain blue t-shirt can cost $40 just because it has a horse (Ralph Lauren) or a flag (Tommy Hilfiger) on it. 
  • This makes me VERY happy!  I know it may not last, but they have realized that they can get more cool stuff on sale or clearance than when you shop regular retail.

  • One sock is done and I've started sock #2.  I will post abt that tomorrow. 
  • Sock knitting is perfect when you are waiting with a sick relative.

She's been forgetting Feline Fridays.  I posed just for you.  Now go away.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... It's 12:30pm, 90 degrees with a heat index of 106.  #1 Son has started band camp for marching band and I think of them all out in the heat.  They practice in shorts and tees, but I worry about when they actually have to wear their uniforms.....

I am thinking... this is going to be a busy year.  I've already added all the football games to my calendar.  I'll be chaperoning the away games so I'll be at every game this year.  This sounds like a lot of fun, but I can't help thinking       what just happened to my Friday nights????

I am thankful...for healthy children

In the kitchen... I plan on trying a new recipe today.  Cheesy Broccoli Patties.  I've been wanting to make them for awhile and I think today will be it.  They look really good and I'm hoping they taste as good as they look.  I'll sub out the onions for onion powder, but that looks like the only switch I'll make.

I am wearing...OLD clothes!  The kind that should be thrown out but just feel too nice to get rid of.  An old, faded 1995 Orlando Magic t-shirt with a pair of old navy shorts that are abt 15 years old.  The seam on one leg has ripped out.  They are old but they feel like buttah!

I am creating...making great progress on my sock.  I plan on working on it some more today.  It's been a very busy week and I haven't worked on it much, but today is the day that I am.  I'm almost done with the foot and hopefully will have a sock to show by the end of the week.  I may even pull out Too Pooped for a couple of strands. 

I am going...thru Baby Girl's closet and drawers.  It's been awhile since we've gone thru her room and it's the perfect time to start the new school year off right!  What helps is that she's moving on to middle school so a lot of what she wanted to keep in elementary she no longer wants.  This is good because she tends to be a bit of a hoarder.  I can't complain too much since I have those tendancies as well, but between the two of us we can weed thru stuff w/o giving anything she loves away.

I am wondering... what we'll find under her bed and in the back of the closet.....

I am reading...I've been going thru piles of old mags and newspapers and sticking what I want to read in the car.  As I wait in line for pick up, I will go thru my pile.  I also added a kitty blanket.  Since  #1 Son has already started back to school with band camp  I'm back to waiting in car lines.....  Here's to getting more knitting and reading done!!

I am hoping...I have the energy for high school.

I am looking forward to... getting Baby Girl's room clean. To add incentive, I told her whatever she sells at the yard sale I plan on having in Oct, she gets to keep the money!

I am hearing......the a/c.  THAT IS IT!!!!  The IO is at work, #1 Son is at Band Camp and Baby Girl is at a friend's house.  Can I tell you how much I'm enjoying this????

Around the house...still going thru piles.  I'm finding stuff from last school year that is no longer needed so I'm throwing tons out.  I *am* avoiding the office/craft room.  That room gives me the shakes.  I should just put on some music, pour some wine and just start!!!! 

I am pondering... the wisdom of "One Day at a Time".  It's not just for alcoholics anymore! (hmmmm, kind of ironic my ponderings when I just mentioned pouring some wine....)

A favorite quote for today...
maybe I just need rebooting.....

One of my favorite things...about last week was seeing something I had never seen in real life before.  I saw a hummingbird!!!!  I've seen them in pictures but never in person before!  It was chirping which caught my attention and I had to do a double take.  I didn't know they chirped!!!  I thought of pulling out my phone to take a picture but I knew that if I turned away it would fly off.  Apparently it likes my flowering shrubs in my front yard and I've seen it twice so far.  VERY cool!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week....band camp for #1 Son, back to school shopping for both kids, and  rescheduling some appts that I've made.  One thing I am trying to keep in mind are my limitations.  Too much on the plate just makes me grumpy.  And when I feel grumpy and have no time for knitting (they go hand in hand) well I need to prioritize what's going on.

A peek into my day...I will continue to listen to the quiet for a little while longer before I start laundry. 

To play, go here.