Bullet Point Sunday

  • Busy wknd so thought bullet points would be good.
  • Or annoying. 
  • Let's see how this goes.......in no particular order......

  • Saturday Sky.  Cuz I took the picture.  I take one every Saturday (for the most part) but I never seem to get it here in time to post it. 

  • The IO took #1 Son driving Saturday.  Yes, DRIVING!  He turns 15 in a couple of months (don't ask me how or when THAT happened) and the IO decided to take him to an abandoned development (unfortunately we have more than a couple locally) and let him try it out, from starting the van to driving around the empty streets.  He loved it and was amazed at how fast 25mph feels when YOU are the one behind the wheel.

  • While they are off on a driving lesson, my sister calls up with abdominal pain.  I came over to stay with her until my nephew could arrive and they went to the ER.  She ended up being admitted with diverticulitis.
  • When I went to visit her today I found out that two other ppl we know were in the same hospital on different floors. 
  • I ended up seeing more ppl than planned.

  • We've got most of our school shopping complete.  We need to hit the mall one more time next week to fill in what we are missing, but for the most part we are done.
  • School shopping for a teenaged girl (ok not quite a teenager, but close enough) is DIFFICULT!    Everything is either see-thru or really short.  We finally found some appropriate clothing at Kohl's and even that was a challenge that required sorting thru many racks.
  • Meanwhile #1 Son was done in an hour.
  • I have taught them well.  The first place they look?  Clearance!  Then the stuff on sale.  They don't even bother with the regular priced stuff.  AND they could care less about name brands.  They are more likely to look for what they like and what will last rather than who made it.  #1 Son especially does NOT understand how a plain blue t-shirt can cost $40 just because it has a horse (Ralph Lauren) or a flag (Tommy Hilfiger) on it. 
  • This makes me VERY happy!  I know it may not last, but they have realized that they can get more cool stuff on sale or clearance than when you shop regular retail.

  • One sock is done and I've started sock #2.  I will post abt that tomorrow. 
  • Sock knitting is perfect when you are waiting with a sick relative.

She's been forgetting Feline Fridays.  I posed just for you.  Now go away.


Anonymous said…
OMGosh ...hope your sister is feeling better soon. Diverticulitis is PAINFUL!

I had it a couple of years ago. I thought I was having a heart attack --- arms AND legs went completely numb. Called the ambulance and everything! Spent 8 hrs. in ER waiting ---YIKES. A miserable situation all the way around.

Anonymous said…
Sorry your Sister is having such a rough time of it, and I hope all is well soon.

Is the driving age lower in Fla? Here it is 16 before a teen can get their learner's permit. But I've heard that in the South, it is a little younger. You son and daughter are both growing up very quickly. But then, don't they all? Looking ahead it seems like you will have plenty of time to prepare. But then the day comes, and you wonder where the time went, it was gone so fast. Make the most of what you have now, it will be gone much too quickly. :)
kathy b said…
My children, grown, go to the Clearance racks first ALWAys and IM so proud of them.

Zach the new teacher! is finishing his teacher's wardrobe. I went with him to Macy's and Gap today.
IM sooo proud of him.

Knitting is good while you wait wait wait at hospitals!

Love the bullet point approach. Love it and I use it too
Linda said…
Hope your sister is better soon Lynn. I have had that about 3 times. Very painful.
Love the caption you wrote under the kitty.


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