I've come a long way baby!

I hate to frog.  I really do.  In fact I hardly ever do it.  Wait, hardly isn't the right word.  I NEVER rip back my knitting.  Unless it's really REALLY noticeable, I leave it be.  Just ask Dee.  Once when we were all together for a stitching day, her sock wasn't going according to plan.  So she stopped, pulled out all the needles and started to rip back.  I think I literally gasped!!  Our friends were more amazed by my facial expression than her ripping out the sock!  I told her I needed a heads up the next time she did that. 

So the fact that I ripped this sock back not once but TWICE is quite amazing for me.  However I am VERY glad I did.

I like it SO much better!!! 

The cuff and toe yarn is Kroy Muslin and the heel and foot yarn are some miscellaneous wool from the stash.  In fact I'm pretty sure I got them from Dee! 

Unfortunately I don't have enough yarn for both socks so the other sock will be VERY similar in color and striping, but not quite the same.  They will be twins, but fraternal ones.  I'm on the gusset of sock #2.  Hopefully I'll get more done when I go visit my sister.

What abt you?  When your knitting doesn't go according to plan, do you visit the frog pond or do you chalk it up as a design feature??


Anonymous said…
Well, you KNOW what I do! LOL

You didn't just gasp, you broke out in a cold sweat and were just short of hives! LOL

Yep, that pink was from me. Can't wait to see how the other one goes with it. Crazy socks are SO much fun.

(The verification word is SMUTIES ...really???? Smuties????? LOL)
Linda said…
It depends on how bad the error is. If I can work around it and it's not too noticeable, it stays. If it's going to cause problems later on with patterning, it gets frogged. But that might take a few days, many deep breaths, and a totally calm mind and body. I do admit, though, that after frogging and starting over, I'm a much happier knitter!
Anonymous said…
I'm a frogger. Been doing it for over 60 years. Probably because I am too fussy, but I've never regretted it. When I'm done I have something I'm pleased with and proud of. And you can be pleased and proud as well. Your sock really is lovely. Very good work, and well worth the effort when this is the end result. :)
Linda said…
What a cute sock Lynn. I love the colors. I don't care to knit. The little I have done, with errors, I knit off backwards because I can't pull out the needles and put them back it. Crochet is simple. It's not fun either to rip out in stitching.

I'm with you on the ripping - unless it's a critical error - I leave it. That ship has sailed, the time spent redoing is too precious. And the projects that do get frogged, rarely get cast on again.
Susan said…
I tink back if I can but I really don't mind frogging something if I can't fix it. Philosophically it just means more knitting and I knit because I like to.
VCFibers said…
It depends on how far into the project that I am. If it's just a few inches then I'll frog it but if it's more than that I'll probably stick with it. Unfortunately, I have more than a few projects that I probably should rip back because I"m not in love with the project but can't bring myself to do it! These UFOs end up sitting around...for years some times.

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