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Outside my window...  It. IS. HOT!  My car said it was 99 degrees around 4pm.  My computer told me it was 93 with a heat index of 108.  Thankfully the rains came and it is now a cool 81 degrees.   

I am thinking... how I envy snow birds.

I am thankful... that most of the school shopping is over.  I still have to go to the mall on Saturday, but it's for only one store and I plan to be in and out.  School starts Monday and the mall is going to be a zoo!

In the kitchen...  I know I tried a new recipe since my last daybook entry, but I cant remember what it was.  I haven't tried the broccoli patties yet so nothing to report there....

I am wearing... a pink Mickey t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating... still on sock #2, but I am on the main part of the foot.  I did go into my craft room to go thru a couple of the plastic bins and I'm happy to say that I did get rid of abt an inch of books/pamphlets/patterns.  I have SO much more to get rid of but I am happy I did that much.  The problem is that the stuff I'm running into I still want to do ~or~ I want to keep.  For example, those familiar with Lavender and Lace (they are HUGE intricate cross stitch patterns) know how big and involved they are.  I have abt 5 of them that I will NOT get rid of.  I will never do them, but just looking at them still makes me smile.  That lets them stay. 

I still have my fabric to go thru.  The scary thing is Baby Girl has said that I have more fabric than yarn "and that's saying something!". 


I am slowly chip away at that room.  Not only is there too much stuff in that room, but it is so disorganized that I cant really find what I need. 

I am much stuff I will get rid off......I have a quilting hoop that I have never opened.  I haven't made a quilt in 5 years.  When I did, I machine quilted it.  I don't even like hand quilting. It will go.  Along with a lot of fabric that I just don't like anymore.  THIS is the part I'm having  a hard time with;  it's not necessarily getting rid of stuff, but the money I've spent on stuff I no longer like.  Such is the life of a crafter/stasher.  The lesson from it all is being a bit more choosy with my impulse shopping. 

I am reading...I bought a new All You magazine from Publix a couple of days ago.  It's still in the bag in the car.

I am hoping...for a quiet Monday.

I am looking forward starting.  Did I mention it starts on Monday??

I am hearing....Baby Girl going on abt how excited she is for school to start.  Her purse is all set to go!  She's trying to decide what to wear her first day, and planning time to practice her clarinet before Monday.  "There's so much to do, Mom!"

Around the house...I cannot even begin to tell you how loaded a question this is......Right now, THIS is my biggest stress.

I am pondering...leaving everything behind and starting fresh (I am referring to my house, NOT my family.  They come with me.)

A favorite quote for today...
saw this on Facebook today and realized how much this is starting to pertain to me

One of my favorite things...
it's more of an addiction really.......

A few plans for the rest of the week: tomorrow will be orientation for both kids.  Friday will be at the high school listening and watching the band's half time show.  Saturday is the mall and Sunday will be a movie with some friends.  A great way to end the summer.

A peek into my day... #1 Son didn't have to be at Band Camp until 5pm so we all went out to Five Guys for lunch (again trying to end the summer on a good note).  Hmmm, their fries are fried in peanut oil.  NOT a good thing for Baby Girl.  She is allergic to peanuts.  And sesame seeds.  Guess what was on the bun?!?!  She ate her burger with just the bottom bun.  Even though she avoided most of the sesame seeds and anything fried, there must have been some cross contamination with the peanut oil (how can they avoid it really) and she started feeling bad before we left.  I gave her Benadryl when we got home and abt a half an hour later she felt fine (see the I Am Hearing post)

Right now I have Hemi on my lap as I type and tonight will be grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  Simple, easy and non reactive!

Anybody else wanna play?


Anonymous said…
How is that ALL YOU magazine? I've seen it on the shelves, but haven't bought one.

Good luck to both the kids with their new schools. Is Bill @ Eustice HS?
kathy b said…
So sorry she had a reaction to the fast food. It must be so hard to try to control it .

MMM grilled cheese is so decadent to me...Crunchy outside, creamy inside...THat may just be our dinner here too
Linda said…
So sad baby girl had a reaction but glad you caught it in time. Give a Hemi a hug for me.

Anonymous said…
Wow, a huge difference between temperatures there in Florida, and her in NE PA. I awoke to 46º this morning, bright sunshine, and heavy dew on the grass. The maple trees have begun turning. Fall is definitely on the way. LOL

I'm not quite ready for anything cooler quite yet, but I'm very happy NOT to be seeing 90º on my thermometer too. :)

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