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Outside my's another hot one,  88 degrees with a heat index of 95.  It's been really really rainy this past week, but today seems to be a sunny one.  I've been catching up on blogs the past couple of days and I'm seeing ppl start talking abt that *feeling* of fall in the air.  Hmmm.  Not getting ANY of that here!!

I am thinking... I want to schedule in some stitching/knitting time when I'm not completely tired.

I am thankful...that paperwork I've been working on is done!  SLOWLY getting organized.  The house may not look like it, but my bills and budget are in place!!

In the kitchen...I've been trying new recipes!  I FINALLY made those broccoli cheese patties last night.  Well lets just say they are NOT a keeper!  They wouldn't stay in patty form so I put the entire mixture into a pie pan and baked it.  It was ok, but not worth making again, YMMV. 

Second one up is the Spicy Turkey and Green Bean Stir fry.  This one was interesting.  It called for ground turkey and honestly that was the part nobody liked!  I made some modifications, subbed peas for green beans, white rice instead of basmati rice, didn't do the chile paste or sour pickle, and used olive oil instead of vegetable oil.  Would I make this one again?  Yes, but maybe with chicken instead of ground turkey.  They didn't care for the texture.  However the entire pan was finished!

Last new recipe is Beef & Cheddar Casserole.  Again I made my modifications, used only a 1/2 cup sour cream instead of 1.5 cups, didn't add the peppers or the scallions and used spaghetti sauce instead of the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste.  Again it was eaten but the fam wasn't sure abt it.  Would I make it again?  Yes, but instead of sour cream I'd use ricotta and instead of cheddar cheese I'd add mozzarella.  It was very similar to a lasagna, esp since it calls for egg noodles. 

Tonight's dinner will be simple, I'm making homemade tomato sauce and will boil up some mini raviolis and will probably throw in some meatballs.

 I am capris and an underwater themed t-shirt.  I'll add the black flip flops when I go drop off one kid and pick up the other.

I am creating...I've added a bit more to the Oddball Charity blanket.  I've got abt 2.5" done.  Once I hit that 5" mark it will go on to the last person.  Crazy thing is it only requires another 16 rows, but when a row has almost 200 stitches, it seems to really move slowly.....

I am continue working on my pile of papers.  I want to revamp the filing cabinets, shred stuff I no longer need, etc.  In order to do this I need to make a pathway to my filing cabinets!.  They are in the office/craft room and have stuff piled on top of and in front of them.  You will be hearing abt this project for awhile;  I need to do this in small doses since it feels quite overwhelming.  PLUS I can really only do it while the kids are in school so I can avoid those interruptions of "he's in my room" or "she yelled at me for no reason" conversations.....

I am long this project will really take me.

I am reading....catching up on blogs, school stuff that I need to fill out and sign.  I did request some books from the library (I want to revisit Judy Blume) and will be setting aside some time to read a bit each day.

I am start walking a mile in the morning again.  That has been a goal of mine for quite some time.  When we had a gym membership at the beginning of the year I did more movement, but now I sit too much and feel stiffer than I should.  Walking a mile is DOABLE!  And the mornings aren't so hot that I'll pass out. 

I am looking forward to...Monday.  It is Labor Day and we are going to celebrate it by doing NOTHING!

I am hearing......the hum of a/c.  #1 Son did have Lost on, but now he's hustling to get ready for band practice.

Around the's a work in progress.....

I am pondering...what my October will be like.  I have a few deadlines in September that could affect what October brings.  

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...I want to say my van, but I'm going to post about one of YOUR favorite things!
When did the new neighbors move in?!?!
Hemi's getting quite the following!! 

 A few plans for the rest of the week:  meeting up with a friend of mine who is cancer free!!  She got a clean bill of health last month and she was able to get her port out last week.  We've been wanting to celebrate for some time, but if I wait to take her to dinner, it will never happen.  Instead we will hit either Dunkin Donuts or the newly opened Starbucks.  Her choice.  Add in high school football on Friday night.  Its local so I'll get to sit and enjoy it.  I signed up to help with the away games and I have NO idea what I'm in for. 

A peek into my day...finishing up paperwork, running to bank, driving thru Taco Bell then running thru grocery store before I pick up #1 Son.  Made him a grilled ham and cheese and started this post before we run back out for band practice and picking up Baby Girl.  Whoever said my life would be boring as a stay at home mom was SO totally wrong!!  Still wouldn't trade it for a full time PAID job, I'm having too much fun! (for the most part anyway....)

Here you go, if you want to play!


Linda said…
I so love reading these posts Lynn. And another Hemi pic so soon. lol I just love the captions that you put under their pictures. Sounds like its busy time again. I would love to come and help.

Anonymous said…
Oh I remember those away band trips! LOL
Sandra Knapp said…
On those Broccoli-cheese patties, maybe you could have added a 1/2 dozen scrambled eggs, when you baked it, and you would have ended up with something quiche-like. I love those.

I probably would have enjoyed the Turkey-green been stir fry, but not using ground meat, but maybe 1" chunks of breast meat or strips, instead. I love Basmatti rice myself, so I would have been fine with that part too. Since the pan was emptied, it couldn't have been too horrible. LOL

It seems you are very busy right now. Not sure if you like it that way or not. :)
kathy b said…
I have not tried any new recipes lately. You are adventuresome.
Paperwork in order is ongoing here!

I love your daybook entries !!!
Hi hemi
Thanks for the comment! I enjoyed reading your daybook. You're so busy! I put a lot of things off until 'tomorrow.' :)
Knittymuggins said…
I love this post - what a great idea to share your thoughts in this way! Sorry the recipes haven't all worked out :( I know the feeling! Seems like the last few I've tried have been duds too. Oh well, you're bound to find some winners soon!

Best of luck on your "paper project"! I certainly understand how you're feeling about a project like that, since I have one of my own. Just keep plugging away & you'll get there :)

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