Weekend Update - bullet point style!!!

School is in session!

  • First day of high school:

  • First day of middle school:

  • First football game of the season:

Actually it was preseason.  Varsity played first half, JV played second half.  We tanked the first half and came alive the second half.  The score was tied at the end of the game but since varsity only played the first half, it counts as a loss.  Not sure I like these rules.....AND I never knew how passionate high school football was around here!  The ABC affiliate has a Friday night special news segment of all the high school games played in Central Florida!  Who knew???

It's called Cutie Patootie and I'm adding in some pink left over from a sweater I made Baby Girl.  I got it last Saturday, put in 8 rows immediately and it sat all week long until today.  I really thought I'd be having more downtime but I've spent more time on the phone with household business than I thought!  Now that the kids are back in school I'm realizing how disorganized I've become so I've been making phone calls, doing paperwork, etc.   Also they've changed bus routes locally which means there are a LOT more kids walking/car riding to school.  It has been a zoo @ the middle school!  We do not have safe walking streets for these kids, we have major roads w/o crosswalks or guards/police to help them across.  There has been a LOT of outcry from a lot of parents, including an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss this issue.  Havent heard a thing since.  We'll see what happens.  I'm all for saving a buck where we can, but when it starts to impact the safety of the kids' travel to and from school, we need to rethink where we've made those budget cuts.

  • Friday Felines:  Tiger stopped by for a quick visit on Friday.  She still lives with our neighbor, but I'm happy that she still comes around to say hello.  She not only let me scratch the top of her head but also under her neck!!!  Progress!!

  • Saturday Sky:

This is my scary afternoon sky over a local lake

and the same lake a couple of hours later.

Gotta love Florida weather!!!

Hmmmm,  I like the numbered bullet points better, but apparently you cant add them after you've started a series.....Oh well, you get the point.  Hope you're all having a fantastic wknd!!!


Linda said…
Yippee!! The kids are back in school. Sure glad Tiger stopped by for a visit. That is crazy looking weather. I be needing my Hemi fix soon. lol

Anonymous said…
The charity blanket is adorable!

Good luck to the kids this year. I hope they both have a wonderful time in their new schools.
Bridget said…
Even though I don't have kids, I'm always surprised and a little sad when school starts every year. I hope they both have a good year!
Sandra Knapp said…
The kids are growing way too fast!! I hope they both have a great year.

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