Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
we've got a front hovering over Central Florida which means lots and lots of rain.  I am LOVING  it!  We'll be back to sunny days by Friday.  AND they are forecasting temps in the 60s for our lows during the wknd!  LOVING that too!!

I am thinking... we might actually get some fall weather after all!!!

I am thankful... for the rain.  While there are places (like Colorado) that are getting too much of the stuff,  I truly enjoy a day of clouds and gentle rain. 

In the kitchen...no new recipes this past week.   Tonight I'm making pork chops with glazed carrots and most likely mac and cheese.  I've got some chicken breasts in the fridge and chicken thighs in the freezer so I've got dinner for the next few nights.  I think I'll look thru my pinterest boards and see what exciting thing I can make with them.  Something different than what I normally do.

I am wearing... a baggy ripped t-shirt.  You can always tell when I'm in for the day!  (I'll add shorts when I pick up the kids, but the shirt will most likely stay put!) 

I am creating... I'm making  progress on my sock and kitty blanket.  I think I'm abt an inch from finishing that blanket and I just started the heel of sock #1. 

I am going...to set the timer and spend 15 min in each room today.  Some days the only motivation I have is from the Flylady.  I can do most anything for 15 min. 

I am wondering... when that motivation might kick in.  Between the rain and Hemi on my lap, I'm not sure I want to move anytime soon.  Thankfully I have my knitting and the remote is in reach.

I am reading/watching... I'm catching up on blogs.  I also read a lot of news sites.   I realize that I do still read, it's just not anything fun.  The majority of what I read is for informational purposes only.  (This does not include my blog reading.  That is for enjoyment, I just don't do it often enough)    I really need to change that.

However.....the new Fall Season has started!!!  My Mondays just aren't complete without my Castle.  Love this show.  Love Nathan Fillion.  He seems like SO much fun!  Also I'm happy How I Met Your Mother is back.  It's their final season, and since I hate goodbyes, this makes me sad.  I watched Mom (a new show) and didn't really care for it.  Tonight I'm looking forward to NCIS.  Ziva is leaving and I'm HOPING she's not killed off. 

I get WAY too invested in these fictional characters......   What did you watch last night?

I am hoping... to get our seasonal passes for Disney reactivated.  Disney in the fall and winter are my favorite times to go.  It's not hot, it's not too crowded (as long as you avoid the weeks involving a major holiday), and they redid some of the areas in Magic Kingdom.  I don't care how old I get, Disney will always be a favorite place to go. 

I am looking forward to... the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  It starts this wknd (I think) and will last thru November.

I am hearing:  the hum of the bathroom fan, some squirrels galloping across the roof and a snorting kitty cat.  That is it!  No tv, no radio, no fighting cats, no fighting children, no phones ringing for requests to do things (since I'm at home I obviously sit around doing nothing all day long).  I'm enjoying the quiet while I can because lately those times are few and far between.

Around the house... I bought myself some flowers. 

When you walk into my grocery store, one of the first things you see is the floral department.  I usually walk past, but yesterday I just felt the need to bring some flowers home.  They make me smile which is reason enough to get them!!

I am pondering... this blog post.  The Daybook really makes me focus on the little things that matter, like flowers, a crazy cat or some gorgeous yarn.  Even when I think I can't find anything positive to say, I will always find something.......

A favorite quote for today...

Saw this on Facebook today and felt it said a lot!

One of my favorite things...coffee.  When I was younger I never needed coffee to wake up.  However once I had two kids and needed to work part time I started to drink the stuff.  I've been hooked ever since!  It's the only way I can function on 6.5 hours of sleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Baby Girl has a dentist appointment on Friday and we have the football game Friday night.

A peek into my day...  I have two hours before I need to pick up #1 Son.  I'm trying to decide what I should start first,  laundry or bathrooms??  Hmmm, I think I need to sit and think abt this for awhile.  Thank goodness knitting and tv remotes are close at hand.......snorting orange kitty cats can be so distracting!!!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
after I went to Target this morning, I noticed a hawk in my driveway!!!  At first I thought it was injured because it kept clawing at the grass, but then I realized it was going after something!  I pulled over and just watched it for a couple of minutes.  Finally I slowly pulled into my driveway and it flew away.  I have NO idea what it was going after because by the time I got out,  it was gone.

And for those who enjoy my weather reports, its 89 degrees with a heat index of 100. 

 I am thinking... that all I want to do tonight is knit.

I am thankful... for my local library.  Even though I don't read as much as I used to, I utilize it a lot for the kids.  I don't mind spending $8 for a  paperback (it's the same price as a movie) but hardcovers can get pretty pricey!

In the kitchen... Sunday morning I made some Pillsbury biscuits, the kind that come in the exploding can.  They looked a bit weird when I put them in the oven but I thought it was because I kept them in the freezer too long (I like to put them in the freezer while the oven preheats, it helps make them light and fluffy!).  I also haven't been feeling great and while they didn't taste *bad* when I ate one, they tasted off.  I didn't think much of it until I threw the can out.

It said best before June 18, 2013.  Explains a lot!

I am wearing... a pink Mickey Mouse t-shirt and beige shorts.  I'll be adding black flip flops when I go pick up Baby Girl

I am creating...I started another pair of socks.

This will be for a man, just not sure which one yet!  Both the IO and #1 Son already have a pair and don't really want more (don't know what's wrong with them!).  I may either give them to a friend who has chronic health issues, or they will go into a bin for my SIL who does missionary work. 

I'm also making progress on the kitty afghan.

It's strictly car knitting and I figure I have abt 4 or 5 more inches before I run out of yarn.  I have more yarn in the bag to start another one when that is finished.

I am going...to start dinner once I finish this post.  It's Taco Tuesday in these parts and burritos are on the menu!!  (close enough!)

I am wondering...what is wrong with my cell phone.  I used to get my emails sent to it and I could also forward a picture from my phone to my emails and I cant do either anymore.  I must have hit a button and reset something......

I am reading...nothing other than Facebook and blogs.  I should change this to I am watching because I do much more of that!  In fact since the new tv season is starting I think I will!!  BTW anybody a Burn Notice fan??  What did you think of the last episode of the series?!?!? 

I am hoping... for the best.  It's all you can do when circumstances are beyond your control.

I am looking forward to... the high school football game Friday night.  There is a big difference between a small town public high school (us) and a big city private school (them), namely their field!!!  Ours looks like your typical high school football field, but the private school has a field that looks like a college arena!  You can't miss it, it's next to their Olympic sized pool. 

 I am hearing..... #1 Son watch an old episode of The Big Bang Theory.  I can't see him but I know he's got his face in his Ipod while listening to the show.  The kid is decompressing from school and chilling before band practice in a half hour.  He's got a lot going and I have no issues when he just wants to zone out.

Around the house... another question I don't like.  I *am* making progress with my mountain of paperwork.  I had three baskets filled with papers.  I'm down to two and I know what's in them!!! 

I am pondering...If I'll ever get caught up.

A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things.......

My Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Extra Fine Point Rollerball Pen.  I LOVE this pen.  It's my favorite of all pens.  And I'm not the only one.  It goes missing often!  I finally gave one to everybody AND keep a secret stash for me. 

 A few plans for the rest of the week: I only have the game scheduled this week.  I'm trying to keep a flexible schedule.

A peek into my day... once the kids were off to school I ran errands.  One thing I have found out, if you watch sales and use coupons, make sure they ring up correctly!!!  I found $8 worth of errors in my receipt!  This is why I try to check it before I leave the store. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Feline Friday Finishes

Finished sock #2 earlier today.

I now have a pair of fraternal socks.

Very close in style and colors, yet different enough to make you look twice. 

I will be casting on another pair later this afternoon.

Since this is Friday the 13th I decided to post a pic of one of my black kitties.
October 2004 - 18 yrs
Sheba was one of three that we owned at the same time.  She was the first kitty I had as a married lady and she lived to be in her 20th year of life.  Still miss that cat. 

So as you can see no superstitions here.  I've been owned by black cats, the IO used to break mirror for a living, I've walked under ladders just because.   If these were truly bad luck I'd be dead by now!

Happy Triskaidekaphobia!!
(my old advertising boss used this as a marketing tool and its stuck with me ever since!!)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
I kinda feel like a broken record with this one.  It's hot.  Heat index in 90s.  HOWEVER, there is a breeze in the evenings that's rather pleasant so we are slowly moving away from center-of-sun temps.

I also planted a basil plant.

I cant seem to grow a plant from seeds so I went to Lowes and bought  one instead.   Let's see how long before I kill it.

I am thinking...I say yes too often when it comes to volunteering at the school.

I am thankful...that the uniforms I was hemming are DONE!!  Black thread on black fabric is KILLER on the eyes.  As if that wasn't bad enough, lets add some black fir.....

In the kitchen...it was going to be Taco Tuesday today, but Baby Girl is not feeling well so we'll save that for tomorrow and instead I'll be making Grandma's Chicken.

I am wearing...a VERY old t-shirt from (I think) my days in Ft Lauderdale.  That would make this shirt almost 20 yrs old, but you can't beat the softness;  add some grey shorts and you've got the ensemble.

I am creating...Remember this scarf? 

I decided that I did NOT like it, cast it off the needles and it's now waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.  I'm thinking a doorway draft snake.  I really didn't like working on it, the colors were horrendous so I figured why keep going??  I considered ripping it back (I KNOW!) but there are too many color changes and I'd end up with a bunch of yarn that's too small to do anything with.  At lease this way it can still become something useful.  I can see it as a snake.

Wonder what else I can rip back. I seem to be on a roll.

I am going...to unload and reload the dishwasher after I finish this post.  Don't let the excitement consume you.

I am wondering... what kind of fruit/veggie this is.  Anybody know??

After I planted my basil this AM, I went looking for the hose.  I found this instead.  I have NO idea what this is, but apparently it's growing wild on the side of my house. 
Any thoughts????

 I am reading...I've tried re-reading Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing but I just couldn't get into it.  Not sure if any of her old books will be interesting to me anymore. I think I need to find something a bit more age appropriate.

I am hoping...to start something new with yarn.  Just not sure what yet.

I am looking forward to... October.  It will be cooler and some of the stresses of Sept will be over. 

I am hearing... the bathroom fan.  It's a new one, but apparently it was faulty when we bought it.  Instead of returning it, the IO takes these things as a challenge and *fixes* them.  Does it work?  Yes, but the fan does not run at a consistent speed.

Around the house...the IO has been winding our bleeding heart vine thru the lattice in our fence and with all the rain we've been having it's been growing really well. 

He also relocated our honeysuckle and will try to do the same to it.

It's growing much slower than the bleeding heart, but there is new growth so it gets to stay.  What I find fascinating abt these guys is that we planted them over 10 years ago and while they may die back, they keep coming back every year.  My kind of plant!

I am pondering... how fiscally sound it was to purchase a basil plant from Lowes instead of the grocery store.  The store came in a pot and sold for $3.99.  Lowes came in a disintegrating pot which required it to be replanted.  I had a pot, but no soil.  So while the basil plant was cheaper at Lowes than Publix, it cost me more in the end. 

This is gonna be one expensive caprese salad!

 A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...
I really do try to come up with different things but he still seems to win out! 


 A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm helping out at the book fair on Thursday, PTO meeting on Friday morning, and an away game Friday night.  This is what's left AFTER I rescheduled some other volunteer plans.

A peek into my day...she likes to help me in the garden.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Saturday Sky

I am SO happy it's the wknd!  Weekends tend to blur when you are home on summer break, but when you have a schedule during the week, weekends become more important and special. 

I know I blather on a bit abt life here at Happy Acres,  but it's not all abt kids and laundry, there is actual crafting going on as well!!! 

I've finished my section of the Oddball baby blanket.

This is such a cute and happy blanket!  The pattern I used for my section is a 3x3 rib on one side and a 1x1 rib for the other. 

I mailed it off on Friday.

Another thing I mailed off on Friday was my magic yarn ball.  Since I doubt my swap partner reads my blog, I will post what I sent.  This is what it all looked like before I got started.

And here it is in it's quirky glory!!

This swap was in honor of  the tv show Burn Notice ending.  It's going to be a tough episode to watch so we came up with a swap to ease our pain.

No pics of my socks, but I'm abt 2" from finishing the foot of sock #2.  I really need to put some time in it, I am SO close to finishing it!!  I also keep a kitty blanket in the car for those long car riding lines for  Baby Girl.  I'll try to post them tomorrow.

I'm making progress with Too Pooped as well.  Putting in a strand or two every couple of days DOES make a difference!!  The last time I posted a pic of Too Pooped was back in July.

My progress in 1.5 months.

It may seem like nothing to some of you, but considering this project has been languishing for SO long, I'm so happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel for it!!! 

There will be more sewing happening today, but that's because I have 5 or 6 uniforms to hem.  Sometimes I wonder why I volunteer for certain jobs.....

It's Saturday

and some of you are getting gorgeous fall weather.  I wish we were, so far WeatherUnderground says we are at 88 but it feels like 99.  If only the wave of pumpkin spice hitting the stores and restaurants would trigger cooler weather for us as well.....

Lucy says to enjoy your weekend!!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
  it's a lovely sunny day today.  According to Weather Underground it's 85 degrees.  Sunny and warm.  Sounds nice, except for the 95 degree heat index!  The nights are cooling off ever. so. slightly, but the days still feel like the center of the sun.

I am thinking...about different parenting styles.  We all want the best for our kids and I truly believe most parents do the best they can for their children.  However I don't think it's a great idea to call a parent out in front of their kid.  Case in point.  My daughter is 11 years old.  While she may look and act older, she is still 11.  She is not allowed to date.  I don't think this is being unreasonable.  SHE IS ELEVEN!  She has a friend who has been allowed to date since she was nine.  Her other friend will be allowed to date when she is 12 (in two months).  And when I say date I mean being dropped off at the movies or mall by themselves or getting  alone time to hold hands and kiss.  These are decisions that are being made by their parents, and while I don't agree with them, I respect the fact that this is their family rule. Unfortunately this is not always reciprocated.   A parent asked Baby Girl when she would be allowed to date, and  she said when she's old enough to get married.  (according to the IO this wont be until she's 30, but I digress).  She looked at Baby Girl with horror and said, "You poor thing."  Apparently wanting to wait for your daughter to date until she's a little older qualifies as child abuse.

Meanwhile I have another friend who is just now allowing her son to use the restroom alone.  He is 16 and looks 25.  Again different rules for different families.

I am thankful...for good kids.  They *seem* well adjusted, but I still have a therapy fund set up for both of them.   You know, just in case....

In the kitchen...  I tried a new marinade for some rib eye I got on sale last week, and while it was good (1/2 cup bbq sauce, 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar), I still like my rib eye marinade free.  I have NO idea what dinner will be the rest of the week.  I need to go food shopping (probably tomorrow) which means I need to come up with some kind of a plan.......

I am wearing... big blue t-shirt and beige shorts

I am creating...I am almost done with the charity afghan, I added one or two more strands in my Too Pooped kitty, and I'm trying to get all my items set up for a Magic Yarn Ball swap I'm in.  For those of you who don't know what this is, you basically roll up some yarn into a ball while adding little goodies to the ball as you go!  You can add stitch markers or other notions, snacks, a pattern, etc.  I'll post a pic of my magic ball once the recipient receives it.

I am going...to get some Chinese food for lunch today.   I'm in the mood for some pork fried rice.

I am wondering...what kind of lives and experiences Baby Girl's friends will have by the time they are 16.  Same holds true for #1 Son. 

I am reading...I'm revisiting some of  the authors of my youth.  I have abt 4 or 5 books by Judy Blume in the back of my van.  First one up is Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  She has a couple of new books I've never read that are added to the pile.  After I finish Judy Blume I will move on to a couple of books that were my favorites growing up.  Encyclopedia Brown, Mrs Piggle Wiggle, My Darling My Hamburger.  I'm interested in seeing my take on them now.

I am hoping...to get to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival this year.  It starts in a couple of weeks, but I will wait until the weather cools down a bit more before I go.

I am looking forward to...the wknd.  It should be a quiet one.

I am hearing.....nothing and it's lovely!!  While I love going out with friends and having ppl over, I really enjoy my quiet time.

Around the house...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  

I am pondering...the length of time I will get before I will need to replace my drain field.

A favorite quote for today...

 One of my favorite things... coffee.  I prefer Starbucks, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the Publix house blend......

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I will be picking up band uniforms to hem for next week's game.  I think they told me I would get abt five to work on.  Hopefully they wont be too involved.  I am also helping out at the Book Fair, counting money for the  band fund raiser, and chaperoning for the away game on Friday.  Yes you can tell school  is in session!!

A peek into my day...  I've been up since 6:30am, got both kids off to school, went back to the middle school for Baby Girl since she left home both her reading book AND her music book (it may be Tues on the calendar but it's a Monday in every sense of the word!)  Got two loads of laundry done, phone calls made and I'm trying to motivate myself to either clean the kitchen or get a list together for grocery shopping.  And it's not even noon yet!!!  I'm still waiting for those bored-out-of-my-mind days of being a stay at home mom........

Then again I'm thinking of joining Hemi,  he's got the right idea!!

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