Feline Friday Finishes

Finished sock #2 earlier today.

I now have a pair of fraternal socks.

Very close in style and colors, yet different enough to make you look twice. 

I will be casting on another pair later this afternoon.

Since this is Friday the 13th I decided to post a pic of one of my black kitties.
October 2004 - 18 yrs
Sheba was one of three that we owned at the same time.  She was the first kitty I had as a married lady and she lived to be in her 20th year of life.  Still miss that cat. 

So as you can see no superstitions here.  I've been owned by black cats, the IO used to break mirror for a living, I've walked under ladders just because.   If these were truly bad luck I'd be dead by now!

Happy Triskaidekaphobia!!
(my old advertising boss used this as a marketing tool and its stuck with me ever since!!)


Linda said…
Love the socks Lynn. Sheba was a pretty girl.
I have a persian that is 18 and half and still going strong.

Anonymous said…
Cute socks!
Sandra Knapp said…
Love the socks, the yarn is gorgeous.

Funny, my first cat was all black, and female too. Her name was Cleopatra. LOL
stitcherw said…
Like the socks, they do make you look twice. Nice progress on Too Pooped as well, amazing how long it can take to make headway when there is lots of color changes. Taking pictures is great though, that way you can see you are making headway when otherwise you really start to wonder. Loved the start of school pictures, wow have they grown, where does the time go? Sue
kathy b said…
Your socks are sooooooo sweet. I JUST LOVE them.

You know I'm hooked on black cats now too!

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