Saturday Sky

I am SO happy it's the wknd!  Weekends tend to blur when you are home on summer break, but when you have a schedule during the week, weekends become more important and special. 

I know I blather on a bit abt life here at Happy Acres,  but it's not all abt kids and laundry, there is actual crafting going on as well!!! 

I've finished my section of the Oddball baby blanket.

This is such a cute and happy blanket!  The pattern I used for my section is a 3x3 rib on one side and a 1x1 rib for the other. 

I mailed it off on Friday.

Another thing I mailed off on Friday was my magic yarn ball.  Since I doubt my swap partner reads my blog, I will post what I sent.  This is what it all looked like before I got started.

And here it is in it's quirky glory!!

This swap was in honor of  the tv show Burn Notice ending.  It's going to be a tough episode to watch so we came up with a swap to ease our pain.

No pics of my socks, but I'm abt 2" from finishing the foot of sock #2.  I really need to put some time in it, I am SO close to finishing it!!  I also keep a kitty blanket in the car for those long car riding lines for  Baby Girl.  I'll try to post them tomorrow.

I'm making progress with Too Pooped as well.  Putting in a strand or two every couple of days DOES make a difference!!  The last time I posted a pic of Too Pooped was back in July.

My progress in 1.5 months.

It may seem like nothing to some of you, but considering this project has been languishing for SO long, I'm so happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel for it!!! 

There will be more sewing happening today, but that's because I have 5 or 6 uniforms to hem.  Sometimes I wonder why I volunteer for certain jobs.....

It's Saturday

and some of you are getting gorgeous fall weather.  I wish we were, so far WeatherUnderground says we are at 88 but it feels like 99.  If only the wave of pumpkin spice hitting the stores and restaurants would trigger cooler weather for us as well.....

Lucy says to enjoy your weekend!!


Anonymous said…
That certainly is a happy colors blanket.
Linda said…
What a great picture of Lucy, Lynn. The oddball baby blanket if beautiful. I love the colors in it.
The magic yarn ball looks like fun.
Too Pooped is making great progress. I told you, one strand every few days makes a difference.
If you look at my Sept. 3 post, you will see a lapghan that I crocheted. Have a great week.

Sandra Knapp said…
A lot of "progress" going on at your house, busy week or not. I love the colors in your baby blanket. I am sure the recipient will love it as well.

Good work on the cross stitch too. It's looking really good. And I'm looking forward to seeing that finished pair of socks. You have been very busy, and it shows. :)

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