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Outside my window...
we've got a front hovering over Central Florida which means lots and lots of rain.  I am LOVING  it!  We'll be back to sunny days by Friday.  AND they are forecasting temps in the 60s for our lows during the wknd!  LOVING that too!!

I am thinking... we might actually get some fall weather after all!!!

I am thankful... for the rain.  While there are places (like Colorado) that are getting too much of the stuff,  I truly enjoy a day of clouds and gentle rain. 

In the new recipes this past week.   Tonight I'm making pork chops with glazed carrots and most likely mac and cheese.  I've got some chicken breasts in the fridge and chicken thighs in the freezer so I've got dinner for the next few nights.  I think I'll look thru my pinterest boards and see what exciting thing I can make with them.  Something different than what I normally do.

I am wearing... a baggy ripped t-shirt.  You can always tell when I'm in for the day!  (I'll add shorts when I pick up the kids, but the shirt will most likely stay put!) 

I am creating... I'm making  progress on my sock and kitty blanket.  I think I'm abt an inch from finishing that blanket and I just started the heel of sock #1. 

I am set the timer and spend 15 min in each room today.  Some days the only motivation I have is from the Flylady.  I can do most anything for 15 min. 

I am wondering... when that motivation might kick in.  Between the rain and Hemi on my lap, I'm not sure I want to move anytime soon.  Thankfully I have my knitting and the remote is in reach.

I am reading/watching... I'm catching up on blogs.  I also read a lot of news sites.   I realize that I do still read, it's just not anything fun.  The majority of what I read is for informational purposes only.  (This does not include my blog reading.  That is for enjoyment, I just don't do it often enough)    I really need to change that.

However.....the new Fall Season has started!!!  My Mondays just aren't complete without my Castle.  Love this show.  Love Nathan Fillion.  He seems like SO much fun!  Also I'm happy How I Met Your Mother is back.  It's their final season, and since I hate goodbyes, this makes me sad.  I watched Mom (a new show) and didn't really care for it.  Tonight I'm looking forward to NCIS.  Ziva is leaving and I'm HOPING she's not killed off. 

I get WAY too invested in these fictional characters......   What did you watch last night?

I am hoping... to get our seasonal passes for Disney reactivated.  Disney in the fall and winter are my favorite times to go.  It's not hot, it's not too crowded (as long as you avoid the weeks involving a major holiday), and they redid some of the areas in Magic Kingdom.  I don't care how old I get, Disney will always be a favorite place to go. 

I am looking forward to... the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  It starts this wknd (I think) and will last thru November.

I am hearing:  the hum of the bathroom fan, some squirrels galloping across the roof and a snorting kitty cat.  That is it!  No tv, no radio, no fighting cats, no fighting children, no phones ringing for requests to do things (since I'm at home I obviously sit around doing nothing all day long).  I'm enjoying the quiet while I can because lately those times are few and far between.

Around the house... I bought myself some flowers. 

When you walk into my grocery store, one of the first things you see is the floral department.  I usually walk past, but yesterday I just felt the need to bring some flowers home.  They make me smile which is reason enough to get them!!

I am pondering... this blog post.  The Daybook really makes me focus on the little things that matter, like flowers, a crazy cat or some gorgeous yarn.  Even when I think I can't find anything positive to say, I will always find something.......

A favorite quote for today...

Saw this on Facebook today and felt it said a lot!

One of my favorite  When I was younger I never needed coffee to wake up.  However once I had two kids and needed to work part time I started to drink the stuff.  I've been hooked ever since!  It's the only way I can function on 6.5 hours of sleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Baby Girl has a dentist appointment on Friday and we have the football game Friday night.

A peek into my day...  I have two hours before I need to pick up #1 Son.  I'm trying to decide what I should start first,  laundry or bathrooms??  Hmmm, I think I need to sit and think abt this for awhile.  Thank goodness knitting and tv remotes are close at hand.......snorting orange kitty cats can be so distracting!!!

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Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Oh how I love Castle. He is just toooooooooooooo cute. I also love Dancing With the Stars. My husband loves How I Met Your Mother, but I have never liked that show (can't stand Barney). Where is my orange kitty pic?

Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a peaceful day.


I don't watch TV shows much anymore, but I still like my TV sports.
kathy b said…
I Love your daybook posts so very much. I feel like IM peeking through your doorway and seeing your life!
Fly lady I have to go back to her blog..I haven't read it in a bit!
Sandra Knapp said…
Just as you did, occasionally I will grab a bouquet of flowers for myself too. Just a bit of sunshine and cheer the picks me up and puts a smile on my face, now and then. I notice for me it is usually during Winter, and especially near the end, when I just can't wait any longer to see something blooming!! LOL Besides, fresh cut flowers really do cheer up a place like nothing else can.
Wendy said…
I received some flowers this week from my DH because I was having a bad week. Next time I'll buy some "just because". Enjoy your relaxing day.

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