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Outside my window...
I kinda feel like a broken record with this one.  It's hot.  Heat index in 90s.  HOWEVER, there is a breeze in the evenings that's rather pleasant so we are slowly moving away from center-of-sun temps.

I also planted a basil plant.

I cant seem to grow a plant from seeds so I went to Lowes and bought  one instead.   Let's see how long before I kill it.

I am thinking...I say yes too often when it comes to volunteering at the school.

I am thankful...that the uniforms I was hemming are DONE!!  Black thread on black fabric is KILLER on the eyes.  As if that wasn't bad enough, lets add some black fir.....

In the was going to be Taco Tuesday today, but Baby Girl is not feeling well so we'll save that for tomorrow and instead I'll be making Grandma's Chicken.

I am wearing...a VERY old t-shirt from (I think) my days in Ft Lauderdale.  That would make this shirt almost 20 yrs old, but you can't beat the softness;  add some grey shorts and you've got the ensemble.

I am creating...Remember this scarf? 

I decided that I did NOT like it, cast it off the needles and it's now waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.  I'm thinking a doorway draft snake.  I really didn't like working on it, the colors were horrendous so I figured why keep going??  I considered ripping it back (I KNOW!) but there are too many color changes and I'd end up with a bunch of yarn that's too small to do anything with.  At lease this way it can still become something useful.  I can see it as a snake.

Wonder what else I can rip back. I seem to be on a roll.

I am unload and reload the dishwasher after I finish this post.  Don't let the excitement consume you.

I am wondering... what kind of fruit/veggie this is.  Anybody know??

After I planted my basil this AM, I went looking for the hose.  I found this instead.  I have NO idea what this is, but apparently it's growing wild on the side of my house. 
Any thoughts????

 I am reading...I've tried re-reading Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing but I just couldn't get into it.  Not sure if any of her old books will be interesting to me anymore. I think I need to find something a bit more age appropriate.

I am start something new with yarn.  Just not sure what yet.

I am looking forward to... October.  It will be cooler and some of the stresses of Sept will be over. 

I am hearing... the bathroom fan.  It's a new one, but apparently it was faulty when we bought it.  Instead of returning it, the IO takes these things as a challenge and *fixes* them.  Does it work?  Yes, but the fan does not run at a consistent speed.

Around the house...the IO has been winding our bleeding heart vine thru the lattice in our fence and with all the rain we've been having it's been growing really well. 

He also relocated our honeysuckle and will try to do the same to it.

It's growing much slower than the bleeding heart, but there is new growth so it gets to stay.  What I find fascinating abt these guys is that we planted them over 10 years ago and while they may die back, they keep coming back every year.  My kind of plant!

I am pondering... how fiscally sound it was to purchase a basil plant from Lowes instead of the grocery store.  The store came in a pot and sold for $3.99.  Lowes came in a disintegrating pot which required it to be replanted.  I had a pot, but no soil.  So while the basil plant was cheaper at Lowes than Publix, it cost me more in the end. 

This is gonna be one expensive caprese salad!

 A favorite quote for today...

One of my favorite things...
I really do try to come up with different things but he still seems to win out! 


 A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm helping out at the book fair on Thursday, PTO meeting on Friday morning, and an away game Friday night.  This is what's left AFTER I rescheduled some other volunteer plans.

A peek into my day...she likes to help me in the garden.

Thanks for stopping by!!!  And if you want to play, go here.


Linda said…
Oh yippee!!!!! A pic of my Hemi and his friends.

Dianna said…
I enjoyed reading your post today! The bleeding heart and honeysuckle are going to be BEAUTIFUL on that lattice! I hope you will share pictures next year when they are blooming! And your cats are so pretty!
Sandra Knapp said…
I grew quite a bit of basil a couple years back, and dried it. I am still using it. Very nice looking plant you have too.

Hope Baby Girl is feeling better soon.

No clue what that orange globe is. Possibly a gourd?? It sure is pretty, whatever it is.

Never knew there was a Bleeding Heart Vine. I have the shrubs, but I really like your vine. Lovely!

A door snake sounds good. It will be a very colorful one too. Have fun with it! :)
Anonymous said…

It looks like Chinese Lantern to me.

Another Hemi shot ..... awwwww....that made my day.
Lifesastitch said…
Uniform hemming, now that brings back memories. I still have spools of grey thread hanging around. We went through a lot, though, with two girls in pleated skirts and an ever growing boy in grey pants. Oh those pleats!

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