Oh The Things You Will Find!!!!

I'm a pile person.  Always have been.  When you have your own bedroom or have just a husband, those piles are usually left alone and gone thru in a timely matter.

Enter children.

You start out by putting those piles up higher so little hands cant get into them.  After awhile those piles get mixed up a bit because they are looking for something.  Or the piles get added to because it's something that has to be gone thru anyway, what's one more thing??

This system is  coming back to haunt me.

Since we have this move coming up, I'm trying to slowly work my way thru the piles.  Some of these piles are in boxes (because the piles kept falling over and I stuck it in a box "to go thru later") or in some kind of container.  One container that's been sitting in the kids' bathroom hallway is a HUGE briefcase that the IO used to use.  He kept study material in there.  When I lifted the briefcase it was heavy so I figured it had his books in it. 

Last week I sat down and opened it to see what books he would still want and what books I could put back in the bookshelves.  Imagine my surprise when it was filled with cross stitch books!!!!!!!  Now add to the surprise by realizing I have never seen these project books before!   I have NO IDEA how these got in here.  These are patterns/projects that I did not buy stored in a place I would never put my stuff.  The best guess is that it was part of the stuff a woman from ballet gave me and the IO stuck it in there when one of  the bags ripped. 

The briefcase is now empty and the books are now separated into a pile for ebay and a pile for a yard sale (see, more piles.....)

The container I tackled today is one that is kept in my bathroom hallway (apparently a place we like to store boxes) and its been something I've been having to deal with for a LONG time.  I've pulled some stuff out of it, and put some stuff into it, but it's never been completely emptied out for a couple of years. 

It doesn't *look* scary, but I know better.  I put the radio on, pull out the garbage can and get to work.

In no particular order, this is what I found:
  • A sham wow knockoff
  • misc food magazines
  • abt 5 finished cross stitched projects waiting to be framed
  • frames for said cross stitched projects
  • yarn winder
  • fabric markers
  • greeting cards
  • Simplicity patterns
  • note pads
  • thread
  • sewing needles
  • a JoAnn's receipt from 2010
  • old banking info that needed to be shred
  • school t-shirts that will be saved
  • modern dance shoes that I planned on selling on eBay
  • a spinning Mulan toy from McDonald's
  • iron on patches
  • glue
  • fabric scissors
  • elastic
  • pair of socks
  • deck of cards
  • folder for party ideas for the kids
  • golfing glove
  • Kung Fu Panda chia pet
  • a candle
  • plastic toy tea pot
  • a Phantom of the Opera playbill
  • a couple of screwdrivers, a wrench and a pair of pliers
  • word search puzzle book
  • disposable camera that needs to developed! (OMG how did THIS happen?!?)
  • cat toys
  • padlock
  • a flower pot
  • a coffee mug (we used to use it to hold pencils)
  • misc computer parts
  • a pair of Barbie jeans
  • a tire gauge
  • nail clippers
  • Marge Simpson action figure

Unbelievable!  Some stuff made sense while other stuff just had me shaking my head.  AND all of this fit into a clothes basket.  Some stuff I threw away,  other stuff got put in a pile to shred (that will happen once I finish this post) which leaves me with about a quarter of the basket left to sort thru. 

It's amazing what a move will force you to do.  However, if all this was found in a clothes basket,  what will I find in here?!?!!?

*shudders in fear*


SusieH said…
I hear you. Oh, I hear you. I am a pile or bag in the cupboard person. We made 16 trips (that I counted!) to thrift stores and the dump/recycling center before we moved and I am so glad we did. Although I had gone through everything except one kitchen cupboard, now that I am unpacking, I am finding mORE stuff to toss or donate.

I have been to Goodwill at LEAST 6 times. Enough to get chatty with the guys in the back. And I am super grateful for trash collection, that will pick up anything and everything.

And Lynn, I still have 50-plus boxes in the new garage that need to be gone through.

I just bring it in one box at a time. One at a time. Nothing comes in that does not have a place is my new mantra. I am totally cheering you on...you got this!!!
Linda said…
Oh my. Now is the time to go thru it before you move. I'm rooting you on. Why isn't Hemi helping you?

Sandra Knapp said…
I think your pile problem is a very common one. I've just sorted through several "piles" myself. Donated some of the things, trashed most of the stuff, and kept very little. But the area sure does look nicer, now that "pile" is gone. I need to do a lot more of that sorting, I think.

Moving is a great time for getting rid of accumulated "stuff" that is no longer needed. So look at this as a helpful and productive procedure, and you will be much happier in your new home, for it. LOL
Lifesastitch said…
This is so like my house. We're planning a move in two years and I can't seem to make a dent in my piles, which I call "task oriented clutter."
kathy b said…
how do you eat an elephant?
One BITE at a time.
Carry on

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