Simple Woman's Daybook - Thursday's Edition

I normally try to post on Tuesdays, but this week has been beyond crazy.  More of that as we move thru the post. 


Outside my window...
they said a cool front went thru but I think it died right away because it's after 5pm and the temps are 88 with a heat index of 93.  It is OCTOBER!!!!  Then again we have a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf so we're not out of the hot and sticky hurricane season yet.

I am thinking... the next 7 weeks will be hectic.  Major announcement here at Happy Acres, we are moving.  The house will be put up for sale shortly and we will be moving by the middle of November.  It was a HARD decision to come to, but now that it's made, we are all excited abt the new possibilities!  We will still be local, just in a different neighborhood.

I am thankful... for second chances.  The house we want to move into was available but we didn't go for it fast enough and somebody beat us to the punch.  However I got a call today saying its available again so applications will be sent out in the AM.

In the kitchen...not a whole lot.  We've been eating fast food way too often, but I'm going to try and change that.  Fast food is ok, but not every day.......I also have some Ghiradelli chocolate chips just waiting to be made into cookies........

I am wearing...big blue baggie t-shirt and tan shorts. 

I am creating...I am just about to start the toe of sock #1 and I am also starting a MKAL on the Castle boards of  Ravelry.  It's a silhouette project, when you look directly at it, it looks like stripes but when you look at it from an angle, it has a design.  We are only on Clue 2 but I have yet to start.  I cant decide on my yarns....

I am start packing up items I am not using right now;  books, china, etc (just not in the same box!)

I am long this excitement will last??  There is a small part of me that gets sad since I told the IO when we moved in I wanted to be buried in the back yard.  However I think of the new backyard and that will do just as well! 

I am reading... I actually am!!!!  It's a cookbook called The Mom 100 Cookbook.  It's got a lot of cool ideas in it that I hope to implement, esp fix ahead ideas for the crockpot and freezer.  One day I will be organized enough to do this.  Maybe once we move??

I am watching....watched the last episode of NCIS with Ziva.  While I'm happy they didn't kill her off, I feel bad for Tony.  He obviously loves her, but how long does he wait for her?  His private life is back in limbo.  I have the latest episodes of Person of Interest and The Blacklist on my dvr which I hope to get caught up on this wknd. 

 I am hoping...we qualify for this house.  There aren't many in the area I want to stay in so the list isn't too long to choose from.

I am looking forward to... having a house that works!  There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done around this house (have you heard me mention we have no baseboards?!?) and it's getting to the point where it's just too expensive to stay.  I have a drainfield that doesn't always drain (which means if I do a load of laundry, run the dishwasher, have a kid take a bath, and another one take a shower when it's raining, I cant flush my toilet), no garage door, windows that need to be removed if you want to open them, flooring is coming up, no central a/c or heat (we use window units and heaters and our fireplace) and that's off the top of my head.  If I walked around, it would be worse.

I am hearing.....the kids are watching a movie called Kronk's New Groove.    I love the fact that they will still watch shows like this.  I occasionally see #1 Son watching Full House too.  He's watched the entire series twice already, but will leave on a favorite episode if it comes on.  Same with Boy Meets World.

Around the that we are officially moving, I have motivation to go thru things.  I'm still on the phone a LOT more than I'd like and when the kids get home I don't have as much uninterrupted time as I'd like, but the desire to go thru things is there.  Do I REALLY want to move that huge box of (insert item here)  I wont get rid of it all but I will pare it down a bit.....

I am pondering... the emotional roller coaster I am riding.  The weekend was ROUGH for me.  Then telling the kids we were moving was equally as difficult.  However a positive spin helps make the transition a much better one and once we started looking at houses and  discussing decorating their new rooms, well lets just say Baby Girl went from weepy to already packing!

A favorite quote for today... while this isn't officially a quote, it totally fits my life these past couple of weeks.

One of my favorite things...

I wonder how he'll take this move.  I've moved with cats before and the new house will be a new playground to explore.  However he is a BABY and if I find him clingy now, he's gonna be bad the first couple of weeks!  AND they will all be indoor kitties at the new place.  Another adjustment for them, but I know they will be fine.

A few plans for the rest of the week: communicating with ppl for the  new and old house and a PTO meeting tomorrow.  Saturday we got free tix to see Lost in Yonkers at the local playhouse.  Sunday is a special meeting at my local house of worship.  I don't want to think much further past that.

A peek into my day...this is the one that I wasn't sure how to answer.  I'm going to do Tuesday since it was one of my busiest days this week (but not by much) and one of the happier ones (I refuse to discuss Wednesday)  Here we go......

-Wake up at 6:30am.  
-Wake up #1 Son.  Take him to school. Come home.
-Wake up Baby Girl.  Take her to school.  Drive thru for coffee and oatmeal.  Drive to hospital.
-Stay with my sister until they take her back for surgery (she's had bouts with diverticulitis for the past few weeks and they ended up doing surgery to get rid of a bad infection and dead parts of colon).
-Knit during this time (so glad I have this to do!) I knew she'd be ok, but I dislike just sitting and waiting for news.
-Found out she was in recovery when I had to leave to pick up #1 Son.
-Pick up #1 Son from school.
-Go to grocery store to pick up food for lunch #2 for #1 Son and dinner for that night.
-Make grilled ham and cheese for the boy.  Drop him off at high school for band practice.
-Pick up Baby Girl from school.  Come home.
-Grab some fast food before we leave to look at some possible houses.
-Spend more time at last house than we should and barely made Open House at her school.
-Leave school at 8pm.  Drive home. 
-Warm up dinner that I bought earlier.
-Go get #1 Son from band practice.
-Feed him dinner.
-It is now 9:30pm.  I am done for the day!
-Wrong, the phone starts ringing to see how my sister is doing.  My last call ended at 10:30pm. 
-Start shutting house down.  Get #1 Son to go to bed.  Get Baby Girl to get to bed. 
-It is now 11:15pm.  I watch some cooking show just to shut the brain off so I can go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow!

While not everyday is like this, it's not far off.  Tues, Wed and Fridays are days where we don't stop until late.  I was so excited today when I got to be home by 5pm and could stop!!!  Life is crazy anyway but add in my sister's health issues and this &*@# house and there are times I am on the edge.  However I am stubborn and I refuse to let it get to me.  Plus the occasional Xanax helps.....

SO how are you all doing????  I'm back to not reading blogs again and I'm not liking it.  However if you want to play with a daybook entry, go here.


Dianna said…
How exciting! A move in store for you...and a plus that everyone is excited about it. I don't envy you the packing, but I enjoy the paring down part! Best of luck with the house!
SusieH said…
Huge changes but change can be good in tons of ways! Move wisdom from the otherwise of the move. Label label label your boxes! Purge as you pack and again as you unpack. remember to breathe. wishing you a smooth transition. Fingers crossed you get a house in the current neighborhood!!
Sandra Knapp said…
Congratulations on your decision, and I wish all of you the very best in your new home, whichever one it may turn out to be. I hope you will all be very happy and comfortable there. Just like it's time to be rid of a car once it starts needing expensive repairs, the same goes for a home that seems to be falling apart in some ways. The change will probably do all of you good in many ways. A fresh start is usually a good thing. :)
David and Donna said…
Best wishes on your upcoming move. It is hard, but sounds like in the end it will be worth it.
Linda said…
Oh!!! One of my favorite things too. Thanks for the cute pic of Hemi. How exciting to be moving into a new home. I hate to pack, but sure is fun setting up a new place. Don't stress about it. Make if fun.

Kleurrijk said…
I hope you, your family and your cat will have a beautiful new house.
Nice yhat I could have a look in your busy live.

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