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Outside my window...
it's been foggy the past couple of mornings and cool, but warming up by the afternoon.  I'm loving the foggy and the cool, I'm wishing it would not be so hot in the afternoon.  Here is our forecast for the week.

Why yes that IS a high of 90 for Saturday.

I am thinking... I need to make some time to knit more.  I haven't done much of it over the past week and I do feel a difference.  Knitting really is soothing for me and I need more of that in my life right now.

I am thankful... for the quiet time I get when the kids are in school and the husband is at work.  It really is the only quiet I get.  

In the kitchen... I'm trying a new recipe for tonight.  I have a pot roast in the crock pot.  I like simple crock pot recipes and this is an EASY one.  Three pounds of beef roast (mine is like 3.5lbs), 1 envelope of Italian dressing, 1 envelope of ranch dressing, 1 envelope of brown gravy.  Dump all three dry dressings over the roast, add 2 cups of water and you are done!  It needs to cook for 8-10 hours which means my house should be smelling GOOD around 3pm!

I am wearing... blue tee and grey shorts.  Oh and an orange cat is draped across my foot.

I am creating...stability out of chaos.  Or at least I'm attempting it. 

I am going... to sort out the linen closet when I finish this post.  And then maybe spend 15 min in my craft room.

I am parents and teenagers survive to the other side.  I KNOW they do, but it's a mystery as to how.  Kind of like turning a heel....

I am reading... "informational" news sites.  I put informational in quotes because there really is no such thing as factual reporting.  Everything has a spin to it, depending on which site you read from.

I am hoping... for life to settle down a bit, but I'm not sure when that's gonna happen.

I am looking forward to... moving into the new house.  At least that will be one thing off my plate.  The thought of unpacking is not fun, but the fact we will move away from some undesirable people is a BIG plus!

I am learning.... that bad associations really do spoil useful habits.   There is a neighborhood kid that ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS gets my son in trouble.  Nothing illegal, but she has encouraged him to lie, post things online that are inappropriate, sneak around rules we have as a family because SHE doesn't get it.  Did I mention she lives RIGHT behind us??  Moving will make that situation MUCH better. 

Around the house... I have some art work in the garage that needs to be painted over.  Some ppl thought it was ok to spray paint the walls of the garage "since we're moving anyway".  One of those ppl will be painting the garage this wknd.  Now reread what I wrote in I am learning.  BTW she is banned from this house.

I am pondering... how quickly I am aging as I type.

A favorite quote for today... This just makes me smile....

One of my favorite things...  today it's the quiet time of when everybody is at work/school and I have a quiet house.  (can you see a reoccurring theme???)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I need to start packing away things we aren't using on a day to day  basis.  I also need to start getting ready for a yard sale.  I think I have all this time and am slowly working my way thru the house, but apparently I'm not going fast enough.  It's already Oct 16 and we are moving in a month.  Meanwhile there is a football game on Friday and a band competition on Saturday.

 A peek into my day... AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I almost wasn't going to post because I wasn't sure if I would come across as a complainer, a whiner (which is SOOOO much worse!), or just a typical mom who is slowly going insane from the antics of hormonal teenagers and a husband who is off his meds.   I'm hoping it's the last one because that just about sums it up. 

If you want to play along go here.


Dianna said…
90 degrees for Saturday, huh? Our HIGH for Saturday is only in the low to mid 50's! where is it you live? You say you need some help packing? !

One thing that really helped me when we had two yard sales a year ago was I priced things as I put them aside. It really relieved a lot of stress when the days came for the yard sale.

I hope you will post some pictures after you get moved into your new house!

Praying for you, Lynn.
Linda said…
Wish I was there to help you Lynn. I don't mind packing.

kathy b said…
You will come through the teenage years. I actually liked them better than the toddler years.

Moving sounds duanting, but people do it all the time!!!

Carry on
Sandra Knapp said…
You just love rubbing it in, don't you? I see how nice and warm it is down there, compared to my 59º here. Well, at least the sun is out, so that's one consolation. :)

You will be really busy with all the packing and moving, so every chance you get to have a few minutes to yourself, make the most of them. :)

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